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NO SHAME HERE (photo credit The Peoples Cube)
NO SHAME HERE (photo credit The Peoples Cube)

This is a repost from a few years ago but AWD believes it’s still right on target. I’ll get back with some current posts tonight or tomorrow at the latest.

One of the biggest reasons America society has fallen by every standard is because the principles of self-reliance, decency, courtesy, independence have been forgotten. In accordance, the stigma of shame has been lost as our common morality continues to fall.

Certainly, the once time-honored trait of self-reliance has disappeared as government has become little more than a massive wealth transfer operation taking wealth from dwindling numbers of producers to give to ever-exanding welfare moochers, domestic and imported. No lazy person needs fear starvation as they once might have sixty or so years ago. Conversely, they are rewarded with free food, housing, medication, education, etc with zero effort on their parts. For their entire lifetimes. What is the incentive for unmotivated, lazy moochers to produce for themselves when we producers will provide for them? At the point of the government gun, that is.

AWD remembers several years ago at Christmas time when money was real tight. We wanted to provide a good Christmas for our family but found we had to really watch our pennies. This was when AWD was married to the filly. We went to Wal Mart to shop and found ourselves adding up food and tax in the aisles to ensure we had enough money for our food purchases. As we were checking out, a couple with two carts overflowing with everything you can imagine came up behind us. I overheard him say to her, “do you want to use my Lone Star Card or yours?” They ended up using hers. @#*& food stamps! Did they feel shame? No, it was just the way they have lived their lives. As a working taxpayer, my family suffered so the non-working moocher’s family could enjoy all the food they wanted and more. Where is the justice in this??

Shame hasn’t been lost only to poor moocher classes. Look at the Clinton family. As President, Bill Clinton was caught having sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky. He was the President of the United States and she was a 20 year old intern! We then watched as Hillary and the entire Democrat Party machine lied their asses off to support the pervert Bill Clinton. Did he feel shame? Was he compelled to step down as POTUS because he had damaged the integrity and decency of the Oval Office? Or because he was just a horny pervert? Hell no, he was just getting started with women and graft.

Today, we see the Clintons embroiled in financial scandal after scandal and NO ONE CARES! As SecState, Hillary gave millions of tax dollars to countries in exchange for contributions to the Clinton Foundation aka Clinton, Inc. Her brothers and friends also got in on the scam as long as they played Clinton ball. Shame? Hell, she’ll most likely be the next President of this fallen land.

I remember my dad telling me a few days before he retired from the company he had worked for nearly 35 years, “I don’t know how it will feel to drive down that street without a job.” I told him, “You’re retiring! You can get another job if you still want to.” It was hard for me to understand but in my dad’s generation, men who didn’t have jobs weren’t men. They were bums. Self-reliance was a badge of honor for men. They provided for their children, built their communities, grew the economy, and helped grow America into the world’s lone superpower. No, it wasn’t white privilege, it was work ethic! A honorable decency that has been lost to hundreds of millions.

AWD believes shame should be reintroduced to America. There must be penalties if a person cannot or chooses not to support themselves and/or their offspring. I’m not talking about the disabled or mentally ill. I’m talking about lazy moochers not worth a damn. Think Ferguson or Baltimore.

Here’s some of the things I’d do:

  • If you are on food stamps, you have designated shopping hours earlier or later than when people who support themselves shop. Food stamp moochers shouldn’t be allowed to clog up the check out aisles of producers. They haven’t earned that right. They should also have to go through one FOOD STAMP AISLE a mile long. Let everyone in the store look at them. Let them feel the ire of the producer who has had their money forcefully withheld by the looter government to pay for the food stamp moocher’s food. Learn shame!
  • If you are on food stamps, no more luxury food. No lobsters or shrimp. No beer. You buy generic store brands. Don’t like it? Get a job!
  • Voting rights – it is time to prohibit stupid, non-producers from voting. Since welfare moochers do not contribute financially to the country, they should have no voice in deciding how the money is spent. The old adage “as long as you steal from Peter to pay Paul, you can always count on Paul’s vote” is true. And it is how Democrats steal elections. If one doesn’t pay taxes, no vote.
  • Also, there needs to be a basic voting test administered to anyone who qualifies to vote. If you can’t name any of the issues or candidates in a given election, you have no business casting a vote or twelve. See video below.
  • Commit a crime above a misdemeanor and lose all your government welfare. Forever. Why should producers put $200 Air Jordans on the feet of miscreants in Baltimore to watch them burn it to the ground and then have their mayor have the temerity to ask Americans to pay for the damage? All while we pay for them? Screw that! Electronic fingerprint stations at food stamp and welfare points of service will ensure those ejected from the system can no longer participate. Cheat and go to jail.
  • All welfare moochers must be drug tested. Any drug use will also see them ejected from the welfare system. Forever. If you can afford drugs, you can afford your own food.
  • Having more children while you’re on welfare will decrease your welfare amount by 50% each additional child. It should not be the financial responsibility of the American producer to pay for illegitimate children of welfare moochers. We have enough on our shoulders taking care of our own children.
  • To receive welfare of any type, you must perform some sort of community service. Sweeping up schools, picking up trash on roadways or parks, etc. Welfare moochers can consider this earning their way. They may decide there might be a better way. Today, welfare moochers are rewarded for poor life decisions with welfare and producer are penalized for our responsibility. In America today, workers are slaves to those who won’t work. Nothing good could ever come of this. And it hasn’t. And it won’t.


I have the right to give to charity if I choose. I have earned my money. Politicians don’t have the right to take from me to give to their political children lifeline for their own political gain. Just as I don’t have the right to reach into the pocket of another and give to someone else. Or into the pockets of the Clinton Foundation and take the money they have stolen/extorted. It’s not my money. I haven’t earned it. Nor has the nanny state government that has been built over the past 60 years that takes my earnings every paycheck.

Government controlled welfare and charity must end for America to succeed. We are paying for domestic and illegal moochers now at a growing rate and it is breaking our financial back. Let the illegals go home. Let the domestic moochers work or starve. Either way, I don’t care. I’m tired of being a slave to the lazy and worthless. And I sense that millions of others feel the same way!

Bring back shame! End welfare!



  1. Let me add one to your list. If a woman gives birth to a baby that tests positive for drugs, that woman is immediately sterilized so she can no longer give birth. Our town is currently over run with heroin addicts. They go into the hospitals and give birth to drug addicted children. The babies are taken to detox centers were they are nursed back to health, then given back to the monsters that conceived them. The cycle is nothing more than a death spiral, assuring us another generation of future addicts and leaches.

  2. But AWD, don’t you understand that shaming a person is:

    Anti Islamic
    White Supremacist
    Typical for Whitey

    Pick any or all of the above

    //Sarc Off//

  3. Ah, yesssss……… those good ol’ Clinton dunkin’ cigars…… Do you think he gave them out to friends when his granddaughter was born?

  4. On the bright side…. truth-tellers, like ET Williams, offer a glimmer of hope that America can be restored. His way of telling the truth with hysterical comedy is the BOMB. ET is one black guy I would definitely support for political office.

    All of his videos are excellent and contain the spot-on truth.

  5. Add the shame to illegitimacy and you cure most of the gang problems in the inner city. Make baby daddies support their baby mamas and support their own children, and take responsibility for their behavior & upbringing.

  6. There is no fix. The only solution is the extermination of all life that could ever live. Simply put; there is nothing good that could ever come from this life or the next. You talk about the need for shame: everyone should be ashamed to be alive, since through your creation your parents were denied every chance to live a better life without you. This applies to all people.

    We need a Final Solution to an Eternally Recurring Problem and Question.


    • What a wonderful and well thought out idea. The #killeveryone2015 movement is the solution to our evolutionary problems.

      Now that I have declared myself in charge of #killeveryone2015, you Mr. Technocrat can have the honor of being the first in line to make the sacrifice of a better tomorrow.

      In my infinite wisdom I have decided to make Candice Swanepoel the last to go, I believe she and I can sexicide each other to death.

      Waspish and Swanepoel will be one hell of an explosion to signify the expiration of Gods failed human experiment.

      See ya tomorrow at 6 am sharp Soulless. Don’t be late I have a lot of work to do
      if we want to make #killeveryone2015 a reality!

      • Exactly! I would; but you’re not actually there. You don’t have any intention on doing anything, and neither do I. I’m just honest about it.

        (and you know she’s not into you. You’re not alpha enough. You’re a shit and you know it!)

        Everything is shit and you know it.

  7. When my grandfather came over from Italy he and his family learned the language and culture, a handout back then was considered an insult, it was considered a failure and wasn’t even a thought.
    Now you have the me generation of ingrates that wants everything handed to them on a silver platter cuz it’s owed to them and they deserve it! Wtf! The new generation of immigrants that will not learn English nor immerse in “our” culture. And you have libtards feeding into this hook line and sinker!
    I blame my generation for the helicopter parents and lack of morals being taught to their children. Lack of humility, where ever goddam kid gets a trophy, graduation party for ever fn year od school. We have raised a generation of spoiled liberal brats!
    God help us!

    • Well said! All my Grandparents came here from Europe. They had nothing! They all worked&saved money. Loved America and always did the right thing! Never took any handouts,welfare or food stamps. So manyb young people today hate America and only care about “a good time,sex & drugs. We are in deep shit!

  8. carnac123

    I agree with AWD’s above comments on the welfare lifers. I have an acquaintance (friend of a brother-in-law) who made some poor decisions in life and ended up on welfare. He lives in a nice small government home with his live-in girlfriend. She too is on the dole. They are both white. They have the EBT grocery cards. While my wife and I consider nice steaks a weekend luxury (sometimes) these people buy ‘meat deals’ at butcher shops and have freezers full of ribeyes. Their cupboards are full of expensive grocery items. I am not going to say they have as much other goods as we do but for people living off the taxes of others,…they live quite well. I do not know how long this is going to last but it can’t last forever without destroying our economy. I would rather eat ground beef forever than be on welfare but the people on welfare laugh at us. They do nothing but have their food, their shelter, their cars, their flat screen TVs, and free medical. I am not jealous of them. I am amazed that lifestyle is supported by tax payers without some rebellion. We will have to change this immediately.

    • Stop the welfare, food stamps&freebies! Stop paying for more brats being born and the Fathers are no where in site! It has become a damn business to these lazy sponges!

  9. Kauf Buch

    Dude! The next time you’re in the grocery line with such slimeballs,
    turn to them, smile, and say REALLY LOUD:

    I promise you the feeling you will have afterwards is very rewarding.

  10. Spurwing Plover

    Washington D.C.(District of Crinimals)vote themselves undeserved pay raises and pour millions of tax dollars down the toilet to forgein nations and silly stuff like outhouses with natural flow water

  11. All great points, Dude. I love your list of rules and agree with the the other comment about delivering drug-addicted babies. But I’m stymied. I see no way out. I see no way to get from where we are now back to where we were before, when mooching was shameful, when a man didn’t feel like a man if he took a handout. How can this massive leviathan of welfare that has been created be pared back, so that only the truly needy can use it? Imagine how much more money could be used to help the blind, the mentally disabled, wounded veterans, and all the others that deserve our care as a society if we implemented just half of your rules. I see no way out, other than the complete and total economic collapse that’s coming, and starting over. Hopefully, the parallels we have to the Wiemar Republic of Germany will end there.

  12. Governor LePage in Maine has gotten some new rules through for welfare bums. Time limits, work or volunteer requirements, proof of citizenship.
    As far as your list, I would add that if they have tattoos, no welfare.

  13. Alexandra

    I’m on food stamps myself, since my husband left and I’m raising a child who’s on the autism spectrum. I’m not proud of it at all. Then the school’s harassing me, trying to pressure me to somehow get him on medication (bunch of crap there) so I’m seriously considering homeschooling…time to pull him from the indoctrination centers!

    Take comfort in this though: I paid taxes when I worked so I’m getting my money back. I don’t have revolving-door boyfriends (I want to reconcile with my husband) and I only have the one child. I don’t drink or smoke and I’ve never taken illegal drugs (I don’t even take LEGAL ones).

    I do want to get off the government teat. That would mean finding someone trustworthy enough to watch my son, who’s 13, since his father lives across the county (yes, he does get visitation and I won’t keep my son from seeing his dad). It would also probably mean working an off-shift, since I need to educate the boy…I have to look at how flexible Internet school schedules are.

    Also take comfort in the fact that I limit the junk I buy. I try to buy us good stuff. I’m not getting expensive steaks and the like. I try to get stuff I can make stretch.

    The only TV we have is a small one, maybe 15″, that my mom gave us, has a built-in DVD player. My husband gave our son a used computer and mine is like 5 years old. I’m also driving an old minivan–a 1997–that I’ve had for 13 years, and that I manage to keep running.

    Let’s just say that I’m not exactly down-and-out, but I’m not really uncomfortable. I’m glad I at least have a roof over my head.

  14. Quartierleblanc

    It’s now called publicity and in liberal la la land any publicity is good publicity. But the caption pic is just the perfect example. Klinton must have laughed at how he lowered the bar. He essentially was testing limits and realized that there are none.

  15. Awd , Amen!! Preach it brother!! I wish we could check boxes on our taxes so that mine only went to things I support lol…


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