Since the inception of the Tea Party movement in 2009, we have seen the enemy. And the enemy is the current version of the Republican Party and its putrid leadership. Sure, the Democrat Party is openly socialist and hostile to every traditional American value but the Republican Party is no longer the Party of Reagan. It has become the Party of Tip O’Neill. And, as such, the GOP espouses an ever-increasing federal government, business-stifling regulations, increased debt and spending, and total appeasement to the Democrat Party.

There is one thing the current Republican leadership is known for. Losing. Oh, and capitulation. Since taking control of the House in 2010 with massive help from the Tea Party, has anyone heard the Republicans talk of eliminating anything in Washington? The federal government continues to increase in size, scope, control and cost and the Republicans, each of whom will call themselves fiscally conservative, can’t come up with one little program to cut? Oh, that’s right. Paul Ryan sided with communist Patty Murray of Washington to cut benefits to veterans.

The Republicans would have us believe they are interested in cutting spending and reigning in the federal beast. But that’s only at election time. Once safely ensconced back in their Washington ruling class seats, there is virtually little difference between Republicans and their “good friends on the other side of the aisle.” One wonders if there really should be an aisle anymore.

A country with a $17 trillion and growing national debt requires massive change to survive. A country that borrows/prints $3 billion each day to operate illustrates fiscal lunacy. Republicans have been there every cent of the way, many years in total control. The Republicans, under the direction of John “Boo Hoo” Boehner and Mitch “Turtle Head” McConnell have walked hand in hand with the Democrats in passing continuing resolution after continuing resolution to keep the government operating. Did Republicans hold Harry Reid’s little corrupt feet to the fire in requiring an annual budget, as is the law? Did Republicans object when Obama selectively enforcing laws he liked while openly ignoring others and breaking his oath of office? Even today, Obama decides to manipulate the requirements of ObamaCare while circumventing the Constitutional limits of presidential power while we hear crickets from the GOP. Have Republicans put any of the Obama administration in jail or even caused them to be fired after committing perjury in front of a Congressional hearing or being hands-on involved in the numerous Obama scandals? Weakness, corruption and capitulation have become the hallmark of the Republican Party.

Who does the Republican establishment view as it’s biggest threat? The socialist Democrats hell-bent on destroying America? A foreign power? No, the Republican establishment views the Tea Party as their enemy number one. It should. The Tea Party movement is the traditional, conservative wing of what’s left of the Republican Party. Which is why the movement is despised by the Repub elites. The only group that hates the Tea Party movement worse than the mainstream propaganda media or the Democrats is the wussypants Republican Party. The GOP establishment doesn’t want change in Washington. It wants the status quo. With them in power, of course.

AWD knew the Tea Party had a tough row to hoe when the Repubs elected liberal John Boehner as Speaker in 2010. After taking the gavel from Nancy Pelosi, little has changed. And that is exactly what the Repubs want. Recently, Mitch McConnell spoke to a group of defense contractor executives and implored them to contribute heavily to the RNC because Tea Party candidates might not spend/waste as much money on military programs if elected! I crap you negative. While Tea Partiers completely support the military, isn’t there anything other than benefits to veterans that can be cut? You better believe there is. But veterans are not the concern of lifelong politicians! Their buddies in defense contracting and corporations are.

Crony capitalism is one of the biggest problems with America today. Big business has its hands in the pockets of taxpayers with the help of the professional politicians they own and control.

Speaking of crony capitalism, roly poly Karl Rove has founded American Crossroads to support loser RINOs hell-bent on the further destruction of America. The American Chamber of Commerce and other large corporate entities are pumping millions of dollars to combat fiscally conservative Tea Party candidates throughout the country. Because America doesn’t really need fiscal responsibility! We need more debt and spending!

What Rove and his wussypants ilk have never understood is their moderate brand of politics brings only one result…losering (the act of losing over a long period of time)! The shameful line is long with moderate, big-government RINOs who have lost to Democrats they should have destroyed in elections. And, while in office, RINOs have done nothing to slow down the debt and spending machine in DC. Most have become what they once swore they would defeat!

All this proves that Rove and his Republican establishment ilk are not interested in doing what’s in the best interest for America. They are interested in power and money. And that’s it! Sustaining the status quo means business as usual for them and millions in their evil pockets.

America will not change for the better while the current Republican leadership is in power. America needs drastic change. Tea Partiers are not interested in deficit spending reduction. We are totally focused on deficit spending elimination! We believe the government shouldn’t spend one more cent than it receives in revenue, which is ample. For that is how Americans must live our lives. We can’t print money like the government. We must learn to do without and that is something the federal government hasn’t done for decades!

After losing the 2012 election huge, what is the most pressing issue for the Republican establishment? Passing some form of amnesty that will give voting rights to millions of illegal aliens who will immediately vote for every Democrat on the ballot. Forever! But again, these are the geniuses that allow liberal propagandists like Candy Crowley and Wolf Blitzer to moderate presidential debates. The Republican elite is a special kind of stupid.

The RNC wussyboys will push Democrats Chris Christie or Jeb Bush as their presidential nominee in 2016. And, as with John McCain and Mitt Romney, millions of fiscally conservatives will sit at home on election day. AWD has sworn before almighty Ronald Reagan that I will never again hold my nose and vote for the latest RINO cannon fodder for the Dims. I’ve heard countless other conservatives say the exact thing. I would say word to the wise but there is nothing resembling wisdom that comes out of the Republican Party.

If you ever again vote for any of the Republican elite you are just as implicit in the destruction of America as the corruptocrats you support! The only way America can survive and turn this sinking ship around is the total destruction of the GOP elite leadership. Who else can we conservatives depend on except ourselves? Certainly not the GOP.


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