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Left-wing globalists are no fun! They’re so damn predictable! All you have to do is read 1984 and you know all there is to know about the European Union elite running that cluster you-know-what!

After the UK’s vote to make like a hockey stick and get the hell out of there (wait! I didn’t tell that right), Adolf Merkel says zie EU must forbid other European Union member from fleeing zie EU concentration camp. At least until she imports what’s left of the unwashed Muslim hordes from Africa and the Middle East to totally destroy what’s left of European culture and strength.

The EU Elite (kind of like our Congress) want total control. They now want all European nations to dissolve their military and replace it with an EU force. And they’re not finished! They also want the EU to control each individual member country’s economy.

So the United States spent trillions of dollars protecting Europe for 40 years from the Soviet Union to watch Angela Merkel become Joseph Stalin! Before Fraulein Merkel creates her EU military, she might remember that the French couldn’t beat up their drunken sister. They’re too busy trying on her lingerie.

Maybe it’s just me but it’s possible Merkel and Germany being the most powerful and wealthy country in the EU could just result in Germany pulling a Michael Corleone baptism scene on it’s EU comrades in a decade or two a la Adolf Hitler. Call me skeptical about Germans.

You better believe the fix is in with the (((GIP))) or Globalists In Power (I love talking all that alt-right sh*t!) in destroying Western democracies in Europe and replacing them with Big Fraulein. And doesn’t Merkel remind you of that lady on The Missing Link game show a decade ago? She also gave ye olde AWD the creeps.

The trick is to overload Western countries with unwashed, unskilled dependents from Third and Fourth World hellholes. Add on huge loads of debt, destroy the sovereign monetary systems, weaken and finally take over militaries, and Merkel becomes “Ich bin ein zie head fraulein in charge!

Other European countries don’t have a history of creating world wars. The French certainly don’t worry anyone. Give them some cheese, a bottle of wine, and a penis and you’ll never hear from them again. The Germans? They’re infamous for starting wars that kill millions as much as they are for wearing black clothes, little stupid John Lennon granny glasses, and having personalities like turds.

Those fuzzy little foreigners with bad teeth in England made the right move in a last ditch attempt to save their culture of fish and chips, all that King and Queen bulls*t, and the @#&* Beatles. Perhaps Herr Merkel could lure the Englishters back into the EU by offering them that latest fad called dental services.

I’m joking mostly, of course, about our mates on the other side of the pond. At least those remaining that don’t wear burkas. If the French have any cojones other than the ones resting on their chins they too will bolt the EU Muslim Bazaar. Maybe others will follow. Otherwise, we can always sort it out with another world war. Our new Obama transexual division maybe will be based in Paris for security after the war because of their enhanced training in penal codes.

Orwell would laugh if he knew what was going on these days.



  1. Joe Stalin

    I thought the original plan for the EU was called: “The Forth Reich!”

  2. hey,go easy on the Englishters and their teeth-its not like they can call a dentist and get an appointment the following week.With National Health they are lucky to get an appointment in the same year they call…
    and that is true of a lot of health care over there

  3. This was one of your best (and funniest) posts. I was reminded of the famous quote from Gen. George S. Patton: “I would rather have a German division in front of me, than a French one behind me.”


    Immigration: The Goal is the Replacement of the White Race in Our Homelands

    AWD is woefully behind on his homework assignments.

  5. Alexandra

    I wonder if it’s true that Merkel is Hitler’s biological daughter. Artsem in Newspeak.

    BTW I understand that a lack of vitamin D isn’t good for the teeth, look how far north they are. Not enough sunlight.

    Oh yeah, I’m an alt-righter myself, but I’m not an anti-Semite.

  6. People across the globe are sick of power hungry politicians making bad decisions that only affect the general population and leave themselves untouched. When Merkel imported Syrian terrorist that now makes the average citizens life more difficult and endangered their familys safety, she went on safely with her well protected government life. The same thing is happening in the US with ILLEGAL immigration … Our pathetic well paid politicians who live in their gated communities and have secure government jobs don’t have to worry about the increase in crime, drugs, disease, or loss of jobs or increased taxes to support the illegal offspring.

    The Britt’s made a wise move to exit the EU and take control of their nation. And, the US would be smart to consider someone other than a Clinton to lead this nation if you care about the health and safety of your family. Our nation can’t sustain a welfare majority that is in our future if our borders are not secured.

  7. Joe Stalin

    An interesting 1969 movie by Marcel Ophüls about France during occupation is “The Sorrow and the Pity.”

    There’s a scene in it where a Frenchman describes something akin to the EU, and this is DURING WW2!

  8. the Brits aren’t out yet….they’re going to have to continue the fight to extricate themselves from Merkel, the socialists in Brussels, and their own parliament…………the fight has only begun to get the hell out of that totalitarian hellhole…..and if France, Italy, and the Netherlands want out they’re going to have to make a move and make it soon……..

    these socialist bastards in the EU know that true freedom will put the nix on their globalist plans to rule and subjugate……globalists want subjects not citizens………if the people of Europe are going to be free they’re going to have to fight for that freedom….even if it comes to killing………

  9. carnac123

    The Brits made the right move. Lets hope they have the nerve to stay on track. Merkel was a good little East German in her younger days. She lived in Communist East Germany and spent her time in the countryside north of East Berlin. When young she joined the Free German Youth movement sponsored by the ruling Socialist Unity Party (Communists). She later attended the Academy of Sciences (in East Berlin) and was a member of the Free German Youth’s Agitprop division. “Agitprop” was short for the ‘Agitation and Propaganda’ office. Of course all along the way she was studying ‘Marxism’ classes as was mandatory. There is more but I am writing all of this to say she is not to trustworthy as far as I am concerned. She was raised a communists and could be still. Her actions so far have been exceptionally bad for Germany and the German people. Communists are internationalists and are similar in that vein,…to the NWO crowd. I do not think she is worried about what will happen to Germany. I think she is Germany’s Obama. She is here to destroy Germany and Europe and she is doing a good job of it.

  10. minuteman26

    Waiting for Merkel to break out with a stirring rendition of”Springtime For Hitler and Germany”.

  11. Europe is going to be heaven on earth if this keeps happening…….just think of this wonderful influx of the best in the world coming to their shores…….these people will add so much to the richness and cultural diversity of Europe when they arrive…….why they’re such a good looking people…..

    who wouldn’t want these people showing up on your shores…….taking up more housing…..looking for your daughters to “marry”…..why they’re just so skilled you know they wouldn’t have any problems supporting your daughter in a life style that she is accustomed to……you know….”hut living”….”spear hunting”……and attacking your neighbors with machetes……..

    open your arms Europe and welcome your new inhabitants……your new friends……..

    they’ve come for love…..the love of your daughters………you should welcome them with open arms……..and invite them into your homes…….your daughters will be so thrilled…….

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