Harry Reid is a pitiful little disgusting bug of a man. If he weren’t a sub-human, he would probably be found in the animal kingdom somewhere between a diseased rat and the stink bug on the food chain. Harry Reid is the Senate Leader. A Democrat. A follower of Satan. A douche bag.

I don’t know what Satan promised Harry Reid when Reid was made Democrat Senate Leader but it must have been pretty good. Certainly it has to do with money. Money will buy everything in this world. Reid is a millionaire but lacks the mental acuity to piss and hit the ground. He entered Congress poor but now is reportedly a multi-millionaire. All this despite lying to the American people, criticizing our military when we are at war, disparaging the good, honest taxpayers in the Tea Party movement, and lying about Mitt Romney’s tax returns. Oh, the little scaly sumbitch hasn’t passed a budget in four years! He’s blocked any legislation that would actually benefit the American people from coming to the Senate floor for votes. This man needs to be gone!

Here’s DB Harry lying about Mitt Romney:

Yesterday, Romney released his tax return showing he paid nearly $2 million in taxes (or about 7 seconds of government spending). His effective tax rate was the same as Hussein. Romney also gave 40% of his earnings to charity! 40%! Mitt Romney donated more to charity in 2011 than every Democrat in history! Dims don’t donate. They take. Say what you will about Romney but it’s pretty clear the guy is a good man. Just the type of man Democrats would despise. Typically, Harry Reid will not release his tax returns.

DB Harry would have survived 2 months if he were a Republican. His douche baggerous behavior would have been national news for months until he was forced out. With the mainstream media acting as the propaganda arm of the White House, DB Harry is the toast of the Democrat Party. Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton. Need I say anymore about the Party of Satan?

If Harry Reid has a hair on his little shriveled cojones or an ounce of decency left in that little putrid body, he will release his tax returns as requested by his constituents in Nevada. We know that he won’t. He’s a douche bag. And, as such, is the embodiment of the modern-day DemonRat Party.

What’s ironic is Reid is a Mormon…same as Romney. No, not the same as Romney. Romney actually practices Christianity. AWD has friends in Nevada that say Reid joined the Mormon church years ago for political reasons as there are many Mormons in the state. I’m sure the Mormon church has rules against bearing false witness against others. AWD calls on the Mormon church to excommunicate Harry Reid for ungodly, douche baggerous behavior and for being a man with the character of a stink bug. DB Harry would make a great Muslim!

Reid is old. He’s disgusting. He’s an embarrassment. He’s a traitor to his country. Satan has a hot place reserved for DB Harry. Most likely, he’ll burn for eternities beside his buddy Ted Kennedy and other disgusting creatures of the hard-core left. I certainly hope so.

Join Angry White Dude is dishonoring one of the most dishonorable douche bags to ever infect America with the Lifetime Douche Bag Award. You deserve it, Harry. Many times over. Kiss my ass!



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