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Tired of the wussitude of the Republican Party? Tired of voting for Democrats like McCain and Romney? Don’t trust Donald Trump? Think the GOP Establishment will put out a hit on Ted Cruz? Do you believe America is going the way of Englandistan and other unwashed European hellholes?  If so, you’ve found your big, sexy man! You can now relax your worried melons, my friends!

Angry White Dude is tossing his Resistol into the ring to be the forty-somethingest President of the United States. And to celebrate the big announcement, AWD and his campaign staff are releasing a Angry White Dude for President t shirt.

I figure that if Joe Biden can do it, how hard can it really be?

This new AWD t shirt will set your apart from your fellow gun-clinging, right wing extremists as a politically savvy, supa-sexy love beast who knows his way around the voting booth. And the bedroom/boudor! You will turn your next Tea Party meeting into a T&A meeting when you roll in wearing this t shirt proudly proclaiming to the world that you support the Big Sexy for President!

Some of AWDs campaign slogan choices so far are:

  • AWD for POTUS – More Hell Than a Little Bit!
  • The Big Sexy for Prez – A Gun In Every Pot!
  • Angry White Dude – Tan, Rested, and Sexy
  • AWD in ’16 – Give Testosterone A Chance!
  • Vote for AWD – He Won’t Take Sh*t From Mezcans or Fuzzy Little Foreigners!
  • AWD Is The One – Dozens of Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders Can’t Be Wrong!
  • Angry White Dude for President – Why The Hell Not?


So peel off that gay little Gap outfit (manly hint: never call your clothes an outfit) your wife dresses you up in, put on some boots and jeans topped off with a Angry White Dude for President t shirt and you’ll get more chicks than Bubba Clinton. Or even Hillary! Only better looking.

Plus, by buying this shirt you’ll support AWD’s campaign to save this great republic. Do I have to do everything by myself! Well OK then! Here’s the link to buy your t shirt or 5. Be the first in your trailer park to own AWD’s newest t shirt. And more importantly, get laid.





  1. Spurwing Plover

    Bring back the U.S. Constituion get america out of the United Nations tear up all those worthless UN Treaties return al illegal aliens try obama for treason and abuse of power have all crooked politicians banished

  2. Dude if you get elected, Are you planing to repaint. you may not have considered this but Sasquatches will throw poo when challenged. also you may want to have the old shopping cart bbq hauled away. And sense I`ve been hangin out here for YEARS old friend, will you let me go play door gunner with a real M60 and a helicopter, shit man I`ll buy the fuel and I`ll buy the ammo and we can split the cost of the beer

  3. AWD, you’ve got my vote. But you will greatly disappoint my is you fail to enlist the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders as your personal protection detail. Of course, I volunteer to personally check every nook and cranny of their bodi…err backgrounds. A security check, yeah, that’s what I meant.

    • JMV, I have already personally inspected closely, very closely, numerous Cowboy cheerleaders. However, I will need some help on my security detail. You’re in the cabinet! Congrats!


  4. Spurwing Plover

    I see a member of the Stupid Jackass Party(Demacrats)has sponsored a bill to remove ILLEGAL ALIEN from the laungage Yeah their already Future demacratic voters

  5. Spurwing Plover

    I see where 66 BLM scumball,s were arrested in Chicago including one reptile who climbed the flagpole in font of the Police Dept and replaced with their own rag these BLM need to all be deported from america

  6. is the Tea Party dead ???????………

    might as well ask if the philosophy of “conservatism” is dead…….and I think we all know the answer to that……..”hell no it’s not dead”……….

    our darkest hour may still be yet to come……..and it may come in the form of Paul Ryan……that remains to be seen……if the piece-of-sh*t knows what’s good for him he had better wake up real quick, fast, and in a hurry………we’re watching him…….and won’t take kindly to another one that intends on screwing us in the ass like Bonehead……………

    we’re done with these assholes……..”d-o-n-e” ..spells done………….

    through the ballot….through Article V of the constitution…….or from the barrel of a gun……. it doesn’t make no difference to me………………..I almost prefer from the barrel of a gun and lets be done with it………………….

  7. Spurwing Plover

    I see a thug was shot dead during armed robbery and how the family of leeches demands the shooter be persicuted nver mind the fact he was commiting a crime and the Washington Compost is blowing things out of proportions frankly these kind of families need to be moved out of america we cant take these leeches suckling of america’s lifeblood

  8. Spurwing Plover

    Our community of Etna California are having a Veterans Day Parade in Saturday should be better then those dumb Gay Pride Days or the dumb Earthday Parades and Useful Idiots(Peoples)Climate Narch like they held last year in NYC

  9. This song and video is great flr this post. Talks about everything in this post…

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