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AWD would be remiss if I failed to voice my opinion that Paul Ryan is a wussypants Establishment wussy with only one difference from John “Boo Hoo” Boehner. Boehner has never been bitch-slapped in a Vice Presidential debate by a retarded man.

Here’s a recap of Ryan getting the dog snot beat out of him by the dain bramaged Joe Biden:

[yt id=”h1RC0KLk_fM”]

Not ONE time did the wussified Ryan stand up and say something to the grinning Biden like,

“Do you find something funny in the fact that you and Obama are destroying America? That millions more are out of work? That our foreign policy is a joke? That you and Obama will increase our national debt more than every other President and VP in history combined?

No, you prefer to sit there and laugh like a fool while I try to discuss the real issues facing America. Of course, when you’re a bumbling, mumbling moron like yourself Mr Biden, I suppose cackling like an idiot is all you can do!”

Republicans like to think of themselves as statesmen. Democrats like to think of Republicans like Paul Ryan as roadkill. Conservatives consider Republicans the same.

The Freedom Caucus had the cojones to take Our Lady of Kleenex Boehner out. It would be all for naught to select another bought-and-paid-for Establishment tool like Paul Ryan.

We’ve had enough of the top down, do as I say or else, Democrat-lite leadership from Establishment Republicans. Ryan has supported increased debt limits, bailouts, continuing resolutions, Amnesty for illegals, No Child Left Behind, Medicare Part D, and everything else supported by the Establishment.

Ryan now is demanding that, if elected Speaker, he will be able to rule without challenge from the Republican Caucus. Pretty much the same as Boo Hoo currently does.

Call your corruptocrat in Congress and tell them you oppose Paul Ryan as Speaker. Or anything else except the title “Former Congressman Paul Ryan.”

The Establishment must be dethroned.



  1. Mr. Rational

    It’s a pity that there’s no recall mechanism for Federal offices.  It would be wonderful if his constituents could say “we’ve had enough” and remove him from the House for his high-handed behavior.

  2. Come-on Jeb,,,,reconsider and say you will do it!

  3. Spurwing Plover

    Biden and Ryan tweedle dee and tweedle dum having a debate and the jub jub bird is drolling

  4. Paul Ryan is an establishment stooge that doesnt have the balls to stand up to a kitten!
    The rinos have had there day and blew it big time!
    Now put someone in there tyat will stand up for conservatism and obutthole!!!
    Anything less is treason…

  5. the amount of corruption in DC is unfathomable…….we have a government that has sold us out…..

    and Paul Ryan is part of this………there’s no doubt about it……he is one of the one’s that refuses to honor the will of the people…..instead he has sided with those with deep pockets and with those who have conspired against the people……..he has lied to the people…….he has abused the trust that was placed in him by the voters in his district and he has betrayed them….the country…..and his oath to the Constitution…..

    Paul Ryan disgusts me………..Paul Ryan disgusts me……….

    did I let anyone who reads this post know that Paul Ryan disgusts me……………………………

    the problem is Ryan is just like Bonehead…..he doesn’t give a rat’s ass what we think about him……
    they don’t hide their hatred of us out here in the hinterlands anymore…..they do it openly now…… they don’t care if we know they have sold out……they don’t care that we know they are lying to us…….they don’t care whether we know they are in the pockets of the crony capitalists and big money donors buying influence…………

    Paul Ryan is a sell out……and would be a disaster if he ever became speaker of the house…….

  6. I think it is worth pointing out what is becoming an increasingly impossible to not notice similarity between a huge number of the absolutely worst, most despicable, most anti-traditional American cuckservatives. Whether it be Juan McAmnesntyMcInsane, Juan Boehner, Jeb Bush or Mittens Romney or his sidekick in the last election, Paul Ryan – every one of these turds share approximately the same views such as:

    1. They are all globalists and are 100 percent in favor of every policy or agenda or piece of legislation that would cause enormous damage to American sovereignty.
    2. None of these rats give two squirts of rat manure about preserving, protecting, or enacting policies that either maintain good paying, middle class jobs that already exist inside this nation or that would help create new good paying, middle class jobs or that would reverse the last 30 or more years of disastrous trade policies and bring jobs back to America instead of outsourcing them to the turd world.
    3. All of these rats are cucks for the Israeli Lobby’s War Mongering for Israel agenda, and any time Israel snaps their fingers and orders the USA to attack the next nation on the endless list of nations that Israel wants the USA to attack and destroy for them, these cucks salute and say yes sir.
    4. Everyone of of these rats are 100 percent in favor of open borders, granting amnesty to the 30 or 40 million illegal aliens and then letting these dirt bags import every member of their family tree – which would give the evil DemonRats a permanent one party dictatorship, which would pave the way for the evil Ds to abolish the Second Amendment and confiscate all the firearms that are owned by White males, who the left hates, fears and despises and which they crave to defang – so they can finally impose full blown totalitarian Communism upon America without risking getting shot in the head.

    This is a short list, but it basically is a blueprint of what every one of these cucks believes in and promotes full time. They clearly harbor an intense, all-consuming hatred for the traditional White European founding stock of this nation and they loath and despise the values, customs, and traditions that we hold dear – and they want to racially displace the founding stock and help the left turn us into what Ann Coulter describes as a ‘third world hell hole’.

    But, there is one more characteristic that every one of these cucks possess that I believe is the most telling clue as to who and what they are. Everyone listed above has either engaged in miscegenation or who has offspring who have engaged in miscegenation. Or, in Romney’s pitiful case – decided to adopt a African rug rat because he let the left “shame” him over the fact that his family photograph was ‘too White’ and was therefore offensive to the left. This is the overriding, most important clue to understanding what makes these cucks such disgusting human scum. They have absolutely zero loyalty to their own racial stock, which by Nature’s definition – is their biological and genetically originated extended family.

    They hate the fact that they were born white and when given the power to do so, want to massage that White self-hate sickness by helping to destroy White, Western Civilization. The best way to achieve that objective is to bury White Western Civilization under an avalanche of third world, non-white losers. Losers who are NOT ever going to assimilate, and who will increase the already staggering levels of social and cultural in-cohesion – to a point where America becomes literally impossible to govern due to constant conflict between competing ethnic and racial groups.

    Conclusion: You cannot have or tolerate leaders who have confused or divided loyalties. This means, we can never trust any White man or woman who is a miscegenator or anyone who has dual citizenship with a foreign nation.

    Oh, and this self-hatred sickness is not confined to American White elites. Look at what Merkel is doing to Germany and the other leaders of European nations. They are bending over, grabbing their ankles and letting Muslims and other third world scum invade their nations – which will result in the complete suicide and destruction of White Western European civilization.

  7. Ryan wants to be chairman of House Ways & Means Committee. That’s where the action is. Speakership is a babysitting gig. He has worked with Dems before, but so what? That is hardly an endorsement.

    Besides, he is for immigration reform instead of enforcing the law, he is for the Trans Pacific trade agreement which will cost more jobs to the USA . He wants to cut social security payments to people who actually paid in and give it to illegals criminals bums. He is not conservative, he’s a bean counter and doesn’t care about you or me my parents or yours .

    The GOP has to do better and get out of the democrats camp.

  8. When I heard Hilda beast cackle last nite as Sanders spoke about damn the E-mails….well I knew that not one damn thing will be done to her ..she will slip out of the E-mail mess just like she has every other scandal her and Slick Willie have done…..
    As I listened to the people cheer her and CNN kiss her ass …I realized this bitch may very well get in office…..because we got a nation slap full of dumb ass people……that have drank all the Kool-aid and ask for more…
    I can`t stand the Demonrats or the Repulsive Party…..BEAM ME UP SCOTTY !!!
    my disgustation level is full…..

  9. Spurwing Plover

    Off topic but a hear Zembabwe is dropping all charges against the dentists who shot cecil the Lion

  10. Representative Lying-ass, er I mean Rep. Paul Ryan with his liberty score of “F” and Rep. illegal, er I mean Rep Luis Gutierrez with his libberty score of “F” have been exposed for their support for open boarders…………………..

    that’s right……both of these lying-ass assholes are for open boarders………………..and this shoul automatically eliminate Ryan from an consideration for the speakership……..what should happen is he should have a pack of wild dogs unleashed on him…..savage dogs…….wolves…….real meat eaters…….that are starving……..and given a piece of Ryan’s clothing so they get the right scent…….that’ll teach that lying-ass bastard to defy the will of the people…….seems as though nothing else will work with these assholes……………..

  11. democrats are in the process of declaring their support for Paul Ryan for Speaker of the House……

    Nasty Pelosi is signaling a bipartisan support for a pro-amnesty speaker and that is a step forward to dhimicrat support to elect Paul Ryan as speaker………….

    the commies on the left and the sell-outs on the right are going to get their illegals if they have to get into bed together and get on with their incestuous relationship to screw the American public in the ass once again………

  12. and again we out here in the hinterlands are going to take it in the ass whether we want it or not…….

    Paul Ryan……a lying-ass piece-of-sh*t that supports president Totalitarian’s view of absolute top down authoritarian control……a member of the house of representatives that is in complete and total agreement with president Shitstain’s destructive transformation policies……in bed with ObongoCare……in bed with his out of control spending…… bed with immigration reform that actually means to import more illegals and third worlders in order to subjugate American people by diluting their vote with inbreds……….

    a man who is nothing but a traitor…..a sell out……a pro-amnesty son-of-a-bitch…….a sell-out to corporatism interests…….a screw the electorate I’m in bed with the crony capitalists piece-of-crap…..

    Paul Ryan is a man who will screw the American public in the ass and tell them to smile while he does so…………again we lose……and with Paul Ryan as speaker of the house we lose big time…… there is no difference between Ryan and Bonehead…….this is nothing but jumping from the frying pan and into the fire……..either way we will get burned…………

    we’ve been sold out again………………………

  13. Send a donation to the businessman who is running against Lying Ryan. I do not remember the name of the businessman, look him up. He needs all the support he can get.

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