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Angry White Dude of the Year – 2014


Dude of the Year
Dude of the Year

American Infidel #1 brought to my attention that Time magazine’s “person of the year” is trending with…the Ferguson rioters/looters/terrorists (which the MSM, of course, euphemizes as “protestors) in the top two.

Now I realize that a) Time magazine is not responsible for popular polls, of which this is, and b) that these polls are easily hackable (see here for a humorous instance of such poll hacking involving yours truly [you’ll have to read the commentary to see the crazy cat ladies in action])—and, c) they make it clear that they’re not bound to this poll anyway. But still—do you not think a standard-issue radical left-wing MSM rag like Time magazine won’t elect black terrorists/white anarchists who murder, rape, loot, and burn down half the country as their poster children of 2014? C’mon.

Anyway, while imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, mockery is the sincerest form of mockery. So let’s mock these Time Inc. fagatrons with a little contest of our own.

Dudes and Dudettes, the 2014th year of our Lord is rapidly closing upon us. So who amongst those we call allies shall be christened the Angry White Dude (or Dudette) of the Year – 2014?

As they say at the altar, so shall it be said here: Speak now…or forever hold your piece!



  1. AWESOME! Job well done Red…ya gotta love it.

  2. TIME? I can’t even recall anyone reading that commie rag in public in the last decade. Heck, I don’t even see their name in print anymore; you wonder how they stay in business. Maybe they get secret CIA funding so they can continually push for more gun control????

  3. RidinShotgun

    I can’t remember her name, but the woman who owns the gun range that ran a public ad stating that no muslims are welcome.

  4. David in SC

    AWD’s got my vote! And I speak on behalf of dudes in SC.

  5. Snake Oiler

    Ferguson grand jury.

  6. Snakeoiler…thats my choice.

    • Snake Oiler

      I’m flattered beyond words, friend, but about all I do is make impertinent remarks and occasionally throw in a violent personal opinion. Don’t forget our good friend RedStater, whose ceaseless toil adds immeasurably to the value of this site.

  7. Bigtimer!

  8. Colin Flaherty author of White Girl Bleed a Lot

  9. Vaguely on topic Red, you’ll like this site


    Whoever writes this stuff most definitely leans right. Here’s his entry on one of my heroes, the truly badass Finnish sniper Simo Hayha – “The White Death”.


    100 men like that, with Patton, or Jan Sobieski, or Charles Martel at their head, and the world is at your feet,

  10. I vote for Justin Igger!


  11. Yes you are right Time is not responsible for popular polls. They give names of peoples for voting. People’s votes at their full enthusiasm. But person of the year decided by editor. if they are going to decide person of the year by its own why making public fool by asking them to vote. This is ridiculous..

  12. I nominate myself. I’m cute, I’m stacked and I will leave a bloody horse head at the foot of your bed in a minute if you piss me off!! Toot a Loo….

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