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Angry White Dude doesn’t consider himself racist. For over 5 years on this website I have written that I try to follow MLK’s dream and judge people by their character and not pigment. But when I judge minorities of bad character who commit violent actions, I’m still labeled a racist by the left. I have come to understand no matter what I do or whose dreams I follow, I am a racist and always will be. Even if I’m not.

AWD can’t even take credit for the name of his blog. The term “angry white males” was placed by liberals and the mainstream propaganda media on white males back in the 90’s who didn’t support Bill Clinton and his political agenda. It wasn’t possible to liberals that white males may simply not agree with Clinton’s liberal, big-government ideas. No, it had to be that we were angry white males!

These days the preferred name to silence angry white males is ‘racism.’ The charge of racism is so ubiquitous in America in 2014 (after nearly 6 years of Obama’s post-racial term) that a mere thought or action by any white person can be immediately labeled racism. A college sorority recently was accused of racism against Hispanics because they planned to hold their annual charity event named Pi Phiesta. To liberals, whites using a Spanish word like ‘fiesta’ is now considered racist against Hispanics. How will budding white racists ever learn foreign languages again? Maybe they shouldn’t because it would only enhance their undying racism. AWD speaks Spanish fluently which gives further weight to the charge that I am a racist. Claro que si! Oops! There I go again!

Back to judging on character and actions. I have written numerous articles over the years criticizing senseless and cruel violence committed by black people. Why? I believe black people can perform much better as a whole than they do. Whites can, also, but I’ve never been accused of racism for criticism of whites. FBI and DOJ (even under Eric Holder) crime data show over 50% of violent crimes and murders are committed in America by black males between 18-49 year of age, even though that group makes up approximately 3% of the US population. Think about that! 3% of the US population commits over half the violent crimes and murder. Think there’s room for improvement? If so, you’re a racist.

While AWD uses MLK dream judges people by actions and character, is the vast majority of violent crimes in America committed by blacks truly what he dreamed 50 years ago? By listing those statistics and criticizing violent Flash Mobs and the disgusting Knockout Game, AWD is the real racist. Black youth who go about trying to knockout innocent, elderly white passersby are not racist, because they are black. And as blacks, they are above reproach for their actions because there was once slavery and Jim Crow in America. It’s difficult for the sentient to follow this logic because the liberal’s practice of labeling every criticism by white people of bad minority behavior is simply illogical.

Black people are exempt from the consternation forced upon white people concerning statements about race. Democrat James Clyburn recently said of fellow South Carolina black politician and Republican Senator Tim Scott:

“If you call progress electing a person with the pigmentation that he has, who votes against the interest and aspirations of 95 percent of the black people in South Carolina, then I guess that’s progress.”

In the leftist world, blacks are monolithic and any black person who doesn’t toe the liberal black line is an Uncle Tom or House Negro. Names, always names! And since 95% of black people in America vote Democrat, they ARE monolithic! Just like liberals like it.

I understand why racial hucksters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton cry racism at every turn. It’s their gig. They have become wealthy and powerful excusing poor black behavior and blaming the black community’s poor plight on white racism. They are, in essence, professional blacks who need to perpetuate the illusion of white racism for their financial well-being. They appear to have no other talents with which to make an honest living.

Politically correct, self-loathing whites are the group that confuses me. They are ‘useful idiots’ to true racists in America. Liberals. Liberals who preach that black people cannot make it because they are “held down by the man” even though America has spent trillions of dollars in trying to raise the existence of black people since the early 60’s through social programs, welfare, food stamps, Affirmative Action, etc. White liberals want to keep as many blacks as possible dependent on government services. That guarantees 95% of blacks vote for the completely clownish Democrat Party. Raising their ridiculous voices in union with the professional blacks, liberals excuse every atrocious violent crime committed by blacks while inventing ed white-on-black crimes. Liberals even created racial categories like “white Hispanic” for George Zimmerman once they found he was of Hispanic descent. Zimmerman was found innocent for killing black teen Trayvon Martin in Florida. Martin, who was consistently portrayed as an innocent angel by the propaganda media was later found to be a drug-using, violent thug. Liberals needed a white guy who killed a black kid to enrage the black community and motivate them to go to the polls in support of Barack Obama.

Liberals excusing violent actions and poor life decisions by young black people and teaching them they cannot succeed due to white racism ensures many blacks will never reach their fullest potential and will remain at the lowest rungs of society and dependent on big-government. While those who criticize violent actions and poor life decisions while admonishing young black people to better themselves by hard work, sacrifice, education, etc to live productive, successful lives are dismissed as racist. But that is where we are in America 2014. Tell me again which group is racist?

The Gateway Pundit is currently doing an undercover reporting series on the annual White Privilege Conference. The attendees are barking-at-the-moon whack jobs:

AWD wrote an article a few years ago criticizing Dallas murderer James Broadnax who mercilessly gunned down two innocent men in cold blood. In court, Broadnax showed no remorse and even taunted the grieving families of the murder victims. He is a true soulless monster. I was soundly criticized and called a racist by most blacks who commented on the article because I dared to criticize Broadnax. And because I’m white, I had no right to criticize nor judge Broadnax. Forget that content of character thing! I was criticized so much by blacks that I wrote a follow up to that article a few months ago. I encourage you to read it:


AWD is a racist. Not because I dislike all black people but because I have the temerity to make judgments on their character. Liberals tell me I dislike Barack Obama because he is black but overlook that his political ideology and mine are at opposite ends. AWD didn’t like the policies of George W Bush, Bill Clinton, or George Bush either. None of that matters. I cannot disagree with Obama because of his socialistic agenda and a propensity to skirt the Constitutional limits of Congress. I must dislike Obama because I hate black people. Or something.

Obama was elected with a large number of white votes but professional blacks and the propaganda media are the first to label America a “racist nation,” when studies prove the USA is one of the least biased countries in the world.Even though I endorsed Allen West for President, I’m a racist. Doesn’t matter. He’s an Uncle Tom anyway.

I’m a racist by liberal standards because liberals and professional blacks NEED for me to be a racist. Reality doesn’t enter the equation, just ridiculous charges of racism and name calling. False cries of racism and/or white privilege are the catalyst liberals and professional blacks need to keep black people voting for Democrats and the money rolling in.

The race card is a weapon liberals use to silence us. Sadly, too many Americans have allowed Al Sharpton, a despicable man with a record of prejudice against white people, to stifle important and needed discussions on race relations in America. Want to have an open, honest dialogue on “racism,” Eric Holder? Be prepared to discuss the violent crime problem in America caused by blacks. Or why blacks make up less than 13% of the population but nearly 40% of blacks are on welfare. Or the sad fact that blacks measure at or near the bottom of every measurement like academics, teen pregnancy, school dropout rates, etc.

But professional blacks and the media don’t really want an open, honest discussion on racism or the races. They want a total surrender of reasoned thought and reality backed by data by those who dare speak the truth! As George Orwell said:

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act.”

We are there! I have written for five years that I don’t care about pigment. I care about actions. I know black people who I admire greatly and know white people who I don’t care for. And vice versa. But my sentiments are based on character and not race. AWD admits I am more aware and nervous when being approached by a group of black youth than a group of whites. Why? Because of the large number of black attacks on white people throughout America. But Jesse Jackson once admitted he was relieved to see those closely following him on the street were white and not black. His exact quote is:

“There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery. Then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved…. After all we have been through. Just to think we can’t walk down our own streets, how humiliating.”

Was my or his statement racist? No, both were statements based on experience and reality. A reality that should be roundly castigated by professional blacks and white liberals if they truly cared about helping the black community in America.

Even though AWD follows MLK’s dream, I am still a racist. No matter what I do or say, Al Sharpton and his ilk will still label me racist. If I’m playing a game I cannot win, why play at all? Do I care what Al Sharpton and his ilk call me? No, I do not. Their opinions mean nothing to me and names quit bothering me after my kindergarten years. I have judged Jackson, Sharpton and leftists by their character and actions and have found them severely wanting, if not totally disgusting. And I refuse to let my ideological enemies define the limits of what I say, think or do. I encourage them to also follow Martin Luther King’s dream of a color-blind society and base their judgments on actions rather than pigment. But, then again, Sharpton would be out of a job and the Democrats would lose the black vote.

Just who are the real racists, again?



  1. AWD, whites will never be free of accusations of racism if that video is any indication of the future. Friggin high school kids attended? and to hear the crap spewing from the mouths of the attendees, holy God, are we ever in trouble.

    “There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery. Then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved…. After all we have been through. Just to think we can’t walk down our own streets, how humiliating.”

    Jesse Jackson can say that and no one says shit about racism, but if a white guy says that, he would be crucified as the leader of the KKK, and crowned racist of the century.

    A black/hispanic mistress can release a tape of her 80 year old sugar daddy, saying basically “bang all the black guys you want, but don’t rub my face in it in public” and he is banned for life from NBA games, fined by the NBA, and there is talk of forcing him to sell his team, but black team owners can throw parties for blacks only and actively turn away whites and no one says shit.

    Hell, these days just being born white means your a racist.

    I know who the real racists are, and they aint white, unless they are liberals.

    • JMV, that’s my whole point. Liberals and professional blacks are not interested in equality. They will never give up their PC race card as long as we cower from it!


      • just as they are not interested in equal opportunity as much as they just want an equal outcome…

      • Yes Dude I too was born a heretic, all it takes to be labeled a target, is blonde hair, blue eyes, and a Christian first name.

        The privilege of work and labor was bestowed upon me at a early age. And by the time I was fourteen years old I claimed my birthright and social security number so I could start paying taxes, I am sure there is a benefit for me somewhere in that deal.

        Oh how I have been coddled and celebrated by white society. I am not worthy of the sweat of my own brow, someone please confiscate my savings and redistribute the money to someone who needs a cell phone and a free college education. Preferably at a college staffed by mostly white people who teach Critical Race Theory.


        I don’t see any black boys on this top ten list, but these centers of higher education sure can talk the talk, they knows white privilege cause they lives it… Now go learns from the best!

      • If you only have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.
        Abraham Maslow

        They play the race card because that’s all they got. once you take that away they become impotent.

  2. The hero of America in 2014? MICHEAL SAM OF COURSE ! not like the other guy Pat Tillman, who cares about him. HE was White, Male, and Straight ! good thing he was not christian, otherwise he would have been the equivalent of hilter rather then Heinrich Himmler. Now Don’t you proles understand what Micheal Sam means to America ? by just being who he was, rather then anything he actuality accomplished. he purified America Micheal Sam

    PS : This is a little Satire

  3. The only question I have is this, Does America resemble more like the soviet union, or the last days of the roman empire.

    • mic doodle

      More like the roman empire. The soviet union always promoted patriotism and the strength of the Russian people. The roman empire even had a greater sense of identity and nationalism than we do here now in America. I honestly cant point to a historically parallel place because the US seems to be the first example of a nation where the majority group became so self loathing that they lost the will to exist. Where endless prosperity Became the evil and thus chains and poverty were sought out to replace it.

  4. AWD,
    When you have a chance, take a look at this article written by a white, liberal Public Defender. It’s a real eye-opener:

    • Great article.. I just sent it to family and friends. It clearly illuminates that our differences are more than skin deep.  The trolls will call you a racist for posting this and some will go as far as to say that it was a contrived piece of fiction… prepare your rebuttal now gal

      thx Vixen

      • Yeah, I’d already prepared for the scenario you describe. I saw this link at Bad Blue, so it wasn’t like I was just tooling around the interwebs trying to find something derogatory. There are remarkable similarities in some of the behaviors described in that article and what my child has encountered as a track coach at an expensive private school where athletes were recruited and given free tuition. There are two different standards applied, one for blacks, one for non-blacks. While a white kid was kicked off for insubordination, some of the black athletes regularly wag their fingers in the coaches’ faces, refuse to do the prescribed workouts, drop the F-bomb, and threaten to have their mamas get these coaches fired. I just don’t see how this is equality or, as AWD quoted MLK, evaluating by character rather than skin color. Obama, Holder, et al in the Regime have created a hostile environment, setting race relations back 60 years or more. But that’s just what Alinskyites do.

      • Another observation. A few years ago I attended a church that became home to many Christian Sudanese refugees. Some were “Lost Boys.” They had suffered unspeakable horrors under the tyranny of the Muslims in Sudan, but were wonderfully kind, intelligent, beautiful, hard-working people with whom I greatly enjoyed worshipping. When they came to this country, guess who they were most mistreated/disdained by? Incredibly, American blacks. Liberalism (“Progressivism”), grievance politics, victim mentality, entitlement– a toxic mix that is destroying the black community in America, and most seem completely clueless about it.

    • awesome article!! A MUST read by all.

    • RidinShotgun

      I saw that article and what you really need to pay attention to is the last paragraph of the piece where he says, “I am a liberal and I believe that we have a moral obligation to take care of these people, even if they refuse to take care of themselves.”
      NO WE DON”T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let social Darwinism kick in and let that herd start thinning out! I am sick and tired of this attitude, it’s what been killing us for the last 60 years!!!!! BTW BT who’s running in your neck of the woods?

      • RS

        I totally agree with your Darwinism theory ( I am all in favor of culling the herd too and if a civil war happens it may come to that ) but to hear an admitted liberal openly state what has been painfully obvious to us for years concerning race gives me some hope of an awakening of sorts in this country….

        His last statements of liberal benevolence ( liberal paternalism and superiority ) while nauseating do nothing more than prove the legitimacy of his dissertation to the mindless white trolls and afrocentrics who frequent this site who would seek to discredit it as a contrived work of fiction. Can you imagine a conservative or anyone with a fully functional brain utter such inane drivel as ” its our duty to do for those who refuse to do for themselves” ?

      • JohnInOhio740

        It’s already begun to happen. The problem is literally taking care of itself by virtue of Darwinism. Blacks died more than whites in the 2010 census. Does anyone have birthrate data to see if there is a net-negative or net-positive rate?

        • I don’t have the birth data but Im sure they pop them out like roaches quicker than they kill each other off or die of natural causes, so unless the attrition rate is at the least 10/1 we will never rid ourselves of the parasite infestation….. and the fact that we keep enabling the irresponsible breeding habits of these ghetto sows by feeding their fatherless offspring does not benefit us at all.  The black bastards my tax dollars feed today will grow up and assault or kill me when I am too old to defend myself ( hence I will always take my friend Sig with me everywhere I go ) Helping our enemies ( they hate whites ) to raise an army against us makes no sense at all.  We should have let Darwinisn run its course….

      • Crusading Conservative

        I focused on that, too! I thought, since he repeatedly talks about how blacks don’t work and get everything for free, and how that was wrong, that he would come to the realization that providing for people who CAN provide for themselves, but DON’T, is the problem! His observations of blacks were spot on, until he got to that point and then he lost me. We do not have a moral obligation to take care of these people!

      • Help them over a cliff

  5. I think it is time that the Dude stop defending his stance …any fool that has an IQ over room temp can see AWD is not a racist….if any thing he is too tolerant ……not easy to be a TRASHIST in todays world ..
    with out being called a racist…I for one have long passed my desire to explain myself to the label makers….
    here is a video that sort of shows the state of America it and see what you think is wrong with this picture…..

  6. Chicago guy

    You are absolutely correct in your thesis. Nothing will change until these white liberal pukes are called on their bullshit often and loudly. These shit brained college students need to be confronted when they least expect it, with outfit style discouragement to their leaders. Same with the “educators” who encourage this shit. Most of them are candy-assed punks anyhow. Young people who disagree with libtard pinkoism need to find ways to compromise these idiots, fairly and unfairly, as there is much at stake.

  7. Sick of this one way street. When blacks call whites honkys &crackers it is not racist????

  8. Spurwing Plover

    Too many on the Reparations Train and its heading for a big time Train wreck

  9. what the hell is going on in this country……deviant homosexuals kissing in public and if anyone says anything about it you will be forced to go to a re-education camp…….where you can learn “”tolerance”” and how wonderful it is to be a sexual pervert…….

    deviant homosexuality is being forced down our throats…..if you don’t like looking and getting sexually aroused by looking at another man’s ass then your a homophobe……..if you’re not into their kind of sexual perversions or like to publicly display your filthy deviant behavior and parade around waging your dick then you are a candidate for the re-education camp……so you can learn “”diversity””……

    these “disease ridden” sexual scumbags are spreading their syphilis and aids to all who will participate in their perversions………and now, just tweeting something about these filthy homo’s will get you sent to a re-education camp, lose your job, and be ostracized by the main stream media……..

    soon the government will force homosexuality on you……either accept homosexuality or get re-educated……remember…..if you aren’t a homosexual it is because you are in denial………………..

  10. Chump Change

    With all due respect to Mr. Dumpty:

    If you have ten eggs, and you add two eggs, you have a dozen eggs. Maybe you prefer calling it twelve eggs, because where you live the local language has a word “dosen” – that sounds like dusk-un, without the “k” – that means a fondness for gladiator movies and warm baths with other men. That won’t change how many eggs you have.

    I’ll believe this blog’s title that you’re white. That makes you racist. “Twelve” or “dozen” – “white” or “racist” – pick which word you want, because they mean the same thing.

  11. Racism is rampant in America, every politically favored group is offended by something. No more taco nights, that’s offensive, hell we can’t even have Happy Hour anymore because it offends depressed people.
    No taco night hit Michael Moore especially hard.

  12. What the heck might as well offend some feminist too.

    How many men does it take to open a beer? None it should be open by the time she brings it!

    • LMAO.. dude just wait till BT and the other gals read that…..

      “just put the shovel down and back away my friend”

    • Alexandra

      How many sammiches you want with that beer, so long as I’m in the kitchen?

      (My computer is in the kitchen…the only phone jack, where my DSL plugs in, is in the kitchen. Convenient!)

  13. Alexandra

    Having different races within the same borders will divide any country. You naturally gravitate to others who look like you.

  14. Politically correct, self-loathing whites are the group that confuses me. They are ‘useful idiots’ to true racists in America.
    There are three types of white liberals. Cosmopolitans, those who benefit from it and those who graduated from college and are overloaded with debt., The latter feel “oppressed” for being duped and project their feelings on non white minorities because they are too cowardly to speak up for their own needs.

  15. charles w

    No one more racist than a white liberal.

  16. Spurwing Plover

    Wrong liberal america is dIvided by something called LIBERALISM

  17. Ya know, I’m a 61 year old white guy, and through the decades have lived a decent life best I can.
    Yeah, I made some childish mistakes, who hasn’t?
    But I’ve learned to move on, get past obstacles, and focused on civilized decency in living.
    I work for a living, have a comfortable home, and good friends and neighbors.

    What I have noticed over time is the self-limiting phenomenon by blacks, and the laziness and violent confrontational nature deemed “normal” by that race.
    Anyone with half a brain can easily judge that something’s inherently wrong with that race – being Top Story on the news each night, having to look over your shoulder on the streets, etc.
    After hearing about continual rapes, robberies, and murders by blacks, how can anyone not feel a sense of apprehension towards them?
    I don’t give a crap about being called “racist” for my thoughts or straightforward comments, because it’s not something I chose to judge – it’s the blacks that have created this through their aggressive and violent nature as seen by the world.
    And not just here in the USA, but global.
    Once your race gets a reputation such as this, you’re labeled, and you”ve got no choice left but to deal with the dirty bed you’ve made.
    Blacks, you’ve had decades since the MLK marches to show the world what you’re made of, but look how the world is today.
    ‘Nuff said.

  18. Whites developed superior intelligence due to the harsh northern climate which facilitated physical brain growth, and ensured that the Darwinian Imperative culled those without the requisite intelligence. This resulted in Caucasians being able to generate an ability for long-term planning and the willingness to defer gratification. The minds it shaped brought forth innovation, first benefiting themselves and then their offspring.

  19. I will never be ashamed of my white race. I am proud of my white race. The white race has done more for the world than any other. We and the Orientals have blessed the rest with our invention and our culture. I am tired of hearing how terrible we are simply because we are clever and work hard. If that makes me a ‘racist’ then so be it. We must demand the same rights and perks the others demand of us. Blacks are the true racist.

  20. You are dead on. I did a “rant” the other day about how the NAACP is a racist organization that does not want equality. Why? Because there would be a lot of 6-7 figure incomes lost if there was true racial equality in the US. It all boils down to money. It is a sad thing to constantly promote racism for a dollar bill, but that is what their organization does.

    Keep on doing what your doing. You will be called a racist, regardless.

  21. Tunde Akinniyi

    Angry White Dude I am a very well educated black man and I analyzed your argument in order to understand its validity. To be honest I see a lot of holes. Several of your statements are biased and almost all of your statistics are not factual at all. This makes me wonder whether you researched any of your material or if you just purposefully made an argument with no factual evidence.

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