As y’all well know, AWD is not one to brag. But William Shakespeare was recently quoted saying “I wisheth I could write good sh*tteth liketh el Biggus Sexius!” Well, Bill, first you’ll need to learn to stop writing like an Englishter and learn to write like an American. And quit using all them Englishtery words nobody understands! I crappeth thee negative!

AWD’s recent post DALLAS POLICE SHOOT UNARMED WHITE MAN – WHITE TEXANS PROTEST BY GOING TO WORK has gotten more traffic than Michael Moore’s fridge, if possible. As of today, that post has been ‘favorited’ over 105,000 times by fans of top quality literary sh*t. I should drunk blog more often.

Like I said, I’m not one to brag or anything about my complete sexiness and awesomeness. But it’s difficult to hide literary genius for long. The accolades are already coming in. Here’s one:

tweet of the day

Here’s another:

twitter death threat

Apparently, not everyone appreciates quality literature and sh*t. Actually, I think HERR Tasty is RedStater’s twitter name.

So let’s take this opportunity to congratulate me for what one person said was the best thing ever written on the inter web net. Well, OK, it was me that said that but it’s still a pretty good piece, no? Better than anything at Little Green Gayballs!

And for that, by the power vested in me by me, I am naming me the AWD Dude of the Week! I’m going to give myself a brand new AWD tshirt! Two sizes too small to show off my six pack.


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