Yesterday was the national holiday for Martin Luther King’s birthday. This article was posted last year but is every bit as relevant this year. I wanted to repost it for our new dudes and dudettes.



On the eve of Martin Luther King Day in America, I urge you all to watch King’s “I Have A Dream” speech where he dreamed of equality for all Americans. He dreamed people would be judged on their character and not the color of their skin. I urge you all to watch the entire speech and pay close attention to his words.

Now watch this. These “events” occur every day in American ‘hoods.

Is this the realization of Kings dream? Do these violent ghetto thugs represent what King fought for? Notice how after the fight everyone is laughing and excited? It’s a bloodlust! Have these people not been, since the 60’s, recipients of trillions of dollars in welfare, food stamps and other tremendously expensive social programs to help them improve their station in society? Do these blacks in the video not receive the benefits of preferential hiring and Affirmative Action and protection to where it is nearly impossible to be fired in the workplace because of the color of their skin? Do blacks not enjoy minority set aside contracts with city, state and federal government entities? Are black farmers (and thousands of fake black farmers) now going to be rewarded billions of dollars in reparations because they were refused loans in the past that they were unable to repay? Wasn’t segregation of schools outlawed decades ago? What more can society do to make blacks succeed?

Do blacks not now run and/or control numerous major cities in America (nearly all of them violent disasters)? Is there not a Congressional Black Caucus? Is there not a black President? Is there not a black Attorney General? Has there not been a black Secretary of State? A Black Joint Chief of Staff? A black Supreme Court Justice (well, he’s an Uncle Tom)?

Do blacks not enjoy the NAACP, an organization that seeks only to benefit blacks? Watch a Black Entertainment Television? Order services from the Black Yellow Pages and belong to the Black Chamber of Commerce? Black Miss America? Black professional associations by the tens of thousands? And blacks call America racist?

After consider all the advantages thrust upon blacks, how does one explain the second video? And violent videos of black attacks are commonplace and occurring with greater frequency. How would one explain the pitiful performance of blacks in nearly every area today after so much has been done in their behalf at such expense for so long? 72% of black children are born out of wedlock. Black youths drop out of school at rates tremendously higher than those of other races. Black males commit more than half of America’s violent crimes while making up less than 6% of the US population. Blacks use welfare services at percentages far above their percentage of the American population too. In nearly every measurement, blacks lag far behind other races.

Blacks who embrace education, self-reliance and responsibility are ridiculed by many in the black community. Those in the black ghetto worship pimps, gangsta rappers and pro athletes. Black school children who study are derided as “acting white.” Blacks who gain educations and hold full-time jobs are accused by ghetto blacks of “selling out to the white man.” Many ghetto black children have become violent, soulless monsters as the people in the above video. To them nothing is sacred. Is this what King dreamed? Because this is the reality America suffers in dealing with ghetto blacks today.

Angry White Dude also has a dream. I dream of a day when people will be judged by their character and not the color of their skin. No more will I lose business because I am not a minority. No longer will I be labeled a racist because I point out the huge burdens blacks place on America because of their poor life decisions and lack of responsibility. I dream of a day when young blacks will throw off the shackles of the Democrat party and liberals who teach them they cannot survive without government programs. I dream that young blacks will realize consequences for bad decisions do not fall on racial lines. I dream of a day when young blacks will dream of being scientists and engineers and other professions that actually do good for the world. I dream they will one day ridicule rap stars and pimps who tell them they are victims and have the right to be vicious thugs. I dream of a day when my children will not be at a disadvantage in the workplace because they are white but will be judged solely on performance. I dream of a day when black males, who make up 6% of the population commit only 6% of violent crime or less. I dream of a day when black males will fill classrooms and not prison cells.

I don’t think my dreams are much different from what Martin Luther King dreamed. I have come to realize over the 49 years of my life that the only blacks can help blacks. What government program will ever teach those fighting ghetto thugs their behavior is reprehensible?

The eternal question is what kind of leader would King have been if he had not been assassinated? Would he have been more like a Colonel Allen West who advocated education, discipline and self-responsibility? Or would he have devolved into another racial huckster like Al Sharpton? If he became another Sharpton, he would have disavowed his Dream speech!

I really don’t care if someone is white or black. I don’t like trash of any race. White, black, brown, yellow or any other I missed. I agree that I am a trashist.

From my vantage point, it appears white people have come much closer to embracing King’s dream of a color blind society than blacks. I believe most ghetto blacks hate white people. Many of the black liberal trolls on this page have admitted as much. I also believe the vast majority of whites accept as equal blacks who exhibit decent and responsible behavior while most blacks are taught to detest white people from an early age.

My frustration with blacks is that they could and should perform much better than they do. I believe blacks can perform at the same levela as other races…if they only would. It’s the same for everyone. Education, sacrifice, discipline and hard work make it more likely one will attain success. And all the government programs, money, welfare, food stamps, Affirmative Action, etc. have not helped blacks at all. In fact, I believe they have defeated blacks and taken them to the sad station they now find themselves….uneducated, violent, welfare-dependent slaves chained to the Democrat plantation!

Again, I ask…is that what King dreamed?


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