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AWD once had a conversation with an economics professor from Russia who teaches at a university in Dallas and was once a senior economic advisor in the Soviet Union. I asked him why he thought liberals in America cannot grasp or accept the tremendous economic failures of centralized governments and socialism? His reply:

“It’s easy to be a socialist in America. There’s always food on the shelves. The Soviet Union, a country that spanned six time zones, could not produce a light bulb!”

Last night, AWD saw Dinesh D’Souza’s movie “America.” AWD would rather French kiss Whoopi Goldberg than go to a movie theater anymore. But I wanted to see this movie. And I’m glad I did.

I must say, the first half of the movie was hard to watch. D’Souza personally interviewed anti-American leeches and socialists like leftist professor Noam Chomsky, professional black victim and Georgetown professor Michael Eric Dyson, fake Indian (casino, not call center) Ward Churchill, some La Raza idiota, and an Indian (casino, not call center) woman activist who wants to see Mount Rushmore destroyed because of the “genocide” of the white man on her beloved, peaceful Indian brothers. D’Souza asked them why they hated America and viewed America as a force for evil. The answers he received were what can be found daily in the Mainstream Propaganda Media. Rife with misinformation, overlooked facts, and outright lies, he calmly listened and asked them to explain their hatred of America.

The trailer shows many of these anti-American tools:

The second half of the movie kicked major boo-tay! D’Souza systematically disproved every single lie these anti-American wastes of oxygen spewed forth. The Indian victim of evil pale-faces overlooked the fact that Indians committed genocide over other tribes throughout history and practiced slavery long before creepy ass crackas ever arrived on the scene. He showed that black slave owners in many states equaled the number of white slave owners before the Civil War. He told how America won the Mexican War and took over the entire country only to give half of it back. That America won World Wars only to spend billions making their former enemies self-sufficient and trade competitors. Dinesh shot down every lie and exaggeration of the leading voices of the left.

The movie also told the story of the evil Saul Alinsky, his lies and evil methodologies to destroy America and exposed his most famous followers, Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary “Cankles” Clinton.

Dinesh also discussed and proved how capitalism has lifted millions from poverty worldwide. “America” exposed the stupidity and ignorance of the Occupy and Poop movement. It featured ridiculous speeches from anti-American leftists like multi-millionaire (but not evil 1%er!) Michael the Hutt Moore who was recently diagnosed with flesh eating bacteria and told he had only 112 years to live.

The movie gave AWD hope for America to continue as a successful republic when, as reader know, I have serious doubts for the viability of a united country.

The movie ends with this speech from rock star Bono of U2. I was surprised to hear this coming from a rock star!

There is a sickness infecting America. It’s called leftist ideology. American liberals are content to live comfortably off of the largess and goodness of the hard-working, patriotic American producer while cursing the mechanisms, morals and values that make it all possible. They are sick and they are evil.

If you have children, take them to see “America.” This movie should be shown in every school in the country. The systems put in place by The Founders are being distorted and maligned every day by dangerous leftists and their comrades in the propaganda media. Younger Americans need to understand that wealth is not pulled from thin air, but earned. And they must once again learn that America is the best thing that has ever happened to the world.

The movie made me think of Francisco D’Anconia’s “Money Speech” in Atlas Shrugged. Here’s a portion of the speech from the movie “Atlas Shrugged” and an explanation. You need to watch this!

Here’s the entire “Money Speech” from Atlas Shrugged. You definitely need to listen to the entire speech. You see, the putrid ideology of leftists is nothing new as the book was written over 50 years ago. Communism and slavery have been around much longer!



  1. Can’t wait to watch this. Thanks for the preview AWD.

    Everything else you wrote is the big picture of where we’re at now. I pray we save this nation.

  2. Spurwing Plover

    Dont expect it to be nominate for any awards they only go to the liberal leftists propeganda(12 Years a Slave,Bowling for Columbine, etc)but frankly i no longer watch these boring award shows

  3. LonesumMe

    I just saw it today. It should be part of the school curriculum. Every parent should take their children to see it.

  4. We need to stop regurgitating false talking points by the Christian hating Progressive Marxists. The film spouts a TWISTED FALSE version of the Biblical quote and the tries to defend it. How about destroying the twisted false quote, present the real quote, and discuss the true quote and it’s meaning instead…maybe even discuss why it’s been twisted in this way by the enemies of Freedom. The true quote from the Bible is: “The LOVE of money is the root of all evil.” NOT money itself, but the LOVE thereof. Let’s have this discussion instead.

    • Etaoin Shrdlu

      Technically accurate, but substantively irrelevant.

      Since the LOVE of money is the root of all evil, it hardly makes a difference if we’re talking about a philosophy (the Laissez-Faire form of Capitalism, and it’s mutant “love child” Social Darwinism) which considers the LOVE of money to be the greatest good.

      P.S. – And just because someone may not agree with those philosophies doesn’t make them “Marxist”, “Christian hating”, or “Progressives”. There are Other forms of Capitalism, and one doesn’t have to be a Social Darwinist to reject Marxism.

    • I was commenting on the video posted for the movie Atlas Shrugged as part of the article…not the movie America. Sorry for not making this clear in the original post.

  5. Alexandra

    Casino, not call center! LOL That’s a good one. And I have Amerind ancestry.

    I’ve actually played a few one-armed bandits but the novelty wore off before I lost too much.

  6. Don’t get too upbeat Big Sexy… it’s just a movie

    Looks to me like indoctrinated Americans would rather spend an additional 86 million dollars to watch a pack of lies creatively edited by a fat communist bastard.

    The most recent film opened in 1,105 theaters nationwide to $2.7 million from Friday-Sunday and roughly $4 million over the five-day July 4 holiday weekend. That’s well under the stunning $6.5 million.

    D’Souza ‘s debut of the first film Obama’s America, which came out in late August of 2012 and went on to become a hit, running up $33 million in domestic grosses. That’s the second most a political documentary has ever made, behind only Michael Moore’s “Farenheit 9/11,” which took in $119 million in 2004

    I’ll purchase ‘America’ when it comes out on DvD

  7. I went on Saturday with some of the family after reading the review here on AWD. I was thinking of going anyways but it pushed me to go for sure. I would agree that all Americans should see this movie, even those who would disagree with his conclusions. See the movie and then defend those who have a hatred of America, those who see it as evil.

    We have known for many years that our past has been distorted by those seeking to for some reason bring us down. Two things I learned, never realized how many black slave owners there was in the South and that Hilary Clinton actually met Alinsky several times. That does explain some things about how Clinton is, she learned well.

  8. Etaoin Shrdlu

    “Fighting political correctness”? Please, all you’re doing is substituting “CONSERVATIVE” correctness for it. (And I put “conservative” in quotes because what you and D’Souza spew is NOTHING like historical conservatism. Great conservatives like Edmund Burke wouldn’t even waste their time responding to it. They’d just call the men with straight jackets to take you to Bedlam.

    D’Souza is a liar, an ADMITTED and CONVICTED felon. If Michael Moore made a film as laughable as this (and he’s almost as bad), you’d be condemning it as a waste of time. But because D’Souza is simply justifying and confirming your own ideology and prejudices, you praise it.

    I agree that America is not as “bad” as some of her critics claim, but neither is she as “perfect” as you and D’Souza pretend. The campaign of ethnic cleansing (and sometimes genocide) against the Indians happened. Slavery happened, Segregation happened. America was born with a massive act of hypocrisy: a document proclaiming “all men are created equal”, written by a man who’s meals were cooked by his slaves!

    Here’s the TRUTH: America has not always lived up to her principles and ideals (which set a very high standard, after all). That is her shame. BUT, she keeps trying, and gets closer all the time. That is her glory.

    Anyone who omits both sides of this story is telling a half-truth, which is the same thing as a lie. D’Souza is a liar.

    • Yeah, I read both your posts, and it sounds like you’re just someone who hates anyone who would dare to say anything bad about Ovomit and the libtard left, or anyone who dares to believe in America’s greatness, and that it can be restored.

      In other words, in case you don’t get it, you are responding exactly like a libtard troll. Did one of your keepers leave the gate to the asylum open again?

      • Etaoin Shrdlu

        Gee, and on what basis do you “deduce” that? Did I even mention “Obama” at all? No. As for the “libtard left”, I guess use of that term proves you’re a member of the “brain-dead right”.

        So, now that we’ve gotten the mindless insults out of the way, how about dealing with the SUBSTANCE of what I wrote? Why is it necessary to “white-wash” American history to prove how much you “love” her? Can’t one love America “WARTS AND ALL”?

        We just have a different view of what “America’s greatness” consists of. You (like D’Souza) think it comes from papering over or ignoring all the “minor” incidences where she failed to live up to her principles and ideals. I think it comes from recognizing those failures, BUT ALSO RECOGNIZING AMERICA’S CONTINUING STRUGGLE TO IMPROVE!

        So let me repeat: “Here’s the TRUTH: America has not always lived up to her principles and ideals (which set a very high standard, after all). That is her shame. BUT, she keeps trying, and gets closer all the time. That is her glory. Anyone who omits both sides of this story is telling a half-truth, which is the same thing as a lie.”

        Patriots don’t need to lie.

        • Well then, you are obviously not a patriot are you? It’s 18 days later, and after midnight when you answer, so it must be your way of trying to get in the “last word”. Well, it’s not going to happen.

          No, America has not lived up to her ideals. That is the fault of the liberals who have perverted what America stands for. We have a community organizer and an activist who enforce what laws they see for to enforce, and ignore others such as our immigration laws. We have an open southern border with thousands of disease carrying invaders coming in. We are involved in a no win situation in the mideast thanks to Bush, but Obama campaigned on getting out of the mideast and we are still there. But you would rather call portraying America in a good light “whitewash”. Instead, you would spray graffiti all over her. And don’t try to claim that you love this nation by its constant struggle to improve, we aren’t buying it.

          There is no “substance” to what you wrote. You whine about giving both sides, yet you only gave the negative side. At least D’Souza is pointing out the good in America, whether he is a felon or not. (Obama has committed more convictable crimes, but will never be tried on account of his pigmentation)

          You are complaining about a movie that shows America in a good light, and its about the only film that does so in recent times. You know damn well that the MSM, and Hollywood spend more time pointing out our nations flaws while ignoring the good she has done. This nation supports and keeps most of the third world from starving thanks to our foreign aid and our people giving to charities. We currently have two citizens who have contracted Ebola while in Africa helping the victims of that virus.

          My previous statement still stands; You don’t like America, what she stands for, or anyone who believes that her greatness can be restored. The beauty of this country is that if you hate this country, you always have the freedom to leave. So, why are you still here, other that trying to help destroy it?

  9. Angry White Boss

    Aw man! I missed out an a chance to see this, because I mistakenly thought it was an America bashing movie. :/ I just figured. A movie called America that wasn’t hidden away? Sitting right up there next to ‘Dawn of the planet of the Apes’ and ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’? I figured no good movie called America would have a chance of being up there. :/ Dangit!

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