AWD once had a conversation with an economics professor from Russia who teaches at a university in Dallas and was once a senior economic advisor in the Soviet Union. I asked him why he thought liberals in America cannot grasp or accept the tremendous economic failures of centralized governments and socialism? His reply:

“It’s easy to be a socialist in America. There’s always food on the shelves. The Soviet Union, a country that spanned six time zones, could not produce a light bulb!”

Last night, AWD saw Dinesh D’Souza’s movie “America.” AWD would rather French kiss Whoopi Goldberg than go to a movie theater anymore. But I wanted to see this movie. And I’m glad I did.

I must say, the first half of the movie was hard to watch. D’Souza personally interviewed anti-American leeches and socialists like leftist professor Noam Chomsky, professional black victim and Georgetown professor Michael Eric Dyson, fake Indian (casino, not call center) Ward Churchill, some La Raza idiota, and an Indian (casino, not call center) woman activist who wants to see Mount Rushmore destroyed because of the “genocide” of the white man on her beloved, peaceful Indian brothers. D’Souza asked them why they hated America and viewed America as a force for evil. The answers he received were what can be found daily in the Mainstream Propaganda Media. Rife with misinformation, overlooked facts, and outright lies, he calmly listened and asked them to explain their hatred of America.

The trailer shows many of these anti-American tools:

The second half of the movie kicked major boo-tay! D’Souza systematically disproved every single lie these anti-American wastes of oxygen spewed forth. The Indian victim of evil pale-faces overlooked the fact that Indians committed genocide over other tribes throughout history and practiced slavery long before creepy ass crackas ever arrived on the scene. He showed that black slave owners in many states equaled the number of white slave owners before the Civil War. He told how America won the Mexican War and took over the entire country only to give half of it back. That America won World Wars only to spend billions making their former enemies self-sufficient and trade competitors. Dinesh shot down every lie and exaggeration of the leading voices of the left.

The movie also told the story of the evil Saul Alinsky, his lies and evil methodologies to destroy America and exposed his most famous followers, Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary “Cankles” Clinton.

Dinesh also discussed and proved how capitalism has lifted millions from poverty worldwide. “America” exposed the stupidity and ignorance of the Occupy and Poop movement. It featured ridiculous speeches from anti-American leftists like multi-millionaire (but not evil 1%er!) Michael the Hutt Moore who was recently diagnosed with flesh eating bacteria and told he had only 112 years to live.

The movie gave AWD hope for America to continue as a successful republic when, as reader know, I have serious doubts for the viability of a united country.

The movie ends with this speech from rock star Bono of U2. I was surprised to hear this coming from a rock star!

There is a sickness infecting America. It’s called leftist ideology. American liberals are content to live comfortably off of the largess and goodness of the hard-working, patriotic American producer while cursing the mechanisms, morals and values that make it all possible. They are sick and they are evil.

If you have children, take them to see “America.” This movie should be shown in every school in the country. The systems put in place by The Founders are being distorted and maligned every day by dangerous leftists and their comrades in the propaganda media. Younger Americans need to understand that wealth is not pulled from thin air, but earned. And they must once again learn that America is the best thing that has ever happened to the world.

The movie made me think of Francisco D’Anconia’s “Money Speech” in Atlas Shrugged. Here’s a portion of the speech from the movie “Atlas Shrugged” and an explanation. You need to watch this!

Here’s the entire “Money Speech” from Atlas Shrugged. You definitely need to listen to the entire speech. You see, the putrid ideology of leftists is nothing new as the book was written over 50 years ago. Communism and slavery have been around much longer!


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