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Dammit! Alec Baldwin’s rant on homosexules got ye olde AWD worked up into a laher about how bad I loathe Progressive Insurance commercials and their wussification of American males! Every cat on a Progressive commercial looks like he has seen one up close before, if you know what I mean! Hell, it’s not only Progressive, it’s nearly every commercial or TV show that portrays the American male as an idiot or half-a-sissy! That sh*t ain’t right!

Probably the chart-topper on AWD’s all-time worst commercials list is this one from Progressive. The European shoulder bag one. Say no more.

First off, no man should ever own or be in possession of a man-purse unless he is a liberal or a “sensitive guy,” but I repeat myself. Another reason not to own one is man purses come from Europe, the birthplace of homosexules. Notice the docile, feminine way the wuss in the commercial speaks? He looks like he’s had his ass whooped by that pushy wife every pitiful day since he met her…which was probably at some Greenpeace event.

If AWD was walking by, I’d be more than tempted to lay an industrial strength, un-sanctioned inverted suplex on Mr. Poofter and tell him to grow a pair and speak up! Then I’d tell his b*tchy wife to go bake me a pie.

He should immediately tell that pushy wife there is no %&*# chance in hell he is going to carry some sissified, homo-looking, European girly man device! Then he should hammer-throw that sumbitch into the next county. Next year, she better find her little snotty ass in Sears buying some Craftsman tools or in a gun shop buying something that goes bang! Man purse! I get so mad I’m about to go heave my supa-manly 5.11 laptop bag (complete with a Glock 23 and spare mag, Kershaw knife and Fenix flashlight) into my redneck neighbor Neil’s yard across the street! Maybe I’ll crush his little ugly, yapper rat dog!

AWD hasn’t written much about these faggy commercials lately because they’re all the same. And they all piss me off! This country wasn’t built by sissies but it’s being destroyed by them! AWD is on vacation this week but just might have to cut it short and go blow up a few trees with some Tannerite to get calmed down!

European shoulder bag! Why I outta….!

Speaking of sh*t that ain’t right, goin’ down on Brokeback Mountain definitely qualifies! You’ll find a lot of European shoulder bags there. Hit it, Willie!



  1. The man purse is wrong. Did you know that Willie once told a reporter doing an interview with him that he didn’t think you should own that fancy AR-15 you have? Willie thinks only cops and the military should own those things. Good thing I don’t agree with him, I’d have to sell my Bushmaster. That pot huffing hypocrite won’t be among the living much longer though.

    • Michael, amen. Although I like a lot of his songs, that’s as far as it goes. He’s a “stone cold” librul and a hypocrite too imo!
      Ol AWD is right on the money about the male bashing commercials.

      My son has a Bushmaster and I have to get one when I can afford it.
      A mighty fine piece indeed!

  2. iron_mike_houston

    Willie’s song is great!

  3. Willie has always been wayyyyyyy overrated. Hank and Merle and Waylon and Johnny Cash are all way better.

  4. That being said, man purses are gay and there is a wussification of the American male going on. Right on AWD.

  5. Screw Progressive Insurance, the CEO is Communist Peter Lewis who is backed by Communist Soros , who backs Obama. The three Commigos. Flo is the brain dead beast that sells it. Progressive=Communism, buy American.

    • Deer Crusher

      You beat me to it Magnum. That company is Communist! If you know anyone that does business with them, tell them they are funding their own enemy!!

  6. Awd we need more Snickers commercials.

  7. when I see these male bashing commercials…..white male bashing commercials…..I make sure I know who “the company selling their product is” and I refuse to buy anything from those companies……..

    I found out the other day Ritz crackers was sponsoring Al “resist we much” Sharpton…….I found the Ritz crackers in my cupboard and they went promptly in the trash……….no Ritz cracker will ever cross my lips………ever again…..

    bash the white male and you can forget about me patronizing your store, your product, or having anything to do with what ever you are selling……………

  8. Spurwing Plover

    Remember back when they had ads where men were men like the AQUA VELVA one A MAN LIKE TO FEEL LIKE A MAN or when CAMPBELLS SOUP was producing those MAN HANDLER soups I get so i mute these annoying ads like the one with some idiot on his stupid bicycle sining some dumb song(cant remmber what the ad was about)or the misleading ads from ENVIROMENTAL DEFENSE about GLOBAL WARMING frankly i thinks their delberatly trying to make american men look like idiots by the usial bunch of nit-wits Waht to do is just dont buy or use their products

  9. Dude………I would like you to consider this piece-of-garbage for “Libtard of the Week”

    this dirt-bag has the damn gall to slur Sarah Palin by saying she needs a slave master to piss in her eyes and sh!t in her mouth………

    I’d like very much to meet up with this piece-of-crap……..I guarantee he won’t like me very much by the time I get through with him…….

    Martin Bashir………needs to be libtard of the week………….

    • If Bashir had any cajones, he wouldn’t want “someone else” to do his dirty work, but would do it himself. COWARDS ALWAYS want “someone else” to be their frontman. I’d sure like to see a video of him tryin’ to outrun her elk rifle’s projectile.

    • celebratehomogeneity

      What I find amazing is that the director did not just cut this man off in mid-rant. Yes, I KNOW it is the mainstream media. But to modify a quote from the 1950s, has no one in television have any decency? At long last, gentlemen, have you no decency?

    • if Martin Batshit and Sarah Palin got into it….she would kick his ass that god damn wuss……….

      Sarah would beat the living sh!t out of Martin Batshit… off his head and sh!t down his neck…………..

      I’d love to see her beat the living crap out of him……….

    • Who is this guy.. I bet both of his parents were nice guys

  10. All because the poofter is sporting a mini version of duderinos 5.11 laptop murse? Dang dude, there hasn’t been a man in an American commercial since the feminist movement took over the studios in the 70s, and Joe Namath wore panty hose in a commercial on national tv.

    And seriously duderino, you need to ditch that sissy 5.11 murse and get you a mans briefcase from saddleback leather.

  11. Calamity Jane

    If’n Mr Wussypants ISN’T carryin’ a 54 cal Dickert muzzleloader and IS sportin’ a leather bag over his shoulder that doesn’t have patches, balls, some bore butter, and a coupla’ flasks full of 2F and 4F powder, It is a purse!….(Bags carryin’ manly-type laptops with at least 16gigs of RAM and large caliber hand guns are the exceptions)

  12. Spurwing Plover

    The dumb yorurt ad froma few years ago in which while the whole family sits down toa meat and potatos meal their wussiepants son is on the back pourch eating yogurt

  13. I’m partial to the Does Equis commercials myself.

    “He once parallel parked a train.”
    “His mom has a tattoo that says son.”
    “His two cents is worth three dollars and change.”
    “He has won awards for his game face alone.”

    He is the most interesting man in the world.

  14. Not only are white males portrayed negatively, but there are now almost no white males in commercials. Anyone notice the proliferation of inter racial couples and families in ads and on TV? I guess the advertisers want the six percenters (negro males) to appear in as many ads as they do in crimes; 50%.

    • LOL Good point! Probably so.

    • The only white males in commercials today are portrayed as ignorant fools whose kids are smarter than they are, and who couldn’t walk out the door to go to work without a wife to make sure he hasn’t forgotten his head.

      My favorite commercial was the guy at a table drinking a beer, when a bull comes out and slams into him. But since the bros have taken over the malt liquor scene, you won’t see any of those ads any more.

    • celebratehomogeneity

      The one that tore it for me was the interracial couple, and their mulatto children in a Cheerios commercial. I am not some fire-breathing racist, but I DO draw the line at miscegenation and the promotion thereof. For the first time in the 60-some-odd years I have been eating solid food, there are no Cheerios in my cupboard, and never will be again.

    • celebratehomogeneity

      ” I guess the advertisers want the six percenters (negro males) to appear in as many ads as they do in crimes; 50%.”


      The advertisers are sniveling pants-wetters that do not want Jackson and Sharpton extorting them for “donations”. Pay up, mo fo, or we stand in front of TV cameras and scream racism.

  15. Diversity in TV advertising that was pushed by BET, NY Times and others. My take: “That ad is not soliciting customers from whites. Another product to add to the growing list of Do-Not-Buy.”

  16. More pandering from the likes of the NY Times:

    “The initiative comes at a time when advertisers have poured money into Spanish-language TV and radio in an effort to reach the growing Hispanic population. Black audiences, meanwhile, have largely been overlooked, despite projected buying power of $1.2 trillion by 2015, a 35 percent increase from 2008, according to the Selig Center for Economic Growth at the University of Georgia.”

    “At the same time, that audience is getting richer. Black household earnings grew 63.9 percent, to $75,000, from 2000 to 2009, according to a Nielsen study.”

    Proof that welfare is totally out of control.

  17. Martin Batshit…..lying-ass bastard…….needs to be “libtard of the Week”

    dude……hope you will consider this piece-of-sh!t “Martin Batshit” for libtard os the week………

    • I say let Sarah challenge this Fartknocker to a duel: mono y mujer.
      Not only will she beat his Gay ass into the ground, she will probably cut a trophy off his face.
      As far as the vile thing he said she should have done to her, if Lazlo was in charge I would sew him into the middle of a combination Chimp Human Chimp centipede, then set him on fire.

  18. I posted this before, but it is a good big post and bears repeating:

    This is now a world of sissies.
    What is society is doing to manhood?
    I will tell you.
    They are trying to De-Ball it. Right down to the spout on the coffee pot. They want a world full of sissies, that can’t fix anything, so they’re always buying new stuff. Stuff that you are told to buy.
    They want a world full of handout taking, no skills having, metrosexual girly men, incapable of independent thought, that comply willingly with doll house rules and turn their thoughts to fashion, instead of how to fashion a spear out of the bones of your enemies.
    The De-Balling of Men is systemic, insidious, and evil, and will lead to the downfall of the Human Race.
    Ten million years from now some scientist from the next star over will be squatting in the ruins of Human Kind trying to figure out how we lasted as long as we did.
    They will come to the conclusion that we self destructed.
    We shamed ourselves to death. We were running around being sorry for so many past ills that we had no time for survival of the species.
    Look at every commercial ever written since 1958. The man plays a chagrined, goofy oaf. He’s incapable of doing anything without supervision from black women, kids, dogs, other doomed sissies, and of course; his wife.
    Then there is the vast realm of the Little Screen.
    Look at The Professor on Gilligan! He could build a MRI machine out of Coconuts, but his liver turned to water whenever Ginger wanted something.
    Lazlo would have taught those girls the Magic of Barter.
    Look at the two Darren’s: sissies both of them. I’d be all; “Sam! I need another barrel of Hundreds!”
    Then they made Iron Eyes Cody cry when he saw trash on the road. In Lazlo’s commercial Indians would be all riding next to the offender’s car peppering the inside with fire arrows.
    Now they design lawnmowers so that you can’t even start them without being way back behind them and ten feet away, and sissy type guards so you can’t shoot tennis balls with any accuracy AT ALL!
    Try driving more than fifty feet in a new car without your seat belt. The bonging sound will make you crazy and you will tear out your hair.
    If there’s nine hundred air bags why do I need some harness? I’ll tell you why; they want you to sit there and be rescued like some girl.
    AND you’re supposed to wear a helmet while riding a bike now. An iron jockstrap maybe, but a helmet?
    Back in the Old Days you used your face as brakes, then you either died or you didn’t.
    Drive around and try to find a tree house higher than three feet up. I dare you. Precious Piper might break his gaming thumb, and even then they make casts so you can’t even draw stuff on them now.
    Then comes the insufferable outrage of Sissy Pour!
    Lazlo discovered this while getting yelled at. I go to pour myself a slug of Joe and I get coffee drips on the counter.
    Mrs. Lazlo goes ballistic.
    I wipe it up with my shirttail causing her to go into orbit all over again. I was trying to look contrite while internally drowning out her noise with Loyd Bridges Sea Hunt internal dialog when it came to me.
    See the way the spout on your coffee pot is shaped? It is DESIGNED to spill coffee all over the place if you pour in a manly fashion. You HAVE to pour like you’re at a tea party with a bunch of little girls!
    Like I got time to hang around waiting for the continents to move around while I pour myself a cup of Joe!
    If I wanted to stand around doing nothing all day, I’d get a job on a road crew.
    Lazlo grew up with an old blue enamel coffee pot that you could slosh out a quart of mud pronto!
    Try finding one of those nowadays. It’s either in a garage sale being sold by another former man giving up his last manly breath before drowning in the sea of sissiness, or in some rural store in the ‘Camping Section’
    Try bringing one of those home. Another night on the couch. It just doesn’t fit the decor.
    There used to be sense in the world.

    • Gary Nelson Harper aka Faux Libtard

      Is it considered fashionably ok for me to carry C4 in a Gucci bag this year? All my friends are using Donna Karan….

  19. and you will also notice it’s ONLY WHITE MALES that are being made fools of all the time in every commercial or show….

  20. imtoooldforthis

    These types of ads make it extremely hard for parents to teach their children that both sexes are equal in the brains dept. If an ad makes fun of women there is so much noise made that the ad gets pulled. When it’s men who are the target it’s the good old double standard. I see nothing wrong with a man carrying a bag but I can’t stand the way the actor has been made to act like a dumb a$$ sissy. I don’t have this insurance for this very reason. If a company has no understanding of how to treat someone with dignity in a commercial then they have no need of my business. If you can’t show respect for people in ads you sure as hell aren’t going to show any for them in a money situation.

  21. The vast majority of males in Progressive Insurance commercials are sissies, especially Flo’s henchman.

  22. Most of you are missing something. The ‘wussified’ man is white. In commercials he is always white. It is true that the American male is always showed as a blithering idiot but notice something else; usually he is not a black blithering idiot,…….he is always white. They show an office place in a commercial and the black male is usually the “boss”. He is wise and kind. THe women are all white and seem to be competent. However,….they picture the only white male in the office as an fool and incompetent. He is the ‘comedy relief’. As whites how long are we going to put up with these advertising agencies and their products. Commercials and some shows on television are always pushing race-mixed couples and it is usually a black male with a white female. You see this crap more and more. WHite people need to turn off television. WHo needs it anymore. It is a propaganda machine.

  23. carnac123

    I hate this commercial also but if one can find anything positive about it there is a white male in it (although he is a wuss). Most commercials I’ve seen lately have no white males in them; young or old. THey show a crowd of white women and the blond one has a black male standing next to her. No white men are represented. They show kids playing and all are white females and the male kids are represented by two or three negro kids flirting with the white girls. THey will show an office of white females behind their desks and the boss is a black male and is the only male in the commercial. THey will show a white woman driving her daughter home from school and, of course, she picks up a little black kid from school too (male) and he sits next to her daughter as she drives. Again the only male is black. If they show a SUV full of some woman’s white children; one of those kids is a black male. Where did that little bastard come from? If a white woman is standing in a commercial a black male is seen standing next to her. No white woman can be seen without a black male hanging around.
    I make sure I do not buy any product the commercials represent nor do I watch the television show they are promoting anymore. We all ought to do that. I also write the company and tell them my complaint of their anti-white male discrimination. Boycott television completely. Learn to live without it.

  24. I cannot wait for all you morons to die by accidentally shooting yourself, blowing yourselves up or talking this trash to the wrong woman/gay man/person of color. Hail Darwin Awards

    • And I love that the only politician I see you supporting is the absolute dumbest person in political power. Seriously, I question her having an IQ above 50, but that makes sense, you boys couldn’t handle a woman you felt was more intelligent than you.

    • Laura, lighten up a little. As for Darwin Awards, we don’t talk trash, don’t play with explosives and always practice gun safety. You picked the wrong crowd, little filly.


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