Dammit! Alec Baldwin’s rant on homosexules got ye olde AWD worked up into a laher about how bad I loathe Progressive Insurance commercials and their wussification of American males! Every cat on a Progressive commercial looks like he has seen one up close before, if you know what I mean! Hell, it’s not only Progressive, it’s nearly every commercial or TV show that portrays the American male as an idiot or half-a-sissy! That sh*t ain’t right!

Probably the chart-topper on AWD’s all-time worst commercials list is this one from Progressive. The European shoulder bag one. Say no more.

First off, no man should ever own or be in possession of a man-purse unless he is a liberal or a “sensitive guy,” but I repeat myself. Another reason not to own one is man purses come from Europe, the birthplace of homosexules. Notice the docile, feminine way the wuss in the commercial speaks? He looks like he’s had his ass whooped by that pushy wife every pitiful day since he met her…which was probably at some Greenpeace event.

If AWD was walking by, I’d be more than tempted to lay an industrial strength, un-sanctioned inverted suplex on Mr. Poofter and tell him to grow a pair and speak up! Then I’d tell his b*tchy wife to go bake me a pie.

He should immediately tell that pushy wife there is no %&*# chance in hell he is going to carry some sissified, homo-looking, European girly man device! Then he should hammer-throw that sumbitch into the next county. Next year, she better find her little snotty ass in Sears buying some Craftsman tools or in a gun shop buying something that goes bang! Man purse! I get so mad I’m about to go heave my supa-manly 5.11 laptop bag (complete with a Glock 23 and spare mag, Kershaw knife and Fenix flashlight) into my redneck neighbor Neil’s yard across the street! Maybe I’ll crush his little ugly, yapper rat dog!

AWD hasn’t written much about these faggy commercials lately because they’re all the same. And they all piss me off! This country wasn’t built by sissies but it’s being destroyed by them! AWD is on vacation this week but just might have to cut it short and go blow up a few trees with some Tannerite to get calmed down!

European shoulder bag! Why I outta….!

Speaking of sh*t that ain’t right, goin’ down on Brokeback Mountain definitely qualifies! You’ll find a lot of European shoulder bags there. Hit it, Willie!


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