AWD wants to say I am happy Barack Hussein Obama is our President! That’s right! I went and said it! Wanna fight about it?

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “FEMA has gone and kidnapped the real AWD!” You’re thinking, “the AWD’s gone plum loco from all that drunk blogging!” You’re thinking, “the Big Sexy has started drinking Perrier and getting mani/pedis while reading Esquire Magazine!”

Well, dudes and dudettes, nothing is further from the truth! AWD is still large and in charge! Getting my shooting irons ready for some hunting mañana. So rest comfortably knowing that this is the one and only AWD writing from parts unknown in an unknown part of Dallas in an unknown part of Texas.

Why would anyone as smart and sexy as AWD be happy Hussein Hopenchange is the President? It’s quite simple. Obama has screwed up everything more than anyone could have ever imagined! Obama has so failed that most Americans believe he is an enemy agent. Hell, I don’t think the damn KGB could do as much damage as Hussein over the past six years! But his massive failures finally caught the attention of the American people. At least, those of us who aren’t moochers on welfare.

Obama awakened responsible American patriots who had for years sat back and watched America go to Hell under the big spending wussypants Republicans! Obama took wasteful spending and national debt to another entire level! His $1 trillion so-called Stimulus Bill only stimulated the pockets of Obama buddies and did nothing for the American people except saddle us with more debt!

Middle-class tax payers finally awakened from the mind-numbing slumbers induced from years of watching American Idol and Dancing With The Stars and said “Enough! No more!” Face it, the people who pay the bills in America have been asleep since Ronald Reagan left office. It appears they have awakened from their slumbers.

Over the past six years, we have slowly watched the DemonRats turn into open socialists. We have awakened to find the Republican party has become the Democrat party of 25 years ago. Our taxes are too high, our government has borrowed and spent us into near bankruptcy and our current elected “leaders” want to nationalize every segment of our faltering economy. No one in Washington speaks of fiscal responsibility. Hell, no one even considers if the disastrous laws they pass are Constitutional anymore! Both Parties must be purged of lifetime corruptocrats who have lined their wallets while screwing the taxpayer!

I credit Barack Hussein Obama for fully awakening the sleeping conservative giant. Conservatives are angry and politicians are nervous. The Tea Party movement has brought millions of hard-working taxpayers off of their couches and turned them into political activists. In Fort Worth, six years ago Konni Burton was a housewife and a leader in a fledgling movement called the Tea Party. Now she is heading to the Texas legislature as liberal Abortion Barbie Wendy Davis’ replacement in the State Senate.

AWD is confident a President McCain or Romney would have kept us asleep with their moderate, Democrat-lite politics and their “reaching across the aisle” BS. American needed this generation’s Jimmy Carter to slap us in the face. And we got it…except worse! Barack Obama is so bad that his home state of Illinois elected a Republican Governor.

In the short term, Barack Obama is a disaster zone for America. In the long run, he is perhaps the best thing that could have ever happened to us, if we can elect conservatives to undo all his damage. With the DemonRats in Congress following Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid over the cliff of stupidity, the DemonRat party has kill itself for a generation unless Mitch McConnell and John Boehner throw them a lifeline. I have every confidence they will.

America continues to be a conservative nation. The socialist wacko now in charge now understands that Americans will not allow our country to turn into Venezuela. The wussypants Republican Establishment better get the message, too! Now that we’ve wrecked the Dims, we are coming for them!

So thank you, Barack Hussein Obama. Thank you for doing what no Republican could have done. You have awakened the sleeping conservative giant. Sometimes we must be in total darkness before we realize how much better it was in the light!

AWD hasn’t listened to Hussein’s Theme Song in a while. Let’s all enjoy:


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