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AWD wants to say I am happy Barack Hussein Obama is our President! That’s right! I went and said it! Wanna fight about it?

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “FEMA has gone and kidnapped the real AWD!” You’re thinking, “the AWD’s gone plum loco from all that drunk blogging!” You’re thinking, “the Big Sexy has started drinking Perrier and getting mani/pedis while reading Esquire Magazine!”

Well, dudes and dudettes, nothing is further from the truth! AWD is still large and in charge! Getting my shooting irons ready for some hunting mañana. So rest comfortably knowing that this is the one and only AWD writing from parts unknown in an unknown part of Dallas in an unknown part of Texas.

Why would anyone as smart and sexy as AWD be happy Hussein Hopenchange is the President? It’s quite simple. Obama has screwed up everything more than anyone could have ever imagined! Obama has so failed that most Americans believe he is an enemy agent. Hell, I don’t think the damn KGB could do as much damage as Hussein over the past six years! But his massive failures finally caught the attention of the American people. At least, those of us who aren’t moochers on welfare.

Obama awakened responsible American patriots who had for years sat back and watched America go to Hell under the big spending wussypants Republicans! Obama took wasteful spending and national debt to another entire level! His $1 trillion so-called Stimulus Bill only stimulated the pockets of Obama buddies and did nothing for the American people except saddle us with more debt!

Middle-class tax payers finally awakened from the mind-numbing slumbers induced from years of watching American Idol and Dancing With The Stars and said “Enough! No more!” Face it, the people who pay the bills in America have been asleep since Ronald Reagan left office. It appears they have awakened from their slumbers.

Over the past six years, we have slowly watched the DemonRats turn into open socialists. We have awakened to find the Republican party has become the Democrat party of 25 years ago. Our taxes are too high, our government has borrowed and spent us into near bankruptcy and our current elected “leaders” want to nationalize every segment of our faltering economy. No one in Washington speaks of fiscal responsibility. Hell, no one even considers if the disastrous laws they pass are Constitutional anymore! Both Parties must be purged of lifetime corruptocrats who have lined their wallets while screwing the taxpayer!

I credit Barack Hussein Obama for fully awakening the sleeping conservative giant. Conservatives are angry and politicians are nervous. The Tea Party movement has brought millions of hard-working taxpayers off of their couches and turned them into political activists. In Fort Worth, six years ago Konni Burton was a housewife and a leader in a fledgling movement called the Tea Party. Now she is heading to the Texas legislature as liberal Abortion Barbie Wendy Davis’ replacement in the State Senate.

AWD is confident a President McCain or Romney would have kept us asleep with their moderate, Democrat-lite politics and their “reaching across the aisle” BS. American needed this generation’s Jimmy Carter to slap us in the face. And we got it…except worse! Barack Obama is so bad that his home state of Illinois elected a Republican Governor.

In the short term, Barack Obama is a disaster zone for America. In the long run, he is perhaps the best thing that could have ever happened to us, if we can elect conservatives to undo all his damage. With the DemonRats in Congress following Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid over the cliff of stupidity, the DemonRat party has kill itself for a generation unless Mitch McConnell and John Boehner throw them a lifeline. I have every confidence they will.

America continues to be a conservative nation. The socialist wacko now in charge now understands that Americans will not allow our country to turn into Venezuela. The wussypants Republican Establishment better get the message, too! Now that we’ve wrecked the Dims, we are coming for them!

So thank you, Barack Hussein Obama. Thank you for doing what no Republican could have done. You have awakened the sleeping conservative giant. Sometimes we must be in total darkness before we realize how much better it was in the light!

AWD hasn’t listened to Hussein’s Theme Song in a while. Let’s all enjoy:



  1. Priceless…all of it, the song tops it off!

  2. Disgusted Caucasian

    Say it isn’t so AWD…you think the Dear Leader’s policies are a failure…really?? OLenin is not a blunderer, bumbler or a fool. His policies are working as planned…achieving job loss and adding to the welfare rolls. This man and his Politburo are right on target with what they wish to achieve. To see the dems as idiots and their policies as failed is politically dangerous. They must be held accountable for their policies. If they just “failed” then it is difficult for most voters to understand the dems true intent of taking a wrecking ball to America. This is a dangerous trend within Conservative circles and must be adjusted. The dems are failing at nothing…they are sinking the good ship America…exactly what they set out to do eight years ago.

    • Snake Oiler

      On target. Who will even attempt to repair the damage that Obutthole and his minions have brought on the country? Some things are irreparable, a good example being the two scumbag Supreme Court justices appointed by this prick.

  3. This is what hope looks like by Ann Barnhardt

    “So let me lay out some simple TRUE PREMISES, and then ask a follow-up question.

    A.) The constitutional republic referred to as the United States of America no longer exists. TRUE.
    B.) The Rule of Law is no longer in force in the former United States. TRUE.
    C.) The Constitution of the United States and the system of government it defines is therefore no longer in force. TRUE.
    D.) The body going by the name “United States Congress” has been rendered meaningless in praxis. TRUE.
    E.) National-level representative politics in the former United States is a completely false facade, kabuki theater, designed to entertain and mollify the masses who are of average intelligence, and to launder looted money and enrich the oligarch class. TRUE.
    F.) Given the reality of the true premises above, any person who holds or seeks to hold national-level public office is, by definition, morally, intellectually and/or psychologically unfit to hold public office (The Barnhardt Axiom). TRUE.

    Okay, so now my question. What exactly are you people agog about? Have we learned NOTHING? NOTHING AT ALL? It still hasn’t sunk in? Do you not remember the 2010 midterms and how that was going to put the brakes on Obama once and for all? DO YOU REMEMBER THAT? Yeah. And what did they do? Flip-all. Zippo. Nada. I don’t give a crap if the “US Congress”, both houses, are UNANIMOUSLY republican. What the hell does it matter? No. Stop. Stop and think. Answer the question, because it is not rhetorical. You tell me. WHAT DOES IT MATTER?

    Oh boy! I’m so excited! Now there are a few more psychopathic imbeciles and whores who wave the flag with the elephant on it who will do exactly nothing to stop anything that the Washington DC regime does. Run up debt, debase the currency and loot the Treasury to the tune of a TRILLION dollars per year? NOTHING. Dissolve the Mexican border? NOTHING. Run guns to and reform the islamic Caliphate? NOTHING. Sic the IRS on enemies? NOTHING. Actively attempt to bring viruses and plagues into the country? NOTHING. Aggresively force and promote a culture of sodomy and child slaughter? NOTHING. But the godless sellouts and larcenous hacks will all now, instead of capitulating to everything, suddenly stand tall and put their proverbial foot down! Really? And also the sun will rise in the west tomorrow morning. Give me a break.

    You can’t, you just CAN’T be that obtuse. The former United States is being run by a shadow regime, who has full power and control with ZERO check or balance. Have you not been paying attention to ANYTHING that has happened for the past six years? The former U.S. is being run by executive fiat, which is carried out by an ideologically purged and compliant bureaucracy, judiciary, military, financial industry and with a fully compliant media/propaganda arm. The executive is not Obama the man, who is less than nothing but a puppet front, but a Supreme Soviet of oligarchs. And I mean that literally. A Supreme Soviet of oligarchs. The Legislative branch is a troupe of very, very highly paid shills and cretins who, I’m sure, will perform their little hearts out for you. Hands will be wrung. Frowny faces will be made. Billions of breathless, personalized emails begging for contributions to their money laundering fronts, aka PACs, will be sent. Balance sheets will inflate by eight figures for no apparent reason.

    I’m sorry, but I cannot, in good conscience, engage in any sort of conversation or commentary that is not based upon reality and true premises. This is another way of “going along to get along” that I simply refuse to do. It is massively harmful to others to confirm them in their delusions or false premises. Just to be sociable? Just to be included in the conversation? Just to be liked? Nope. Can’t do it. Won’t do it. It’s a sin against Charity.

    Look, you can tell me about how the United States is “turning it around” when abortion is a capital offense and sodomy is recriminalized. You can tell me all about how the U.S. is on the road to recovery when there are people in the streets weeping and sobbing on their knees begging the Triune Godhead for His mercy and forgiveness for spending the last fifty years proverbially kicking God in the crotch non-stop. You can tell me about how there is hope for America when there are dead bodies of these oligarchs hanging from the lampposts after their trials and executions for crimes against humanity with full due process in accord with the Rule of Law.””

  4. Spurwing Plover

    Helped start the Tea Party and boost gun sales

    • Nostradumbass

      And proved once and for all that a black, homosexual druggie born in Africa, with a transgendered wife could be put in charge of demoralizing and destroying the American way of life.

      Rocco says it’s time to sing a long…

      I’ve Got a Pen Barry OTraitor

      When I’m down and troubled and I need a helping hand
      and nothing, whoa, nothing is going right.
      I close my eyes and think of me as prez and soon I brighten up even my darkest nights.

      Just like when Reggie calls out my name, and I know where ever I am
      I’ll come running to lie to you again.
      Winter, spring, summer, or fall, a few million Mexicans one and all,
      I have to do is call and they’ll be here, yeah, yeah,
      I’ve got a pen.

      When the sky above you should turn dark and full of clouds
      and that old north wind should begin to blow,
      We will chant “Climate Change” together and I’ll pull out my phone.
      Soon EPA will be knocking upon your door.
      Just like when Reggie calls out my name, and I know where ever I am
      I’ll come running to lie to you again.
      Winter, spring, summer, or fall, a few million Mexicans one and all,
      I have to do is call and they’ll be here, yeah, yeah,
      I’ve got a pen.

      Hey, ain’t it good to know that I’m my only friend? People can be so cold.
      They’ll hurt you and desert you. Where I’ll only take your soul if you let me,
      oh yeah, so trust completely.

      Just like when Reggie calls out my name, and I know where ever I am
      I’ll come running to lie to you again.
      Winter, spring, summer, or fall, a few million Mexicans one and all,
      I have to do is call and they’ll be here, yeah, yeah,
      I’ve got a pen.

      Ain’t it good to know, good to know I’ve got a pen?

  5. I’m thankful that Barky 0b0la has reminded this younger generation……

    what a total failure the last far left progressive/socialist democRAT President (aka Jimmah Carter) was like……

    even Bill Clintoon seems a centralist compared to these two (2) clowns.

    and thankfully Barky will serve out his two terms and we’ll be done with him.

  6. Today’s Liberal-Socialist-Marxists-Islomofascists-Democraps are so far removed from the Democrat Party that our grandparents and parents knew and belonged to, that they are unrecognizable. So is the United States of America. If Omohamid hadn’t been twice elected, this country would have still moved towards the socialism that Liberals have been advancing for decades. The inept Olazyboy Reign of Stupidity has moved things further and faster than Ms. Clintoon would ever have dared. Most of America has seen the future and has rejected it. The Lyndon Johnson Great Welfare Society has expanded far beyond anything ever imagined by any Marxists-Leninist during the 1930s. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are not Scoop Jackson or Helen Gahagan Douglas. Obumbler has done us a great service. Now we will see if we can restore our Republic.

  7. Spurwing Plover

    I see where members of the exteremly stupid jackass party(Demacrats)want obama to ignore the 22nd AMENDMENT and run a 3rd term. Just typical of a party that hates the U.S. Constitution

  8. Snake Oiler

    On Wednesday, Republicans seized control of the Senate. What’s more important, women regained control of reality.

    It’s been a rough few decades for feminism. They began by freeing women from the shackles of domestic oppression, and wound up handcuffing them to careers until they had no hope of ever achieving domestic bliss. The movement’s heart was in the right place. A woman shouldn’t have to sit at home with the kids if she wasn’t meant to. Unfortunately, the vast majority are meant to, and preventing that from happening has left them miserable.

    There is a new feminism on the rise, however—one that’s marked by the belief that women don’t have to be men to be happy. The American Enterprise Institute’s C.H. Sommers calls it “factual feminism.” These commonsense feminists deny they are being oppressed. Instead of complaining, they embrace their beauty, their innate ability to nurture, and the wonderful gift that is childbirth. Many have careers now but they don’t scoff at the housewife. They recognize her family as the backbone of Western civilization. This week America confirmed their beliefs.

    This election marked the end of the assumption that murdering an unborn baby is empowering. Young women today can see their big sisters crying into their pinot grigio because they’ve become too old to find a man. After years of Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter stating obvious facts about single mothers and the importance of a family unit, the truth has sunk in. Malkin and Coulter haven’t changed their views, but the perception of them has gone from radical “trolls” to mainstream pundits.

  9. Spurwing Plover

    Many in furguson brace for the worst over the Darren Wilson verdict which in anyway the black thugs in Furguson all need deported from america and screw the UN HUMAN RIGHTS SCUM SUCKERS

  10. The guys were all at a deer camp. No one wanted to room

    with AWD, because he snored so badly. They decided it wasn’t

    fair to make one of them stay with him the whole time,

    so they voted to take turns.

    The first guy slept with AWD and comes to breakfast the next

    morning with his hair a mess and his eyes all bloodshot.

    They said, “Man, what happened to you?”
    He said, “AWD snored so loudly, I just sat up and

    watched him all night.”

    The next night it was a different guy’s turn. In the morning,

    same thing, hair all standing up, eyes all bloodshot.

    They said, “Man, what happened to you? You look awful!”
    He said, ‘Man, that AWD shakes the roof with his snoring.

    I watched him all night.”

    The third night was Fred’s turn. Fred was a tanned, older cowboy,

    a man’s man. The next morning he came to breakfast bright-eyed

    and bushy-tailed. “Good morning!” he said. They couldn’t believe it.
    They said, “Man, what happened?”He said, “Well, we got ready for bed. I went and tucked

    AWD into bed, patted him on the butt, and kissed him

    good night. After that, AWD sat up and watched me all night.”

  11. Here’s a remarkable little writeup from AgrarianBarbarian over at Takimag…

    The American public self-identifies as:
    35% conservative
    15% liberal
    50% independent or moderate
    If live in America and actually talk to people, you know that the self-identified “moderates” are almost all politically illiterate and / or disengaged. A simple, voluntary civics test weeds them out.
    That leaves the other 50%. SO, what you end up with is, despite being allowed to vote, leftists would have almost no real world power.
    Of course, this doesn’t matter. Our problems are cultural, not political. Once a polity has gone decadent, its just a matter of time. You could bring George Washington, Charlemagne and Cato back from the dead to run things, and it would still go to hell.

    Plus a short video of a rumble in a Philadelphia McDonalds featuring…

  12. I saw this at IOTW report………

    “Rubbing Tear Salt in the Dem’s Wounds”……..

    too bad I don’t/can’t copy and paste the image here…….it’s worth a thousand words.

  13. maybe the electorate has woken up….at least some of them have……how many and for how long remains to be seen…….but I do blame the electorate for electing Shitstain in the first place……everyone of us knew this bastard was a Marxist right from the get go……we knew he waqs a total fphuck-up…..and that his transformational plan was really a blueprint for destroying the country and turning us into a third world sh*thole…..just to keep his dhimicrat cronies in power and nullify White-America……..

    I blame the electorate for Barack Shitstain Ebola………at least white America has woken up or at least some of white America has…….Black America is still under the thumb of the plantation dhimicrats…..the dhimicrats still own them hook line and sinker……don’t for one minute think that a small handful of blacks in Chicago complaining about their economic conditions are going to change a damn thing for the blacks… won’t…..the blacks voted in record numbers this midterm and voted just about 100% dhimicrat…..and so did the Spics……100% for dhimicrat candidates…….

    the Blacks and the Spics haven’t learned a god damn thing with Shitstain as president…..they’re just as dumb and stupid as they have ever been……it was the white male that beat the hell out of the dhimicrats at the polls this past midterm……..and a few white women……..but make no mistake about it the dhimicrats are not going away……

    we must stay vigilant…….our problem now is the establishment republicans……they are going to try to destroy us conservatives….make no mistake about it…….they are our enemy now…..the enemy of the country………..

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