Dudes and Dudettes, AWD has talked himself into spending the cash American to buy hisself a suppressor for my new SWAT Firearms AR-10. Need your help!

I believe that the .308 is the perfect rifle for Texas. AWD hunts piggies and deer in the Lone Star State. The .308 caliber works nicely on both of those. But AWD hunts where there are many, many piggies that run in packs. I’d like to be able to pop more than one rather than watch them all run off after I shoot the first. Ergo, a suppressor on my new AR-10 would enable me to sit back a hundred yards and quietly take out numerous piggies in silence for ye olde AWD smoker. You haven’t tasted good pork until you’ve eaten a sub 120 pound natural sow. No steroids, no chemicals. Just natural pork. Goodern’ hell!

So, AWD is prepared to plop down the $200 tax to the feds for my right to own a suppressor. But AWD don’t know jack about which are the better bangs for the buck. That’s where y’all come in.

If anyone can make any recommendations, AWD would be mucho appreciato. Most of the suppressors I’ve seen online cost as much as a good AR-15. But hell, I gots to have one, baybah.

I appreciate all comments and suggestions. Muchas garcias!



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