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John Boehner realized the damage he has done to America over his 25 year career in Congress. $19 trillion in growing national debt, encroachments on First and Second Amendment rights, out of control welfare entitlements, the exploding size, expense and power of the federal government, weakened defense, etc and much more during his watch as Speaker finally was more than his conscience could bear. So, in shame and a cascade of tears, he humbly resigned for the betterment of the country.

Nah, he knew he was going to be voted out as Speaker. So he quit.

In fact, the only way Boehner could survive as Speaker was with the help of the socialist Democrats in the House. Of course, there is no difference in Boehner and Nancy Pelosi so why would the Democrats care? But how would it look for a Republican Speaker to keep his gavel only because he’s as liberal as the socialist Democrats? Sounds like a certain Speaker in the Lone Star State named Joe Straus.

The conservative knives have been out for Boehner for a while. The problem has been the majority of lifelong Republican corruptocrats (do you hear me North Texas Congressmen?) who feed at the luxurious trough called Congress. By showing undying support for Boehner, they were able to get plum committee assignments where they could steal direct more money for their personal interests.

You’ll hear more from these worthless Establishment pukes in the next several days as they line up to be the next Speaker. Hell, it’s already started. Here’s Brylcreem spokesman Paul Ryan on Boehner’s announcement:

“John Boehner has been a great leader of the Republican Party and the House of Representatives. This was an act of pure selflessness. John’s decades of service have helped move our country forward, and I deeply value his friendship. We will miss John, and I am confident our conference will elect leaders who are capable of meeting the challenges our nation faces. I wish John and his family well as he begins the next phase of his life.”

Worthless RINO Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania said:

there was “a lot of sadness in the room” when Mr. Boehner made his announcement to colleagues. He blamed the hard-right members, who he said were unwilling to govern. “It’s clear to me that the rejectionist members of our conference clearly had an influence on his decision,” Mr. Dent said. “That’s why I’m not happy about what happened today. We still have important issues to deal with, and this will not be easier for the next guy.”

“The fundamental dynamics don’t change,” Mr. Dent said. “The dynamics are this: There are anywhere from two to four dozen members who don’t have an affirmative sense of governance. They can’t get to yes. They just can’t get to yes, and so they undermine the ability of the speaker to lead. And not only do they undermine the ability of the speaker to lead, but they undermine the entire Republican conference and also help to weaken the institution of Congress itself. That’s the reality.

“Now, if we have a new speaker, is there going to be an epiphany? They won’t be happy if it’s Paul Ryan or Kevin McCarthy, who will have to make accommodations with a Democratic president and the Senate constituted the way it is.”

“Will have to make accommodations with a Democratic President.” What a tool! That’s the wussified spirit that gave us a rising $19 trillion national debt, ObamaCare, the non-Stimulus Bill, etc. Eat sh*t and die, Charlie Dent!

Appeasement. That’s the hallmark of the modern Republican Party. The interesting thing is that it took videos of Planned Parenthood murderers bragging about dismembering viable human babies to sell the parts off for their own profit to get the Republicans to act. If there has ever been a stronger argument for term limits, I don’t know what it is! And the Republican Establishment still wants to fund Planned Murderhood with taxpayer dollars!

Rumor has it Boehner will stay in Washington as a lobbyist for the alcohol and facial tissue industries since he has vast experience with both.

As for his replacement, look for the Republicans to select another from the Boehner ilk. It will not be a conservative. And the next Speaker will continue to bend over while sobbing into his tissue while the Democrats drive it on home. Same as it ever was.

Meet the new Boo Hoo, same as the old Boo Hoo. That’s the confidence AWD has in the Republican Party.

Either way, it’s a great way to start the weekend knowing that Boehner will soil no more Kleenex as Speaker of the House. And for that, AWD weeps tears of joy.

Now it’s time to go turtle hunting in the Senate next door.




  1. as a parting shot…….there needs to be an investigation…..and a prosecution…..prosecute Boehner….

    one of the most corrupt and worthless politicians in the same vein as Hildabeast Rotten Clinton…..

    prosecute John Boehner for his traitorous lying-ass Speakership……….for his persecution of members of Congress who did not fall in line with his treachery……………..

    and now we have to put up with his parting shot at us…..the funding of Planned Parenthood………

  2. IMHO….only reason Boner resigned…..

    Boner’s only way to hold onto the “Drunkard of the House” was to use DEMocRATS….

    That would have been like throwing gasoline onto the conservative base…..

    Just maybe…. all the talk about Boner’s obvious drunkardness broke his will to hold on….

    Look for him to be a high priced lobbyist soon.

  3. McCarthy, whom the establishment republitards want as Speaker to replace Boehner is simply another Boehner in disguise and who will do the bidding of the behind the scenes republitard donor class…..the establishment republitards will simply replace Boehner with another one who will do everything he can to promote “republitardism”………..

    do not support McCarthy for Speaker……he’s just another rino waiting in the wings to shove a knife into our backs just like Boehner………….

  4. As a resident of Boo-Hoo’s district, I could not be happier. Good riddance. Let’s just hope we’re not jumping out of the pan and into the fryer. ..

  5. Since the house is nothing more than a toilet bowl of spineless Obama ass kissers …
    you can be assured another turd will float to the top of the punch bowl to be named speaker…..

    we need a good flushing and cleaning out of that toilet…..but the corrupt protect the corrupt….so look for nothing to change…

  6. Spurwing Plover

    Cry me a river Boehner you and the rest of the political hacks are ruining this nation you need to go

  7. MM from Georgia

    Bluto and Mark Levin are right – RINOs have replacement parts and an unspoken guarantee that not much will change. These people are just glad to be there, too comfortable. Trump shakes ’em up – good. McCarthy will be no different from JB. A reporter asked Boehner a couple of years ago if he thought Obama was a socialist. Good question.
    Oh no, emphatically said JB, no socialism there. Boehner gets along by going along. The turtle in the Senate is just as bad as Boehner. When I see the turtleman I see a resemblance to Edward Andrews, the old character actor. Turtle is slimmer. These characters sold us out last election in record time. They hate those who voted for them and love the Demos, who would never vote for them. Life is crazy. Keep fighting.

  8. Believe it or not,…when Boehner was first elected to Congress, he was considered a “young Turk’ character. He was very conservative. Look what longevity in that cesspool has done to him (and others). The money people give a little here and a little there. Democrats will try and blackmail and lie about you if you do not follow the NWO line. They use their press and media to attack you. You see people all around you getting money from God knows who if they only vote yes on this or do not show up to vote on key votes. Easy money (and a lot of it) in contrast to ruination. Easy choice. THe companies so eager to give to your campaign now want their payback. You owe them. I am NOT saying Boehner was or is on -the-take. I am saying we know those things have happened to others. I don’t know what made Boehner loose his zeal but it seems that he did. Now he seems to do Obama’s bidding. One of his major mistakes/projects (who knows which one) was to get the Pope to the US before the next election. Unless his brain is so riddled with alcohol it is just a frozen margharita….,he should have known that the Pope is a socialist stooge. I think he knew but I cannot prove it. The Pope coming at this time spouting his crap does nothing but help the leftist and may convince Catholics to vote left and not right like they usually do. Good work…..Boehner….you idiot. This proves he stupid or doing Obama’s will.

  9. I heard the news! And yes I had a good cry too.

    We may never know what unspeakable acts John Boehner has committed but his guilty conscious was always on display and ever ready to betray himself in tearful fits.

    He knew he was unfit for his responsibilities, and he knew he was morally challenged, and emotionally unhinged, and should have walked away long before now… If he ever really cared a damn about the republic.

  10. Good Bye crybaby.
    Get Jeb Hensarling to replace him and the Conservatives like me will be happy with this TEXAN!

  11. Boehner, don’t let the door hit ya in the arse, on the way out & I hope your fellow oath breakers will follow.


  12. It’s about damned time – as I read about this this evening, it occurred to me to find a song fitting this wondrous occasion; here it is, and it doesn’t really suck that much….


    Boehner’s list of accomplishments being a traitor.. helped the UNiparty to succeed in funding Obamacare, Planned Parenthood, didn’t do nothing to stop the Iranian nuclear deal from passing, betraying allies, helped to prop up ISIS…and brought the Pope, an evil socialist, global warming, One World Order shill to Capital Hill…

    I hope that he knows that he has a place in hell reserved for him.. and all his tears will not make his stay anymore comfortable!

  14. Billy Two Knives

    I was hoping the back shooting Cur would have gone out by dropping dead.

  15. Breaking news…..This just In from the Jigg Digg News Minute….

    I sent my ace reporter to interview Bohnner about his steppin down….here is his reaction…
    bout sums it it up don`t it..????

    have a great week-end all and stay safe…

  16. Jib bush praises Boehner and declares what a great Speaker of the House Boehner is……and the Poop’s visit was simply a capstone to his illustrious career……………

    now that Bonehead is out, Jib’s chances of becoming the republitard standard bearer becomes less and less by the hour………..

    Oh, how awful that Jib’s chances of becoming our standard bearer are going up in smoke…….I’m just so upset…………………

  17. since one does not have to be a member of congress to become Speaker of the House, or an elected representative, and the rules of the House permit anyone, any citizen, can become Speaker I am announcing my candidacy for the Speakership…………….

    that’s right, I am formally announcing my candidacy for the Speakership……….my first order of business will be to tar and feather and run every rino out of the House on a rail…….I can’t tell you what I will do to the dhimicrats it’s to obscene……..but I can assure you it ain’t gonna be nice……………..

    a vote for Bluto will be a nightmare for Obongo ………………….

  18. the meeting between Obama and Xi Jinping is a meeting between the world’s most powerful communist and the president of China………..

    Ted Cruz………

    he’s right on……………..

  19. The word on the street is that he was gutter crawling,snot flying drunk by 8Pm every day. I am sure the Dems had some dirt on him and used him at will.The question is who will be the next speaker ? A real conservative wont have enough votes to get there.

  20. I watched that entire segment. Harry Reid was more sad to see Boehner go than Mitch McConnell. That says something about Boehner…and it’s not good. Not at all. When their sworn enemies and those who are known traitors to the country praise Republican leadership, it’s obvious that the Republican leadership has been co opted and suborned.

    It’s almost as if McConnell has been hiding in a turtle shell for the last several years and has no idea what has been going on…he should step down too.

    This shakes things up a bit. Trump no doubt is planning something. While the establishment RINOS’s and Snarly snap at one another s heels and hurl insults at Trump.

    • Consider this:

      Trump’s popularity is a symptom of the dissatisfaction with current establishment politics. People who cannot see below the surface blame Boehner and McConnell for all the problems. We see the whole problem of the establishment at large. Trump sees this too and I expect Trump to acknowledge “yeah, it’s an improvement, but there’s still a long way to go to Make America Great Again!” (Honestly, I think Trump should expand his slogan to add “And to Make Americans Great Again” but that may be too naitonalistic for some people to handle and possibly a bit insulting depending on the spin people might make of it)

      But consider it. If the offensive leadership heads are removed, wouldn’t that be an establishment move to appease the Trump-voting masses? The Snarly Fiorina distraction will not last long to weaken Trump’s lead. If somehow people start to believe “the problem is solved” then they can resume their crooked politics as usual
      ….… right?

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