AWD gets a lot of emails asking from would-be posters concerning the criteria for posting articles on My answer is always the same. “Don’t suck!” Well, sucking is about the only thing the liberal newspapers of America do anymore. That’s why more people read AWD and conservative blogs in record numbers and have abandoned last century newspapers. Readers know on blogs they will at least find the truth and not mere leftist propagnda!

Liberal morons who have never done anything except worship at the feet of other liberal morons write for newspapers. They’re worthless turds who I really wonder if they believe the tripe they write. The whole newspaper industry has turned into a gigantic cesspool of douchebaggery and predictable drivel from libtarded hacks and tortured old hippies from the 60’s. Who wants to read that sh*t? Apparently, not too many!

AWD has never understood why shareholders in media companies have ceded half of the television viewing audience to Fox News? Want a bunch of mindless, liberal drivel? That’s found everywhere! CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC…take your pick! But Fox has a lock on the conservative audience even though few would call Fox News conservative these days. All leftist MSM outlets are fighting over the dwindling audience of mindless, liberal idiots. Ideology aside, that’s just plain bad bidness.

The newspaper industry is worse! The internet has basically killed print media. Why pay good money for a politically correct newspaper when one can go to the internet and find more honest, open news on blogs for free? AWD hasn’t picked up a newspaper in ten years! I subscribed to the Dallas Morning News when I first arrived in Texas but quickly realized it was nothing more than the usual politically correct claptrap of predictable liberal bullsh*t! I quickly cancelled my subscription to the DMN after a few weeks. Sure, I didn’t have immediate information to the latest rap group coming to town but you know what?… I didn’t give a rat’s ass for rap groups in the first place.

Editorial pages of major newspapers are filled with mindless drivel from over-educated, under-smart tools who have nothing to say except the the usual liberal talking points. Again, that propaganda is easily found on any number of mainstream media outlets for free. Why buy a newspaper to read worthless crap you can see it on TV for free?

Here’s AWD’s advice for the new owner of the Washington Post, Jeff Bezos. Don’t suck! Which means, don’t be a liberal hack! If you allow the same tools to write the same tired dog-sh*t, you’ll see your subscription numbers go down faster than Barney Frank at a University of San Francisco frat party. Fire all your predictable liberal hack editorialists! Hire some conservative writers who have the cojones to speak the truth. And not those who live in New York or Washington and are contaminated by the liberal, metrosexual, girly-man culture that infects those communities. Hire some real writers who walk it like they talk it! Even if you want to try and keep it fair and balanced (yeah, right), don’t hire libtarded writers from big cities in the East who went to Ivy League liberal indoctrination machines.

America is so much more than blue state, eastern hell-holes! And currently, the only readers of the Washington Post are libtarded turds from Ivy League indoctrination machines. Not enough to pay the light bill at the Washington Post, my friend!

AWD likes Amazon, Mr Bezos. I’ve bought a few Spyderco knives from Amazon. You’ve shown pretty good business sense over there even though you’re a big-government liberal. So do what you’ve done at Amazon at your new toy, the Washington Post. Give the people what they want! The people want more than just the usual liberal propaganda! We want you to report the truth. We want you to report on the massive black on white crime epidemic in America without insulting us by describing the attackers as “urban youth.” We want to hear how Obama has totally screwed up America and how we can get out of this mess. We want to hear from talented writers who are unafraid to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, no matter whose feelings it hurts! The truth, Mr Bezos, that is what we want. If you give us that, we will read your newspaper. If you choose to provide he same old same old, your investment will disappear faster than white girls in Aruba.

You should do what no other mainstream propaganda media outlet has done and capitalize on blogs. More and more Americans are turning off their televisions and reading blogs on the internet for their news. We gave up on newspapers long ago. You have the chance to resuscitate newspapers from their downward spiral into the toilet of history. But you must do something drastically different from every other newspaper in America. You must tell the truth! And you must reel in the 50% of America that would rather french-kiss Rosie O’Donnell than pick up the Washington Post. It’s that simple. Do you have the guts? Do you dare?

The choice is yours, Jeff. Be another leftarded hack and you’ll lose your ass on the Washington Post. Doesn’t matter to AWD either way. The paper you paid millions for is ranked the 342nd largest website in the world. But a little conservative blog out of Texas is ranked 88,000th. And it didn’t cost me anything except the monthly bandwidth costs and the audacity to speak the truth no matter who it offends! That is why the new journalism of blogs is kicking the ass of the dying mainstream propaganda media.

So once again, AWD offers advice you never requested but will save and further your investment in the Washington Post. Here it is: Don’t suck! Hasn’t the Washington Post sucked long enough?


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