In case you haven’t seen this, Ben Shapiro illustrates the perfect way to have a political argument with a liberal. Last night on CNN, he demolished the smarmy Englishter tabloid bully Piers Morgan. Don’t let Morgan’s hoity-toity (effeminate) Englishter accent fool you, Morgan is a tabloid thug who was run out of England because of his low class of “journalism.” Perfect for CNN.

We all saw Alex Jones attack Morgan like a wild dog on Morgan’s show last week. While I admit that it was fun to watch Jones dominate that sniveling, wide-faced libtard, I’m not so sure it was the best way to dismantle Morgan’s libtardedness on guns. Sure, who hasn’t dreamed of verbally bodyslamming a turd like Piers Morgan and finishing him off with a factual, unsanctioned pile driver on the concrete floor of truth? Yes, we can all dream. Part of me believes Morgan really doesn’t even care about guns, he’s only using the Sandy Hook shooting to get another handful of viewers. I guess one handful wasn’t enough.

In AWD’s opinion, there are two ways to destroy liberals in an argument. And, take my word for it, I’ve had verbal run-ins with the worst of them. First is to do as Ben Shapiro does and use logic and reason. Logic and reason are kryptonite to libs. Libs run high on emotion but don’t have the capacity to think. That’s why they’re liberals. The second method is to laugh at them. Scorn is a great weapon. And Lord knows libs give us enough to laugh at them.

Watch Shapiro stay cool, calm and not fall into the usual traps libs like Morgan, Chris Matthews and their ilk commonly use:

Touche, Ben Shapiro, touche! I love it when Shapiro rightfully accuses Morgan of “standing on the graves of the dead children at Sandy Hook,” Piers’ only retort is the half-hearted “how dare you!” Yes, he dares! And he’s right to do so! We’ve heard Morgan bully pro-gun guest after guest using the only tried and true method liberals have…name calling or feigned offense.

Shapiro took Morgan apart. He beat that Englishter varmint like a red-headed mule! Morgan could only then try to dominate Ben much like Alex Jones did Morgan a few nights ago with interruptions. Morgan knew he was outmatched so he used his position as host to filibuster and talk over Shapiro. In essence, he took the cowards way out. I’m sure that’s nothing new to Piers Morgan. It certainly isn’t new to his fellow ilk of CNN/MSNBC “talent.”

AWD wants to read Shapiro’s new book “Bullies.” It deals with the bullying tactics of the left. Which pretty much goes right along with the purpose of this blog. Here’s the deal. Once conservatives don’t allow themselves to be affected by the name calling of the left, we can move forward with real results. Isn’t it telling that the viewers of the mainstream propaganda media like CNN are now commonly referred to as “low information voters.” Even James Carville admitted it was the low information voters who reelected Obama. Just the type of excitable people who tune into Piers Morgan by the handful.

Congratulations to Ben Shapiro! Thanks for using the tools of logic and reason to dismantle that smarmy Englishter who has as much business talking about the Constitution as Michael Moore has talking about Weight Watchers. I think I’ll send Ben an AWD t shirt!


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