There’s nothing more sad than a has-been, old libtard trying to be relevant except for a has-been, old libtard trying to be relevant opening his pie-hole to exhibit his uber-stupidity! Randy Newman wrote another song you’ll never hear accusing Americans who won’t vote for Obama as being….tada!….RACIST! Sorry, Newman…Sharpton beat that horse to death a long time ago! Climb back into your hole.

Oh, how cute it is watching these tired old libtarded relics trying to get their names in the press one more time before they circle the toilet of who-gives-a-sh*t? Randy Newman was last known for….ummm….I know him from somewhere…ummmm….oh, I got it! He loves LA! Well, bless his heart, that song was amusing for a minute thirty years ago. And that was before LA became the capital of a dying state full of welfare-sucking illegals and worn-out D-lister songwriters. Really. Has anyone thought of Randy Newman since the 80’s?

Newman has written a new song (yaaawwwwwnnnnn) that accuses those of us who won’t vote for Hopenchange as being racist. Here are some of the lyrics. Warning! Leonard Cohen, he ain’t!

“He won’t be the brightest, perhaps, but he’ll be the whitest, and I’ll vote for that.”

Nevermind that white people elected Obama in 2008. And never mind that 96% of black people voted for Hussein, too! Newman can probably find an audience with Chris Matthews and the Society of Self-Hating, Elderly, White Idiots! Maybe he can get on Tingle’s show! Both viewers can watch!

It’s been said that crying racism is the weapon of those without an argument. I say it’s the argument of idiots! Newman conveniently overlooks that white people overwhelmingly supported black conservatives Allen West and Tim Scott in 2010. And Scott won his primary as a black Republican running against the son of Strom Thurmond in South Carolina. Those racist rednecks! Plus, Mia Love will win a House seat in lily-white Utah. Crazy-ass Mormons! What are they thinking? Oh, they’re thinking about ideology and not pigment! Pigment is the darling of the libtarded set.

Newman is as giddy and gay as a little schoolgirl because America elected its first black president. He says:

“No European country would have elected a black man. I can’t believe it happened. I think it’s fantastic, like a step on the moon.”
Actually, electing Obama was like a step into the Kremlin. And his presidency has been about as successful as the Soviet Union. It’s amazing how libtards focus on pigment while ignoring the major flaws in a deeply flawed President. But no one ever accused liberals of being smart. Newman certainly is proof of that.

AWD challenges Newman to write a song that criticizes 96% of black America that voted for Obama and will again in November. How many blacks have been interviewed and admitted to voting for Obama for his skin color. Samuel Jackson comes to mind…but he’s as big a douche nozzle as Newman. Yeah, Randy! Write a song about that! But, in Newman’s little fantasy world, only crackas can be guilty of….tada!…RACISM! Hell, AWD challenges Newman to write a song worth listening to!

Randy, like I said, you’re a little late to the RACISM party! You can try it but it won’t work. The vast majority of Americans who can think have decided we prefer a president that understands the economy, doesn’t create a nightmare situation in the Middle East, doesn’t shut down our energy production, doesn’t add $5 trillion in debt, doesn’t seek to redistribute earnings from producers to moochers, and doesn’t hate his country. We won’t care the color of his skin but we do care about the content of his character. I’m sure you have no idea of what I speak.

Oh, and Randy? Short conservatives will kick your old, libtarded ass!

Congratulations and condolences to Randy Newman for being AWD’s Libtard of the Week! Hell, I thought he had died 25 years ago!


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