As is my practice, I usually take a few days to digest the first emotions to write about any tragedy. I did it in the Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Baltimore shootings. There is generally much more to any news event aside from the initial reactions and “reports.”

I’ve seen many comments around the blogosphere from white people frustrated that the Charleston event has received so much coverage when it’s proven the Propaganda Media would not mention the tragic murders if a black or Muslim murderer had shot up a white Christian church. These frustrations are real. Especially when much more than 9 black lives are snuffed out by murderers each weekend in Chicago and other inner cities and receive not a word from the propaganda media. These murders are not covered because, obviously, the murderers are also black and commonplace. This is a racial double standard that has become de rigueur over several generations in politically correct America. Does anyone remember hearing anything on the news about Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome horrendous tortures, rapes, and murders on the news? Or the horrible tortures and murders of the Savopoulos family in DC at the hands of a black killer?

We certainly won’t hear anything from liberals who have a vested interest in stirring up racial hatred which drives black voters to the booth. Our President has a comment about every incident where black people are killed by whites or police but can’t seem to manage to criticize any of the skyrocketing black crime taking place in America. It’s telling and frustrating for whites.

That being said, the lesson we should learn from the Charleston murders is there is good in every race. The families of the murdered in Charleston have shown the true meaning of forgiveness and Christianity. They forgave murderer Dylann Roof when they were allowed to address him.

They are much better people than I in this respect. I would want violent retribution should anyone harm one of my loved ones. They forgave the nut job who killed theirs.

You need to watch this:

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Several times AWD has been chastised on this page when I mention that I have liberal friends. Sure, we may not agree on everything politically but we certainly agree on some things. And we can graciously respect each other’s views even if we don’t always agree. I believe I could go to that black Charleston church (or any black church) and be well-received. Or any white church. The people attending Bible study in any church are not causing the problems in America.

I’ve said it since this blog began, I don’t care what color someone is. I care what kind of person they are. AWD refers to himself as a “trashist” and not a racist because I don’t care for trashy people of any color. Are there a lot of problems that come from the black race in America? Crime data proves this so I am more cautious when passing a group of young black people in the street. Performance data in terms of education, illiteracy, illegitimacy rates, etc show that the black race in America has and creates many problems and needs to improve. But even though it’s a good probability that each of those black people killed in Charleston were liberal Democrats, they are not what’s wrong with America.

I believe that every single person who reads this page could have had a very enjoyable conversation and experience should they have ventured into that church. I know because I have had numerous polite discussions with my liberal friends of all colors and even religions. While the usual race-baiters like Obama and Sharpton are sharpening their fangs to extract their political capital from the Charleston murders, the families of the slain have set a beautiful example for us all.

White people are not responsible for the Charleston murders any more than black people are for inner city crime and murders of whites. Those responsible are those who commit the crimes. But those who sit in front of television cameras and in the White House don’t want to let that truth out. They have an agenda. Political power. Is it any wonder that George Soros funded the “protesters” in every inner city protest from Ferguson to New York to Baltimore? Even in McKinney, Texas.

God bless the families of the slain in Charleston and God bless the families of every victim of violent crime. Let us not take the bait of the Sharptons and Obamas of the world. Let us offer prayers for the families that have shown such class and Christian values during what must be the worst times of their lives. We can all learn a lot from this Christians in Charleston.

Let us dial back the vitriol and do a better job in giving those different from us more of a chance before we judge. Certainly, there are those who deserve our worst opinions and judgments. But our judgments should be because of their actions, not their color.



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