Atencion Dudes and Dudettes! You probably noticed something very different when you logged into probably the best website on the web net inter. Hell no! Not I Own The World, dammit! Them cats are Yankees! I’m talking about Angry White Dude!

If you aren’t drunk yet, y’all may have noticed the new industrial-strength, supa-sexy design here! It’s cleaner, better organized, and has all your latest right-wing extremist writings from the AWD corral of redneck, trailer trash writers for your indoctrination and reading pleasure!

We have also changed the tag line from “in defense of the most ridiculed and underappreciated being on the planet…THE WHITE MALE” to “Killing Political Correctness One Stupid Lie At A Time.” The other finalists for the new tag line were “Wanna Fight About It?” and “Would You Look At The Size Of That Thing?”

We changed the tag line because the page originally was developed to fight against how white males are treated and bashed in the media and general society. The first posts were about male-bashing commercials but the page has grown to discuss and bitch about so much more. AWD’s mission is now to destroy the intellectual poison of political correctness. Hence, the change of the tag line.

We are still getting some kinks worked out with the new theme but our developers are PLU (People Like Us) and working hard to get it all dialed in.

This is the fourth design for since the page began. Onward and upward. A whole hell of a lot better than downward and outward! If you have any suggestions to improve the site (shutting the damn thang down is not an proper suggestion!), please speak your piece or forever shut the hell up! I know there will be those of y’all who will bitch and moan and say “I liked it the way it was.” Well remember you half-a-sissies, y’all bitched and moaned when we went to the last theme too! So grow a pair, cowboy up, put down the moisturizing products and start liking the new theme! Wanna fight about it?


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