An anti-gun libtard writing about guns is like AWD writing about skin moisturizers! I don’t know jack about beauty tips (don’t need ’em, I’m naturally sexy) and libs sure as sh*t don’t know a damn thang about firearms. Except that guns scare them.

Enter Yahoo Finance writer Douglas A McIntyre. Doug is just worked himself up in a little ol’ tizzy about Beretta’s New Super Rifle. My guess is guns scare Doug, too. As does running out of lavender scented bubble bath. He appears to be a sensitive guy. Not much of a finance writer, but a sensitive guy.

Dougie’s first paragraph reads:

Gun company Beretta is tone deaf when it comes to calls for restrictions on powerful guns sold in the United States. It must be the chance to make money.

This is the first paragraph from a finance writer? It certainly doesn’t come from anyone who has been around firearms. You mean Beretta makes a new weapon to capitalize on the growing market segment of AR-type modular rifles and the finance guy exposes their motives for trying to make money? The audacity! Doesn’t Beretta know money isn’t created, it’s seized? As for tone deaf, President Hopenchange has sold millions of rifles in the AR platform so Beretta wants in on that action.

The next clue that Mr Moisturizer doesn’t know Jack Squat about guns is this sentence:

Regardless of its origins, the gun is unusually powerful.

Bwahahahaha! Yes, the Beretta ARX 100 in .223 is much more powerful than every other .223 rifle in the marketplace. Well, it does look pretty scary, huh Dougie? Probably has a 30 round “clip.”

Beretta refers to the weapon as “tactical semiautomatic rifle” in its marketing of the ARX 100. To this, Dougie writes:

In common usage, “tactical shooter” is one of the descriptions of video game features.t

I’m not even sure what the hell Dougie is talking about here but I think it means you can attach an xBox to the Picatinny rails on the ARX 100. Can you imagine the fun of blasting hogs in the woods while playing a mean game of Nazi Zombies on xBox Live! Love me some technology! And to think AWD has only attached flashlights and red dot sights to the rails of my AR’s.

But all this comes at a price. Dougie warns us ” the ARX100 is reasonably priced at $1,950, which does not include bullets.” Like any gun comes with ammo! Buying a gun isn’t like buying beauty products, Dougie. It’s not like buying a jar of apricot skin lotion encrusted with jojoba emollients and getting a free Hello Kitty lip gloss set at Blood, Bath and Beyond.

Looking at the new Beretta ARX 100 makes AWD want one of those bad boys more than Dougie wants to bite his next pillow. It’s a good looking rifle but I’m in the market for a .308 (look it up, Dougie) for hunting pigs and deer this fall. And nearly 2 big ones is a lot to pay for an AR15. In AWD’s opinion, the .308 in an AR-10 package is the perfect Texas gun. Even if I can’t strap an xBox to it! Yet.

So a final message to Dougie and all anti-gun libtards. STFU and stop displaying your utter stupidity when it comes to guns. You only make yourself look more pathetic with your stupid rantings. Oh, and stay in California! Happy moisturizing!

Here’s a review of the AR:

Beretta, feel free to send AWD an ARX 100 for my own rigorous testing processes!


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