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Yesterday, ridiculously moronic Hollywood leftists, male-hating lesbians, professional Soros-paid protesters and assorted hideously ugly females (I think) joined with middle class socialist female brats across America to protest….something! Oh, wait! Women’s rights! That’s right! They demand women’s rights! There was more crazed estrogen in these events than at a Michael Moore fight club with an all-male Hollywood actors membership.

Today, DrudgeReport ran the Women’s circus as his lead with title: I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar. Should have read, hear me bore. Because the whole cluster you know what was nothing but the same mindless political correct BS we’ve come to expect from the left.

The event was filled with the usual idiots spewing stupidity and saying nothing. They got so worked up you’d have thought President Trump (I love how that sounds!) himself was making his way through the crowds grabbing them all by the p***y.

The aged, haggard pop singer Madonna spoke to the crowd and said:

“Welcome to the revolution of love, to the rebellion, to out refusal as women to accept this new age of tyranny, where not just women are in danger but all regionalized people. Where being uniquely different, right now, might truly be considered a crime.”

She later said she thought about blowing up the Trump White House. So much for the revolution of love.

Madonna did not explain how women are in danger. Perhaps she meant women were in danger from Muslim refugees brought into America under Imam Hussein’s rule. No, I don’t think that’s what she meant. I don’t believe she knows what she meant. She’s Madonna after all. If she ever had an original, sentient thought, it was lonely.

But she did go on to say:

“It took this horrific moment of darkness to wake us the f*** up.”

Now you can all please go the f*** back to sleep. This is liberal politics and the damage it does to those who marginally can piss and hit the ground on an intellectual basis.

Where the damage is really done by this theater of stupidity is the number of middle class socialist brats whose parents have not done their job in teaching them to think for themselves. AWD saw many young women who have grown up in stable homes, are college educated joining hard-core leftist political operatives saying Trump would snatch up (probably not the best word usage there) their rights and seize their rights! Much like Muslim women who get killed by their families for walking unaccompanied to the mailbox. Interesting how the women marching didn’t protest for the rights of Muslim women. The truly oppressed women of the world. But that would have been Islamophobic. Better to scream straw man arguments loudly to the monumentally stupid of America.

And American women wonder why American men won’t have anything to do with them outside of slam and bam?

This country is full of stupid and it will take years of dedicated work to unscrew the minds of young people who are indoctrinated in public schools, universities, by media programs, Hollywood, etc. Parents don’t teach their children to think. They have not guarded the impressionable young minds of their children as they were indoctrinated into false leftist ideologies.

We need to get to work and fight leftist lies at every turn! Or the alternative is our daughters and granddaughters to be Madonna. And who could stomach that?



  1. share this folks as mush as you can Trump Haters are supporting women march but its actually anti trump nothing to with Women. Woman rights is not only connected to Trump ?why not a single reference by the muslim women who were in the rally about their men specially in muslim countries like Saudi Arabiya Isis controlled syriya,iraq,and radical countries where who rape women, sell, stone. them, marry even 8 years old, make them slaves,kill.if they don’t obey,marry multiple women and divorce at will ,not allowing to educate women ,not allowing to dress how ever they wish not even allowed to drive or go out of their house Honour killings sold under the Shariya law.Throw acid on three faces for going against their wishes. Muslims hate Gays and toss them over buildings recently many were killed in many gay clubs across the USA and the western world but The Gay community loves muslims and don’t user a word against them .Many noticed that there were no such signs message of sins committed against women Its so funny as if all these sins were done by one man our legally elected President ?We never heard him doing all the above sins.Our women took the bait and fell for it without addressing the real affected women issues arab money was involved and muslim jihadi women were organizing the march.Its a shame

  2. these hags can stick their “hippie” look up their perverbial asses…..or their wazoo’s……..which ever you prefer……….

    what a bunch of rags……..these skanks are just out looking for trouble……men haters, every last one of them…….

    that hippie look……how disgusting…..they look like dirty rags……..they look like dirty rags because they are dirty rags……..

    just a bunch of skanks trying to make like they’re important when they don’t matter worth a shit………

  3. Quartierleblanc

    I have called their little demonstration the hairy legged women march. It was vastly entertaining. Of course they will forget that the same tactics can be used against them. This is really nothing more than a temper tantrum for losing the election. The left wing MSM is feeding off this not realizing that what’s left of their reputation is in the toilet. Personally, I can’t wait for the suicides. You know it’s coming.

  4. Read that John Kerry was in attendence, he fit right in.

  5. Steven VanderMolen

    What a bunch of clowns! What’s REALLY disappointing is all of the pansy men?!? that were there.

  6. They called it a women’s march, but it was only for women who shared the same thoughts and beliefs as they do. That means they are the women who hate Trump and are not one of the 3 million women that voted for the man as I did. Way to be open. Way to be accepting. Way to NOT represent all women. Marching and chanting and wearing a pink vagina hat isn’t going to change a damn thing. In fact, it’s going to do just the opposite. Trump won, get over it and also give him a chance. The Country needs UNITY not more HATE. And all this does at the end of the day it divide us further.

    If you want to impress me, especially in regards to women, then speak on the real injustices and tragedies that affect women in foreign countries that do not have the opportunity or means to have their voices heard. Especially in Muslim countries where women are treated worse than dogs.

    When women in America get together and whine that they don’t have equal rights they had the same opportunities to stand for women’s rights over the last 8 years and yet you did NOTHING! So stop giving me the message that you are supporting ‘my rights’ when I don’t stand with you.

    And what really get’s me is how stupid these women are. These women protesting against Trump who has done nothing to their rights as women are being led by a Muslim who believe’s in Sharia Law. Under Sharia law they would lose all those rights as being women.

    • We may be misinterpreting this whole thing. These women may want to be treated like dogs just like their beloved Muslim sisters. They are supporting what the Muslims do to their women so they must want the same thing for themselves.

  7. It’s impossible for me to get angry at a bunch of batty broads having nationwide public hissy-fit, and I’m glad to see most on our side laughing the whole thing off. It’s too ridiculous to be worthy of our rage or even well placed counter-arguments. They don’t even know why they are marching.

  8. Quartierleblanc

    What was telling was the huge amount of trash and abandoned signs that were littered all over the streets. Very little on the MSM about this. What pigs.

  9. It looked like Pigs on Parade. I have to wonder if Horn Dog Bill would top of any of them

  10. I saw an article about this Women’s March…..

    that claimed that the March had been planned months ago…..

    and was originally planned for Hitlery’s Coronation…..

    but morphed into an Anti-Trump45 March when Hitlery lost…..

    anyone else seen that?

  11. You’ve got to hand it to President Trump.

    He got more fat women walking in 24 hours than Michelle Obama managed in eight years…..

  12. Goober Lumpkins

    It’s a darn shame the women of Syria can’t hear Madge give her speech live and in country. I could see her do mini tour to include Yemen , Sudan , Liberia and Pock-e-Stan wearing her like a virgin outfit.

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