Update: Antifa Attack on Sam Houston Statue a Troll Job? Or Still Going to Go Down this Saturday, 6/10?


Update June 7, 2017:

Thanks to astute commentor Brad, there are reports that this is a troll job. To what end? Who knows. Here’s one such report from the Houston Chronicle:

EDITOR’S NOTE: In the wake of the story below reporting on the nightmare scenario of the beloved Hermann Park-area Sam Houston statue being under fire from an anti-fascist group, a few more details about the individuals behind the Facebook page were uncovered. Originally, this event and controversy was covered in a tongue-in-cheek manner, which was probably lost on a few people. Texas Antifa is not a real group of radicals looking to get ‘ol Sam taken down, but an alt-right troll job. This was brought to our attention by a reader and further clarified by the Houston Press’ Craig Malisow on Thursday. Texas Antifa is not affiliated with any real anti-fascist groups that might exist in Houston, and simply made the event page and Facebook group to point and laugh at the rash, unpopular opinions of a hypothetical group of people. All that matters is that Big Sam isn’t going anywhere and faithful Texans can rest easy on June 10. The only thing of note happening on that date near the statue might be some engagement photos and a few family picnics.

Now, I have it on (AFAIK) good authority that, troll job or not, there will be a show-down this Saturday (same time/place indicated below) between antifa and the anti-antifa: i.e., intelligent, healthy, sane, and noble white men. I.e., whether this was meant to be a troll or not, it has taken on a life of its own. So, while I will report, I leave you to decide.

But I will say this to any antifa who may be reading: You wanted a revolution? Well, shoulda been more careful about what you wished for.

Original article:

You may recall Pat Buchanan’s recent article asking, “After the Confederates, Who’s Next?” Well, here’s your answer:

A little birdy told me that antifa are planning a demonstration around the statue of Sam Houston at 5555 Hermann Park Dr., Houston, TX this Saturday, June 10th at 10 AM CT. The purpose, of course, is to continue their successful war against American heroes by expunging the White Man’s achievements from the history books–and removing all physical monuments to said heroes is a necessary component of that retconning.

The Texas wing of the American Vanguard will be there to meet said antifa and have a nice, cordial discussion with them about what might be causing their seething hatred of straight, white, cis-gendered men. I would highly encourage anyone in the vicinity to join them for this civil, open-minded sharing of ideas and opinions with antifa.

Texans, it’s time to put your balls where your bravado is.

Again, here are the details:

  • Saturday, June 10, 2017, 10 AM CT
  • 5555 Hermann Park (statue of Sam Houston), Houston, TX


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