Weeee-uuulll. Remember Antoine Dodson of the Bed Intruder case? He left a message to the Bed Intruder that he would one day get him because he left his t shirt and fingerprints in the bed of Antoine’s sister while trying to rape her? That bed intruder was dumb. He was really dumb. For real!

Here’s the news report from that fateful evening in the projects of Lincoln Park in Huntsville, Alabama.

Antoine’s impassioned interview spawned this chart-topping music video:

Weee-uuulll, it seems Antoine’s dream has come true! The Bed Intruder hisself has been located and has accepted a challenge from Antoine for a boxing match. Antoine is still understandably upset by the “idiot” who tried to rape his sister in the projects.

The promoter of the match has posted a video of the weigh in and face off between Antoine and the Bed Intruder. Things did not go well.

One thing Antoine wants the Bed Intruder to know is “it is what it is.” That has to be somewhat disconcerting for the Bed Intruder. However, Antoine’s weak-ass punch at the Bed Intruder must have the Bed Intruder counting the seconds until he climbs into the squared circle with Antoine. Antoine’s manicurist could throw harder punches that that!

Be that as it may be, AWD is glad to have Antoine on the side of truth and justice! Women across America…well at least in the projects of Lincoln Park, can rest easy knowing that Antoine will not suffer any bed intruders climbing in their windows and snatching their people up. They will no longer have to hide their wives, kids and husbands. So go and tell that, homeboy!

Thank you, Antoine! Thank you for what you do! For real!


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