Is There Anyone Bill O’Reilly Hasn’t Hit On?


top left: Jehmu Greene  center: Caroline Heldman

top right: Perquita Burgess  bottom: Kirsten Powers


You really have to ask yourself that question especially with all the roaches/parasites/women coming out of the woodwork over at Fox News who now just happen to recollect something Bill “may” have said to them at some time in the remote past. However, with Fox giving out “free money” to just about anyone making a claim, then what the hell. That’s the American way right now. I’m astounded that he was able to even do a newscast with all the action he was trying to generate. It wouldn’t surprise me if somehow they find Sister Mary Elizabeth who taught O’Reilly in the 8th grade make accusations that he got a little frisky during a private prayer session in the back of the convent. It’s getting that ridiculous. Now several more women/bloodsuckers have come forward.

The one I’m most disappointed in is Kirsten Powers. Her allegations are quite old, however it didn’t stop her from appearing on The Factor for years.

Newsflash here Kirsten, without O’Reilly here’s where you would be? It’s called unemployed. Maybe if you were lucky you’d be news director at KIOU in an inner city crap hole, but that’s about it.

Lets face it, before The Factor you were, to put it bluntly “kinda plain.” You were squarely in “the last call for alcohol category.” Pull up a few of the before and after pictures and you’ll see what I mean. You looked like a younger version of Eleanor Clift and that is not a compliment. O’Reilly took you in and cleaned you up. He probably put you on an exercise program, got you some new clothes, makeup and a cute haircut. You even started to rock it a bit. Instead you’ve shown your appreciation by stepping on Bill when he’s down. You need to make this right and show him some gratitude as only a woman can. He needs you now. Call him. We know you have his phone number.

Next up the idiotic Jehmu “Shamu” Greene and her imbecilic claims. Hey Shamu, you couldn’t get a deaf, dumb, blind man with a bad meth habit to sexually harass you. Even if you offered him 10 rocks of his choice and five large in cash it wouldn’t happen.

However, Greene has walked back any sexual “her ass meant” claims to simple “harassment.” (Whatever that means) Shamu now says,” I think they (comments) were more of a power standpoint to put me in my place.”

I suggest that Shamu read her employment agreement. Her job IS to look stupid, say stupid shizer and then get put in her place. Did she really think she was the star of the show? If she had a half a brain she would have been elected Chair of the DNC.

Then there is Perquita Burgess. My initial reaction was who? Burgess worked as a temp at Fox and says that O’Reilly made horrible statements like calling her “hot chocolate” and saying “looking good there girl.” Did he say these things while wearing a white robe, pointed hat and burning a cross? Wow, I bet if Denzel Washington said the same exact line to her she would be on her knees in less than a minute. All of this from a culture that calls women bitches and ho’s without repercussions. Go figure that one.

Burgess went on to say the O’Reilly would grunt at her. Do you really expect us to believe this Perquita? The grunts were more likely from the guard/bomb/drug dogs that got a whiff of whatever you had going on the night before. The most plausible explanation was that you made the whole thing up for a little payola.

Finally there are the so-called “allegations” from socialist professor and failed political pundit Caroline Heldman. Her claims are as yet to made public. No doubt she’s trying to get the story just right from the maximum shakedown. My take on Caroline is that she’s a bit of a head case and was just terrible as a pundit. Bill knew it and gave some constructive criticism she didn’t like.

There is almost surely more to come. No doubt just about anyone O’Reilly has ever had a conversation with will look for the chance at a quick and easy check.

What does this all mean? It should be apparent that ANY male could be taken down with baseless charges that may be decades old and without a shred of proof. Our liberal PC culture has created this and the left is now using sexual “her ass meant” as a weapon to discredit and destroy anyone they feel is an enemy. The incentive is a nice payoff and a chance at fame. It failed with Donald Trump. It succeeded with O’Reilly. Look for the left to continue to use this technique in the future. It’s just another example of why liberalism is a mental illness and a pathway to societal suicide.












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