Has Anyone Noticed That The Orlando Shooting Was A Muslim And Gay On Gay Crime?



Do we really need to bring in Captain Obvious to look at the facts? I know that facts and liberals don’t mix well, but why don’t we examine the pertinent ones in relationship to this crime. If you watch liberal pundits and/or MSNBC or read liberal rags like the NYT, then you know the Orlando shooting has been blamed on the NRA, assault weapons, the GOP, white hate and the Christian right. You could tell the disappointment on the left when the killer turned out to be a gay Muslim radical. There was no right wing southerner with the first name of Bubba to point fingers at. Then the excuses began, all of which demanded a suspension from reality to believe. Indeed the insanity of the left runs deep and strong within their weak little minds. Did anyone see the recent clip of Whoopi Goldberg on “The View?” I thought Whoopi was going to finally blow the last gasket that keeps what brains she has left inside her skull.

But lets drill down to the facts. Omar Mateen was a MUSLIM. There’s simply no way to deflect or explain this away. He was born a Muslim, lived as a Muslim and died like a true Muslim martyr. He belonged to a mosque that had produced at least one terrorist. He also had a long history of expressing his violent ideas and claimed associations with terrorist groups. By all accounts, even to the end, he was consistent with these views and beliefs. To say that he was anything except a radial Muslim suicide shooter is beyond insanity. Then there are liberals and their excuses. The left, when queried with the fact the Omar Mateen was a registered Democrat either ignore the question or say stupid shizer like “he wasn’t a Democrat Democrat.” The lunatics are truly running the asylum as well as the MSM.

Then there is the other ugly fact that is being ignored and that this was a crime committed by a gay man upon other gays.

For disclosure purposes, I want the readers to know that I harbor absolutely no animosity toward the LGBT community whatsoever. NADA. NONE. I don’t believe as a group they should not be discriminated against or persecuted. Above all I don’t think they should be subject to any sort of violent retribution promulgated by personal beliefs involving a deity of any type. QLB is a peace-loving guy who believes in leaving people alone.

Lets face it, Omar Mateen was gay and was way beyond the experimentation stage. He used a gay dating app and chat room for years. He was well known to frequent gay clubs for quite some time. The facts speak for themselves. To say otherwise is quite simply ridiculous.

Yet liberals choose to ignore this humble detail. Why you ask? For one, gays are a protected group within the liberal community. They simply couldn’t be involved in such a horrendous crime and this creates stress within the liberal mindset. (Such as it is.) It shatters the myth of the gentle, pious and compassionate gay individual. (It doesn’t help the image of the religion of peace either.)

What the Orlando shooting does in spades is turn the concept of the so-called hate crime on its head. How could a gay individual commit a hate crime against other gays when he’s really playing on the same team? No one has really addressed this. Instead idiot leftists blame this on guns or whatever.

To be truthful, we have to look at the ugly data involving violence against the LGBT community. Lets go back to the idiotic liberal concept of a hate crime? There’s the official FBI definition and the true definition. The true designation is any sort of crime committed by a White against just about anyone else who claims minority status. Much hate crime legislation was passed because of violence against gays, but how often does this occur and how often are the NRA, Whites, or Conservatives the perpetrators?

Lets look at what is known. What ethnic/racial group in the US has a very high degree of homophobia? Also what ethnic/racial group has the highest incidence of violent crime/assault /robbery as a percent of the population? What ethnic/racial group dominates interracial crime? (Here’s a huge hint; it’s not Whitey.) If you answered African Americans you’d be absolutely correct. Hmmm. Logic strongly suggests that Blacks commit the majority of so-called hate crimes against gays. However, African Americans are another protected class within the Democratic Party. Instead of reporting on a daily and true threat, the MSM will concentrate on high profile cases involving Whites that occur every few years or so. Yet the MSM wonder why few people really trust them? Go figure that one.

Now lets look at something else and that is violence “within” the LGBT community itself. There’s a lot of hard data that shows “intimate partner violence” is much higher within the gay versus straight community and when it does occur is often much more violent. Thirty years ago, when the PD broke up a fight between two males, it was usually over a girl. Now they’re trained to think that fight is over a guy. How times have changed. There’s a lot to suggest that most violence/assault/homicide within the gay community originates within the group itself. The libs are in total denial over this. The thought of this makes them incontinent and unable to think.

I often listen to “Make it Plain” on Sirius whose host, Mark Thompson has provided every idiotic explanation for the Orlando shootings except for the obvious. I’m sure Mark is the first openly retarded radio host in America. Hey Mark, if you read this here’s a suggestion. Quit stuttering, it’s not good for radio and calls into question your IQ.

What he and many other idiots like him have missed is this. Omar Mateen was a radical Muslim who committed a terrorist act. There is no other explanation. Further this was a crime committed by a gay man against other gays. Attempts at deflecting these simple facts toward gun control and the right wing are simply ludicrous. Do we need any other examples of why liberalism is insanity and societal suicide?




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