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Donald Trump is basically a shoo-in for the GOP nomination at this point. After Super Tuesday, it will be all over but the the crying for Cruz and con man Rubio. Trump has caught fire with America and cannot be stopped. Or can he?

AWD saw this video on a friends Facebook page today and wanted to share. The information, if legit, is fascinating. And amazing! And it shows the Republicans would rather lose to Hillary than have Trump as POTUS. It is about to get real, compadres!

Does the Establishment jump in at the last minute and try to destroy Trump? Do they dare? I believe they will find that Donald Trump is much more popular than the fat-assed Mitch McConnell and the rest of his RINO ilk.

It would be great entertainment to watch the Republican Party throw the Caspar Milquetoast-like Mitt Romney into knife-fighting distance of Trump. Romney, who I believe is a good man, is a big-government Establishment type who couldn’t beat Obama after Obama’s disastrous first 4 years in office. Say no more. Romney should sit this suicide mission out and play with his 200 grandchildren. Remember, no one ever thought anyone would ever put Bubba Clintoon on ice like Trump did. Bubba is playing to bored crowds that may reach 100. Trump is filling arenas of 35,000 screaming supporters!

The Establishment finds themselves in deep Dukakis. If they screw with Trump, he may very well go third party and still win the general election in November. You’ll soon see the Republican rats fleeing the Establishment sinking ship as Trump and his followers destroy everything the current Republican Party stands for. It will be a new day for America!

The current day Republican Party should die. It’s basically the moderate arm of the Democrat Party with very little or nothing in common with traditional Republican values of small government, low taxes, and individual rights. It has become a corrupt turd pawn of the Democrats and Big Business.

As for the aftermath of Super Tuesday. Ted Cruz should drop out. His anti-Trump statements of late are bordering on the ridiculous and he’s only hurting his future. Ted has run a terrible campaign by targeting the support of the religious right and having Glenn Beck with him on stage. What Ted should have done is focus on what Trump has made his main battle cry: Making America great by enforcing immigration laws, deporting illegals, and building a border wall with Mexico.

I thought Ted would one day be President but his behavior of late has made him a lot of enemies he should have been courting for the future. My advice to Ted: Make no more anti-Trump statements and concentrate on selling your message of returning America to Constitutional values. Americans will remember and support that. In 2016, you’re doing yourself no favors insinuating Trump is connected to the mafia on national television.

Rubio will stay in the race even though he is finished. As Bill Matheson explained today in his post, Rubio is a pawn of the Establishment. A very lightweight pre-programmed robot pawn. The only way Rubio drops out is if the Establishment brings in Romney. And that will only spell catastrophe for the GOP Elite.

We are in curious times. And the times are going to get curiouser and curiouser. I truly believe the Republican Establishment would rather see Hillary win than Trump. They mainly agree with Hillary and they realize Trump cannot be bought or controlled. He will ruin their power base and end their lifetime gravy trains in DC. And that is exactly what is needed for America to survive as a republic.

What are your thoughts on all of this and the Alex Jones video?




    Are you kidding? Seriously. They’ve been out for a considerable amount of time and will only get longer and sharper until the most threatening force against so much that true conservatives have railed against for years IS silenced. Shall a whole bunch of names be mentioned, beginning with numerous “conservative” media personnel and candidates and their followers? Oh, and the GOP?

    By the way, Clinton will “win” and by no less than 58% minimum.

  2. I’m far from an expert in this, but the scuttlebutt I read is that the establishment hacks, campaign consultants and whatnot would rather that Hitlery become POTUS than they lose their positions in the pecking order of the Gay Old Pedophiles.

    Trump threatens to overturn their applecart and break all their rice bowls.


  3. We shall see.

    If the GOP establishment screws Trump, if he runs independent, or if he gets the nom. Anyway you slice it, if Trump is not our next president we are dunfer. We don’t really know what policies Trump as pres. will implement but out of all the others he is the only one who’s stayed consistent from the start.

  4. Midwest Constitutionalist

    Trump is a liberal in GOP disguise, he has donated thousands to the Clinton’s, the reason Trump is running is to give Hillary a better chance at potus. In 1998 Donald Trump said in people magazine that “if I were to run as president, I would run as Republican, because they are the dumbest group of voters out there, they would eat up anything on fox news, all I have to do is lie. I bet my polls would be terrific.” Also Donald doesn’t even answer questions at debates, and town halls. All he says is its gonna be great, its gonna be yuuge, he says that he’s pro life, now he’s pro choice, and no he is back to pro life. If you want a real president to help this country and loves the Constitution, vote ted Cruz. Cruz has got all of his facts right, he actually has a plan, he has proven to fight for the people and the Constitution, as senator of the U.S, and he scares the hell out of the libtards and the establishment.

    Theres my two cents.

    • Midwest, if one is a businessman in NYC, you have to dance with Democrats. It’s business. No, I don’t think Trump is Reagan but I believe he loves America and will do what’s best for Americans. Most corporations donate to Dims and Repubs. Trump donated to Cruz, too.


    • Of course you’re for Cruz. The quote you cite without attribution is false. Never happened. Take your two cents and start a gofundme campaign for Melissa Harris Perry who wishes she had taken the ear ornaments and inserted them in her mouth. Cruz can still save his political future if he backs off the personal; Rubio proved he is unfit for any political office. It’s hard to believe that he could possibly be a United States senator running for President. Bye bye Marco. Watch yourself Ted or you’ll blow your chance at what still could be a bright future.

    • First, your quote about Trump is a patent lie. Nice try.

      Second, the notion that Cruz or Rubio “loves the Constitution” is a knee slapper…………. Both are, for starters, NOT natural born citizens. So much for the Constitution. From there both are conniving frauds.

      • So I guess you have your bags packed, Jon Jon? You don’t seem to like the offerings of the GOP very much, so I expect that when President Trump is sworn in you’ll be leaving the country with the other whiner libtards, right?

        Sounds like a win to me.

      • if you promise not to come back….we’ll chip in and buy your ticket for you to a real communist country……then you might be in second heaven…..a real utopia. like Zimbabwe…..

  5. Bill Matheson

    Looks to me like the establishment as a whole, not just the GOP, is going for broke.

    The Sessions endorsement should be the big story this week, but it is being buried by the fake KKK scandal. Joe Scarborough got his orders from the top and knifed Trump in the back. Lib ridicule is cranked all the way up in their outlets.

    The plan, I think, is to fix Super Tuesday in some way. The narrative will be that the KKK issue, etc., hurt Trump at the last minute. Polls don’t support this, but some rigged polls might yet come out. Things are going to get dirtier and dirtier.

    • Bill, I don’t believe anyone supporting Trump or even undecided (if that’s even possible at this point) would be swayed by the tired old KKK rumors. Everyone is pretty sick of the race card. Especially those voting for Trump.


      • Trump could pretty much show up for Super Tuesday dressed as the Grand Poo-Bah, with sheet, hood, and cape, dragging Al Sharpton (If Only!!) by his turkey neck, and I’d still vote for him. If all he does during his time in office is to actually build a wall, then I call it a win, as he would be the only candidate in my lifetime that actually kept a campaign promise. Hell, even if he loses, it’s been great watching the establishment shit itself because of him.

      • Bill Matheson

        I don’t know… Check the mainstream news feeds and that’s all they’re focusing on as far as Trump coverage goes. This after Sessions and other big endorsements. They must have a plan of some kind. Maybe it’s just to mitigate a Trump landslide.

  6. You better believe they are. Both Rubitron and Cruz did their best to harp on the KKK endorsement given by David Duke, which Trump denounced 3 times over the weekend.

    Against the desperation the GOPer’s feel with a South Carolina victory for Donald Trump, followed by a Nevada victory for Donald Trump, and with the looming Super-Tuesday races mere hours away, the DC Republican team have re-enlisted the exact same players to roll out a full on nuclear war head attack approach against Donald Trump. Forget the knives.

    Why can’t they accept the inevitable? He will be the nominee.

    All Trump has is , We The People, his brain, and both he and our courage to stand up to the Two Party Establishment Evil Money Corruption Cult and the commie dole voters with the illegal support troops to back them up.

    We need to take America back from the mouth breathers, the low information millennial types that see the word FREE and that’s all it takes to get their vote. The way I see it is, Trump will beat the lying carpetbagger Hillary, and take the White house by storm in November. But that’s just my opinion. I don’t see it any other way at this point.

  7. Rebelpatriot

    Hey AWD, at this point the slime ball establishment can come out with whatever lies they want. I am voting for Trump. The a-hole republican establishment can shove it you know where. The country has gone to crap, and I for one have had enough. Trump for president!!!

  8. I saw this video over at BuzzFeed……and posted it over on another blog post……I’m not sure I believe this… first it seemed to make sense but after thinking about this vid I’m not so sure…….we all know the republitards would prefer Cankles over
    Trump…..but this is from Alex Jones and that gives me pause…….I wouldn’t put it past Jones to make this shit up entirely…….

    I know the establishment hates the idea of them not having their boy in the seat of power to keep the gravy train going…..Karl Rove and the boys are squirming like toads in a hot frying pan……it’s certainly possible the establishment will try to sabotage the election….I expect them to…….but Romney seems like a stretch……to bring someone in at the last second and someone who is considered a political dolt, well I would have to think about that…….the base would revolt…….

    if the establishment has any plans on taking over the convention and replacing Trump they will have a revolt like they won’t believe……I don’t think they are that stupid……what they will do is hunker down……stay in the back-rooms…..plot their return……work for their eventual return…..groom a candidate for the future that they can pass off as a possible replacement…….they are already engaging in trying to upset the conservatives up for re-election…….conservatives are being primaried by establishment backed candidates……those that can finance their own campaigns and don’t need money from the party………..Louie Goehmert and Dave Bratt are being targeted and primaried right now….they are planning to go after other conservatives as well……..the establishment will do all they can to undermine us in the House and the Senate and keep the constitutionalists and conservatives occupied by having to watch their backs……….

    the establishment is not going away……but they just might hunker down and bide their time and come out swinging when they feel they can do the most damage……..the financial oligarchy behind the scenes doesn’t give a damn about anything other than power and keeping the gravy train flowing……. it will take more than this election to clean these rats out and stop the behind the scene corruption and incestuous relationship between the oligarchical moguls and these corrupt, bought and paid for politicians doing their bidding……..

    what a god damn mess this government is in……the whole freak’n system is corrupt to the core…….I seriously doubt it can be straightened out………..

  9. Spurwing Plover

    I hear that Al Sharpton said he would leave the country if trump is elected well the Sharpton Good Bye and Good Ridence GO AWAY AL

  10. As someone who cannot stand the thought of Hillary and Bill Clinton in the White House continuing the destruction of this country, I feel like I am watching the Hindenburg coming in for a memorable landing at Lakehurst, New Jersey. No matter who runs against Clinton, she has the decades long deliberate transformation of the country behind her historic election. Illegal immigration, the expansion of the Great Welfare Society, and the leftist takeover of the entire education system has made it very likely that she will be unbeatable in November. Ronald Reagan couldn’t get elected governor of California since it was transformed, much less Pete Wilson. Donald Trump can’t seem to keep his big, foul mouth shut, even when he is swamping the opposition. Marco Rubio is finished, and Ted Cruz can’t get any traction. Doctor Carson believes that the pyramids (which were build with very small interior passageways) to store grain, and Governor Kasich wants to replace Jimmy Carter as the most pleasant rube to run for President. Oh, the Humanity!

  11. GOP establishment bastards are plotting to keep Donald Trump from assuming the mantle…… the plot is to deny Trump the nomination and they are now admitting that their strategy is to allow Cankles to win the presidency by pissing off the base so they will stay home and not vote in the general election in the Fall………….

    these fu_king bastards would rather the country go full blown communist with a Hildabeast Cankles presidency rather than permit Trump a victory in the Fall…… their intent is to keep republican voters from voting in the general to give Hildabeast the win…………

    if the establishment pulls the rug out from under Trump’s feet I say he should go third party and fu_k the party bigwigs……they’re the one’s who are breaking their pledge as to not interfere in the nomination process……Trump could win even as a third party candidate……so fu_k them……….

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