Donald Trump is basically a shoo-in for the GOP nomination at this point. After Super Tuesday, it will be all over but the the crying for Cruz and con man Rubio. Trump has caught fire with America and cannot be stopped. Or can he?

AWD saw this video on a friends Facebook page today and wanted to share. The information, if legit, is fascinating. And amazing! And it shows the Republicans would rather lose to Hillary than have Trump as POTUS. It is about to get real, compadres!

Does the Establishment jump in at the last minute and try to destroy Trump? Do they dare? I believe they will find that Donald Trump is much more popular than the fat-assed Mitch McConnell and the rest of his RINO ilk.

It would be great entertainment to watch the Republican Party throw the Caspar Milquetoast-like Mitt Romney into knife-fighting distance of Trump. Romney, who I believe is a good man, is a big-government Establishment type who couldn’t beat Obama after Obama’s disastrous first 4 years in office. Say no more. Romney should sit this suicide mission out and play with his 200 grandchildren. Remember, no one ever thought anyone would ever put Bubba Clintoon on ice like Trump did. Bubba is playing to bored crowds that may reach 100. Trump is filling arenas of 35,000 screaming supporters!

The Establishment finds themselves in deep Dukakis. If they screw with Trump, he may very well go third party and still win the general election in November. You’ll soon see the Republican rats fleeing the Establishment sinking ship as Trump and his followers destroy everything the current Republican Party stands for. It will be a new day for America!

The current day Republican Party should die. It’s basically the moderate arm of the Democrat Party with very little or nothing in common with traditional Republican values of small government, low taxes, and individual rights. It has become a corrupt turd pawn of the Democrats and Big Business.

As for the aftermath of Super Tuesday. Ted Cruz should drop out. His anti-Trump statements of late are bordering on the ridiculous and he’s only hurting his future. Ted has run a terrible campaign by targeting the support of the religious right and having Glenn Beck with him on stage. What Ted should have done is focus on what Trump has made his main battle cry: Making America great by enforcing immigration laws, deporting illegals, and building a border wall with Mexico.

I thought Ted would one day be President but his behavior of late has made him a lot of enemies he should have been courting for the future. My advice to Ted: Make no more anti-Trump statements and concentrate on selling your message of returning America to Constitutional values. Americans will remember and support that. In 2016, you’re doing yourself no favors insinuating Trump is connected to the mafia on national television.

Rubio will stay in the race even though he is finished. As Bill Matheson explained today in his post, Rubio is a pawn of the Establishment. A very lightweight pre-programmed robot pawn. The only way Rubio drops out is if the Establishment brings in Romney. And that will only spell catastrophe for the GOP Elite.

We are in curious times. And the times are going to get curiouser and curiouser. I truly believe the Republican Establishment would rather see Hillary win than Trump. They mainly agree with Hillary and they realize Trump cannot be bought or controlled. He will ruin their power base and end their lifetime gravy trains in DC. And that is exactly what is needed for America to survive as a republic.

What are your thoughts on all of this and the Alex Jones video?


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