You lay down in liberal sh*t, you come up smelling like Arlen Specter, who has just been dishonored by winning the AWD Douche Bag Lifetime Achievement Award! Specter is the sub-humanoid politician who made a fortune for himself after a lifetime in Congress shafting the American people. In 2009, Specter sold his soul to the Soros-led demons of the left when he sold his vote on ObamaCare for a supposed high position in the DemonRat Party. In townhall meeting after townhall meeting, his Pennsylvania constituents made it perfectly clear they were against ObamaCare. But the douche baggerous Specter ended up selling his vote, as did so many other crooks, to pass the onerous ObamaCare. The rest was history, ObamaCare went on to pass and Specter was snubbed by the Dims and lost in the 2010 primary. If there are three words AWD is happy to never have to say again, they are “Senator Arlen @#&*ing Douche Bag Specter!”

Now Sir DB Specter has released a book whining and crying that he was screwed over by Obama after selling his vote. Crying about being screwed over by Obama? Get in line, junior! Behind America! Specter complains he was promised seniority in the DemonRat Party in the Senate if he voted for ObamaCare and changed parties but didn’t receive what was promised. So he ADMITS he sold out his constituents for personal gain! What a uber douche! Sir DB writes in his book “Life Among The Cannibals”:

“I realized that the president and his advisers were gun-shy about supporting my candidacy after being stung by Obama’s failed rescue attempts for New Jersey governor Jon Corzine and Massachusetts attorney general Martha Coakley. They were reluctant to become victims of a trifecta.”

Sir DB, they were victims of more than a trifecta! Obama and his socialist minions lost 63 seats in the 2010 election. And what does it say about Specter when he was too low for even the lowly DemonRats to accept? They played Specter for the greedy corruptocrat that he is and he went for it. Principle and the desires of the people of Pennsylvania never entered into his little warped mind! As always, Specter was out for himself!

How many Arlen Specters are there in the Senate? I’d say no more than 100. They enter Congress poor and leave or die as rich, dishonest, corrupt millionaires! Then they become corrupt lobbyists making millions more! It is a miracle indeed that America has survived as long as it has with such corruption in its Capitol!

One interesting piece of information is coming out on RINO Bob Dole, the King of Viagra:

“Dole told me I had done the right thing, that I had done a terrific job as a senator, been involved in a lot of projects, been very active, and hadn’t gotten credit for a lot of the stuff I had done.”.

“I said, ‘Bob, I think that it’s very meaningful when you say that I did the right thing, in the party change.’

Screw Bob Dole and his limp, geriatric weiner, too! Bob Dole and his wussypants Republican ilk are the reasons I hate the Republican Party! Bunch of wussified, greedy turds who care not one damn thing for this country but only what they can stuff in their checkered pants while in office!

Arlen Specter is one of the most despicable, detestable, douche baggerous corruptocrats in history. And he faces stiff competition. But selling out his people over one of the most controversial and hated bills in history for his own survival in office ranks up there with Benedict Arnold. Specter should be forevermore known as Been-a-Dick Arlen! I hope he chokes on all the taxpayer funded retirement money!

Here’s Sir DB Specter before selling out the people of Pennsylvania..and America:

And another:

And one of my favorites:


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