Attention All New York State Dudes and Dudettes


Best Time to Plant a Tree

Ah, Confucius say..

Earlier this year, in the dead of night, New York State’s Governor Andrew Cuomo spirited through the ridiculous “S.A.F.E. Act”—a bill as retarded as it is hostile to the constitutions of both the state and the nation. The upside to this was that it not only galvanized patriots across the state, but also helped to wake up many slumbering cattle.

While many New Yorkers have simply thrown up their arms and left the state, many more are digging in their heels and doing whatever they can to fight the traitorous establishment. I am of the latter variety, for many reasons. For one thing, I think in many ways New York is the tip of the spear. To paraphrase Old Blue Eyes, if we can stop them here, we can stop them anywhere.

While leaving the state is certainly a legitimate act of defiance, I would strongly encourage—no, I insist—that those who do not consider this (leaving the state) an option, then you join the fight instead of remaining silently on the sidelines, feeling hopeless and apathetic.

There are many organizations to choose from, such as (in no particular order): New York Revolution, NY2A [Grassroots Coalition], Oath Keepers, sundry local 9/12 and Tea Party groups, Rising Action, SCOPE, NYSRPA, Project Appleseed, III%ers, Conservative Society for Action, We the People of New York, and many more. There is almost certain to be an organization in your locality that you can become part of and assist in the cause in whatever way you are able.

Note that many of these groups are focused solely on the political aspect of the fight, while some do focus on readying for other eventualities. If you think the political process is hopelessly rigged and of minimal, if any, use (as do I), then finding other groups that focus on “politics by other means” may be more your speed.

The point is, there is no excuse for not getting involved.

Standing athwart history shouting “stop” no longer cuts it. We need boots on the ground, action in the streets, and preparing for the worst of all possible scenarios.

Join us.

NY Revolution

Bring it.


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