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The Outrage Starts Here

It's time to stop assuming, it's time to stop asking, "Where is the outrage?", and start doing something about it. The outrage starts here!!!

My Rape Whistle is a Glock

Democrats and liberals love to give us advice. Actually, it is a lot more than advice - they want to tell us how to do everything in our life. Other than the fact that I hate to have someone tell me what ...


America is under attack like never before. Our enemy lives within us. The attacks against our second amendment are among the most dangerous we have ever seen and they are coming from those who have taken an...
fiscal cliff ahead

Speaker Boner Fails Again

There is absolutely no leadership occurring in the black hell hole of DC. The only conservatives in DC are being tossed out of committees because those in charge don't want conservative solutions - they want power!
Lara Croft

A Strange Man in the Bedroom

I never leave home without packin' a little heat and I have plenty of guns scattered through the house, so I feel pretty confident that I am prepared for whatever situation I am faced with. Girls, I am telling you - you do NOT have to be a victim like the girl in this video. A little time and effort and you can be shooting like a pro.