Natural Birth Control

If there’s any good news in this stomach-turning story, it’s that these women will likely never have their eggs meet sperm.

Ask a Sheeple

So ask a sheeple: Do you not see that, unless you wake up and start paying attention, we will be a communist nation in just a few short years?

Civil Wars and Axl Rose

I think it's clear our propagandists and their masters don't want us too focused on these uprisings. Perhaps it's to prevent us from getting any ideas?
Ron Jeremy Wrecking Ball


The exhibitionists do it for the thrill, the consumers do it to…you know…and the web site operators get paid $$$ via posting ads on the page. Left out of this ecosystem is the porn industry itself.

Local News

If all politics are indeed local, then being active in the comments section of these regional papers—especially in libtard-infested areas, such as the tri-state region—might bear some fruit.