Why they call it Redneck Heaven

Greetings, from AWD’s Secret, Undisclosed Global HQ

So I’m here in Dallas, or some suburb nearby. (I don’t really know—this place is so huge I’m just generally confused. I mean, more generally than generally, even. I mean, DFW’s bigger than Manhattan, and AWD’s standup shower in the guest bedroom is bigger than my apartment, if you dig.) But anyway, the point is I’m in the promise land, baby.


This is what happens when the little filly forwards me an email containing sheep.

Conservative Dogs

I propose that what made America great was an abundance of natural resources and an incompetent government (by design) that took a few hundred years before it could manage to wedge itself in between competent people exploiting those resources. Now that government is firmly wedged in, the run is over.

A Case Against Ron Paul

Let's say, for argument's sake, that the reality is that Ron Paul is, in fact, unelectable. For example, let's say his views on Islam/Israel/Iran/The War on Terror are simply too unpopular to be surmountable by any of his positives (whether fairly, meaning people genuinely think he's dangerously incorrect, or unfairly, meaning due to a concerted effort by the MSM to demonize him for views they disagree with).

A Case For Ron Paul

Additionally, were Paul to win the nomination, we send a clarion signal to the GOP establishment: Enough with the Democrat-lites, with the "I'll extend America's lifespan by, like, a couple more days!" promises of the "electable" "moderate" "independents-winning" milquetoast RINO CINO candidates. We've played this game for years, and where has it gotten us? Oh yeah—closer to American Armageddon. "No", we should say, "No f***ing more. Give us a *@*!$# conservative option to big-government statists for the love of God!" And what better way to do this than to put Ron Paul on the ticket? Let the elites gnash their teeth. We've gnashed ours long enough.

Ich bin ein Southerner!

Internal migration has mixed the melting pot. The internet has allowed us to transcend the limitations of proximity. And since they're gonna call us all a bunch of hate-filled, xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic, racist, neo-Nazi, ignorant, inbred hicks anyway, may as well raise the Confederate flag right next to Old Glory, and declare our kinship with that old fighting spirit of the Confederate. For we're all on the same side now. It's not North vs. South. It's not Republicans vs. Democrats. It's pro-American, "live free or die" patriots vs. anti-American, anarchotyranny Marxo-statists.

FW: Detention

For anyone not familiar with the Oath Keepers, there are various "meetup" groups around the country (e.g., http://www.meetup.com/New-York-City-Oath-Keepers/ or http://www.meetup.com/HudsonValleyNY-OathKeepers/) to help educate those with a license to kill American citizens (i.e., military, law enforcement, etc.) about the oath they took to uphold the Constitution—and the priority that oath has over direct orders from superiors.