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Play with snakes and sooner or later, ya get the fang.
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The Perils of Hanging with Younger People

It’s a real pain hanging out with younger types, particularly Millennials. I’m talking about beautiful and successful Gen Y-ers. It’s a nice consolation to be commonly mistaken for one of the younger set. Yeah, I know that every one of you has the same problem. Apparently, time has treated me with kid gloves, so my younger friends view me as an anomaly once they know my year model. After a […]

Obama, the N-Word
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Obama, the N-Word

No, not the N-Word that immediately springs to the minds of most.  Not the N-Word that, for people of non-color (or PONC), is prohibited, while used happily and freely by those who are socially permitted to be keepin’ it real. Not the N-word that charlatans like Sharpton and Jackson await eagerly to fall from the lips of unwitting PONC’s to then used to incite black outrage and drive media attention […]

It's a Progressive Panacea!
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Who is ready to die for our great nation?…Er, uh, or something kinda like that.

I have a really hot Financial Adviser. Aside from being sweet eye candy, he’s pretty sharp when it comes to political and financial stuff. Now, he normally tells me the usual things I want to hear about from my FA, like money, the government, the latest government finagling to take more of our money. Today, he seemed more on the pensive side with a downtrodden affect. “What’s wrong?” received an […]

Gee, I could stand to lose a few tons.
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How will you celebrate the Shutdown?

A government shutdown may come at midnight. Feels like New Year’s Eve to me and I will celebrate, if the shutdown does occur. You are all invited to join me. I will undoubtedly feel a thrill up my leg as the clock strikes twelve. This is a moment for champagne. I must refresh my lipstick and find the right thing to wear…must find the perfect little black dress. While flipping […]

Creepy A** Crackers in their natural habitat
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The Plight of the Melanin Poor

  The pursuit of happiness (in my case, read:  “fun”) is the usual agenda for Texas Belle.  And while she normally is successful in those pursuits, occasionally real life can be a party pooper.  Personal disclosure:  Texas Belle has been in the trenches with her little Pre-K buckaroo and his acute illness.  He’s much better now but the last two weeks of intensive snuggling and comforting the little progeny have […]