Auto-genocide is not “Love”


Feel the genocidal Bern.

Feel the genocidal Bern.

There is, in the course of human evolution, an inherent struggle of the mind borne: Whether to indulge one’s self, or to secure one’s progeny.

In nature, the two are interconnected: One’s comfort implies the likelihood of the survival of one’s progeny.

In our modern world, however, these two impetuses for action deviate: Either we indulge our creature comforts at the expense of the success of our genetic lineage, or we sacrifice our comforts in service to the continuation of our blood.

Those nice, white liberals who have foresight (aka “future time orientation”) no doubt think they are sacrificing their own interests for the sake of “humanity” when they adopt children from alien races. But the truth is that they are merely securing their livelihood–which ensures their continued creature comforts at the expense of the continuation of their genetics–by conforming to the genocidal wishes of their patrons.

I.e.: So sayeth our evil overlords: “Signal your auto-genocidal commitment, and we shall continue to pay you well; signal your self-interest/ethnocentrism, and we shall excommunicate you, where you shall live amongst losers and dine on processed foods.”

And hence, the SWPLs dutifully obey, obviating or aborting their own offspring while gladly playing cuckold to vastly inferior sub-species whose fertility is exploding anyway.

Man is animal. Animals need resources. Thinking animals–such as man–need a wide variety of resources to power their power-hungry brains. Therefore, man needs land. To get land, man had to conquer other men. We who are here today are the heirs of the successful conquerors.

And now, we yield it all to those who can’t so much as feed themselves without our unending largesse.

And when we have sacrificed ourselves upon the altar of “diversity”–i.e., when we have exterminated ourselves in honor of dishonorable alien races who could not subsist sans our support? Why, then, they will shortly follow us to the grave, no?

With us here, we could seed the universe with life–should we merely muster the will to do so.

Without us here, the only rock in the cosmos known to support life will simply die a lonely death, and that Big Bang–the promise of God–will very likely have all been for naught.

This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live.
– Deuteronomy 30:19, New International Version

“Life” means you and your progenynot the life of some alien race. If you are not looking out for your own, you are consigning your bloodline to death. Hating your race is not “love”. And responding in kind to alien races who hate you is not “hate”–it is common-sense self-defense.


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