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Auto-genocide is not “Love”


Feel the genocidal Bern.
Feel the genocidal Bern.

There is, in the course of human evolution, an inherent struggle of the mind borne: Whether to indulge one’s self, or to secure one’s progeny.

In nature, the two are interconnected: One’s comfort implies the likelihood of the survival of one’s progeny.

In our modern world, however, these two impetuses for action deviate: Either we indulge our creature comforts at the expense of the success of our genetic lineage, or we sacrifice our comforts in service to the continuation of our blood.

Those nice, white liberals who have foresight (aka “future time orientation”) no doubt think they are sacrificing their own interests for the sake of “humanity” when they adopt children from alien races. But the truth is that they are merely securing their livelihood–which ensures their continued creature comforts at the expense of the continuation of their genetics–by conforming to the genocidal wishes of their patrons.

I.e.: So sayeth our evil overlords: “Signal your auto-genocidal commitment, and we shall continue to pay you well; signal your self-interest/ethnocentrism, and we shall excommunicate you, where you shall live amongst losers and dine on processed foods.”

And hence, the SWPLs dutifully obey, obviating or aborting their own offspring while gladly playing cuckold to vastly inferior sub-species whose fertility is exploding anyway.

Man is animal. Animals need resources. Thinking animals–such as man–need a wide variety of resources to power their power-hungry brains. Therefore, man needs land. To get land, man had to conquer other men. We who are here today are the heirs of the successful conquerors.

And now, we yield it all to those who can’t so much as feed themselves without our unending largesse.

And when we have sacrificed ourselves upon the altar of “diversity”–i.e., when we have exterminated ourselves in honor of dishonorable alien races who could not subsist sans our support? Why, then, they will shortly follow us to the grave, no?

With us here, we could seed the universe with life–should we merely muster the will to do so.

Without us here, the only rock in the cosmos known to support life will simply die a lonely death, and that Big Bang–the promise of God–will very likely have all been for naught.

This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live.
– Deuteronomy 30:19, New International Version

“Life” means you and your progenynot the life of some alien race. If you are not looking out for your own, you are consigning your bloodline to death. Hating your race is not “love”. And responding in kind to alien races who hate you is not “hate”–it is common-sense self-defense.




  1. Brilliant post Red……..again.

    This, however, would be preaching to the choir, I don’t believe most cucks have the slightest clue.
    One day I asked a very close family member if they thought it would matter at all if European bloodlines disappeared forever, after a little thought, they said, “no”. I felt as though I was kicked in belly by a mule, and how or why would you even try to argue with them, needless to say I don’t feel exactly the same about them anymore, however I do still love them.

  2. Disgusted Caucasian

    It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words….that one is worth a million. The hallmark of the extreme leftist is the adoption of a foster mud. This is the best way for them to show how much they hate their own race, and White privilege of course, and punish themselves for what they unjustly have stolen from the inferior races. Bringing a wild animal into your home when it’s little may be amusing and cute to some but reality will eventually set it. That animal will grow up some day and will attack at any time. I believe there was a woman, a few years back, that adopted a young chimpanzee. The chimp eventually grew up and attacked her one day and ripped her face off. This is the inherent danger when allowing wild animals into your home. It’s just unnatural.

    • I actually met that chimp in Stamford once. And it wasn’t the owner that it chimped out on, but a long-time friend. Anyway, the similarities are all too canny.

      Speaking of which, I’ve long been curious about what modern neuroscience has to say about underdeveloped prefrontal cortex and “chimp-outs”. I have to imagine that there’s a definitive correlation, but that it is simply undiscovered because neuroscience came into bloom long after any talk of racial differences became verboten.

  3. Interesting points…& one bottom line truth: the Negro is taught, by “his own community” & by Caucasians with “white guilt”, to distrust & seek revenge on the Caucasian, particularly the “white male”. It is an AMERICAN trait woven into the Negro race & will never be removed. EVER.

    • GreyStranger

      Not so sure I agree with the “American trait” portion of the above. The blacks always and everywhere hate white males (and try to seduce or rape white females). If you are in Africa? guess what? White genocide. Europe? More white genocide (helped by their own insane leftist gov-traitors). North & South America & the gulf isles? More white genocide (aided and abetted by disgusting white sluts who go on sex-vacations and come back with HIV or similar diseases). Australia? Same story. Negros hate whites everywhere they exist. They hate whites precisely for our virtues; they see our productivity as some mystical voodoo magic that they can never attain to. They see our intelligence and rage against it; just as the lazy profligate welfare bum rages against anyone owning a car or home. They hate. Hatred is the essence of what their race embodies. Their dominant religion islam is an almost pure vehicle for their hate.

      In the words of John Galt from Atlas shrugged: “They clamor for wealth in imitation of living beings, to pretend to themselves (and fool you) that they desire to live. But their swinish indulgence in plundered luxury is not enjoyment, it is escape. They do not want to own your fortune, they want you to lose it; They do not want to succeed, they want you to fail; They do not want to live, they want you to die; They desire nothing, they hate existence, and they keep running, each trying not to learn that the object of his hatred is himself.”

  4. Quartierleblanc

    Great article. I’ve always said that liberalism is not only insanity but societal suicide.

  5. Red State NYC has written an excellent post and its truth is absolute. The white people of the world must listen to this truth or we will be killed by the barbarian races across the globe. Look at the US. Look at Europe. White leaders of White countries are giving their nations away to inferiors and we must realize the extent of their traitorism. We must also find who is pulling their puppet strings and discover what prize is worth destroying your own race over. We must get rid of such leaders. Liberalism has hidden within its terrible policies the seeds of self-genocide and it must be uprooted. Preach pride in the white race and tell your children and anyone who will listen the wonders of our race and the things we have produced. Teach them the lifestyle that they have is due to the white race and these animals who want us dead will break the backs of their children just to live in a white country because we build workable cultures. We are the light of the world in physical terms. A world without white people will fall into a culture somewhere between the mideival centruies and the planet of the apes. Our lives matter more than anyone elses due to the fact that we are superior. Our lives matter and our culture matters and it is da*n worth fighting for. We must fight.

    • “Raise your heads and do not despair. The struggle for Europe is far from over. It has only just begun. Rather than being depressed about the direction society has taken, view it as an opportunity for an adventure, and as a time when your actions can actually impact history itself. Straighten your back and sweep away all your excuses along with the last shreds of the power of the Left, and let the adventure begin!”
      – Daniel Friberg, The Real Right Returns: A Handbook for the True Opposition

      • Won’t be long till the Saxon learns to hate.

        • Quartierleblanc

          I don’t think it’s about hate, but it will be about survival. Liberals are testing the limits of violence and blacks are their foot soldiers in the process. You can see this in things like the knockout game and now the slasher attacks, virtually all them precipitated by blacks. You can tell they want to provoke an “incident” especially one that will produce what the MSM terms mass casualties like in a riot. It’s only a matter of time.

  6. equinoxranch

    They’ll at least get a spot on Oprah, right?
    Oh, and when their adored candidate concedes to the fix-is-in nominee Clinton, they will, of course, not capitulate the precious franchise of their vote (dignity) and give same away to her, right?

  7. Spurwing Plover

    Annoying whinny liberals with their irritating whining high pitched voices that grate on our nerves

  8. We all know that one of the Libs favorite catch phrases “diversity” really means chasing down the last White person. Diversity is a code word for White Genocide. Those who want an America with no child left White say they’re anti-racist. Which is farthest from the truth. What they are is anti-White. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White. Ever heard the policy; “Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, White countries like America are for EVERYBODY?” Diversity is only forced on White countries, neighborhoods, and organizations. No one requires that non-White countries, neighborhoods, and organizations be diverse. Do they?

    White genocide is being perpetrated against us by people who come from various groups, religions, races, and ethnicities, and for various reasons – but we simply call all of them anti-white. The most common anti-Whites are by far are actually White people who hate themselves.

    We are not obligated to ‘help’ blacks by raising their children over our own. We have done enough for them already, and little if any of it has been truly ‘helpful’ in the long run. If one wishes to ‘help’ blacks, tell them the truth is there in the mirror. Stop accepting and making excuses for them. Stop fawning over them. Stop rescuing them. And for God’s sake, leave them be. Let them stand or fall on their own.

  9. After looking at that picture I thought…

    “Wow there must be a huge demand for babies if this white couple had to settle for a black one” where are all the white babies? Has Planned Parenthood chopped them all up?

    Then I thought maybe parenthood for Swipples is like picking out a dog or a cat, ya start off with a cute color, or pattern ya like. But surely they couldn’t be that shallow, could they?

    Then my pondering drifted a bit, and it seems the Oedipus complex might be a work here. Maybe this weak looking excuse for a man is shooting blanks, and his significant other is subconsciously punishing him by adopting an alien child, that eventually she could sleep with, and would kill his (adopted) father.

    But then I realized she prolly doesn’t have sex with him at all, and his only purpose is to finance whatever silly, childish, idea that pops into her head at any given time.

    Sorry to say his bloodline deserves to die out, according to Darwin we are better without him or his progeny.

    I have to say Redstater a few years ago I considered most of your ideas and writings fringe. I don’t feel that way so much anymore.

  10. Spurwing Plover

    Like the idiots who surrender their guns and sign some stupid Pledge of Non violence yeah like that’s going to stop a mob of violent punks or home intruder with a history of violence its too bad their so idiotic but they bringing it on themselves wit their idiotic ideologies

  11. How many AWD readers know about the emerging political movement known as the Alt Right? I stumbled across it a few months ago, and found that it reflected my positions exactly.

    Alt Right explanation:

    • The Alt Right is also known as the “Dark Enlightenment.”

      Here’s “Dark Enlightenment for Dummies”:

    • It’s kind of a name and nuance soup–alt right, dissident right, dark enlightenment, neoreactionism, identitarianism, white nationalism, hdb, etc. PUA (pick-up artists) / “game” factor in there, but I’ve never had much respect for that wing of the movement, but it must be mentioned. All slightly their own thing, but all very much interrelated. The mainstay websites are in constant flux, but the staples, as far as I know, are sites like VDare, AmRen, Radix, The Occidental Observer, The Right Stuff (.biz), Daily Stormer (for the young “vulgarians” from /pol/), Unz (primarily Sailer, Khan, and Jayman), and a host of others I’ve long since forgotten.

      Daily Stormer is probably my favorite place to hang out these days–they’re so over-the-friggin-top over there they make AWD look like Mr. Rogers. Cracks me up.

      Favorite new DS meme? “AIDS Skrillex” lol. Google that; you will not be disappointed.

    • PS, Tutu, what I believe is kind of an umbrella term for all of the above seems to be coming into form: “Shitlords”. (I believe we can thank the young vulgarians of /pol/ and DS for this neologism.)

      For a nice index of current sites catering to all forms of heresy (Alt Right, neoreactionism, white nationalism, HBD, JQ, etc.), see The Shitlord Hub. (Angry White Dude made the cut, btw.)

  12. Great Posts!
    Miss you on Amren, but now I know where to read you 🙂

  13. Munchausen syndrome by proxy. White women are nice to a white woman when her child is sick, special needs, or a foreign race. So, some white women make sure that happens.

    My wife said that if that white woman showed up at a white-female club with her black child, she would immediately be accepted. All the white women would fawn over her, talk with her, and make her feel important. A white woman showing up with white children could very well be ignored at the same get-together. She would only be accepted by volunteering for duties, working hard, and always saying positive things. She would only be accepted if she, say, volunteered to work hard for a female in the group who had been awarded the title “organizer” of a golf tournament to raise money for some charity. She would need to ignore her family for weeks on end to do the work for free which made the other white woman look important.

    My wife was at a children’s sports event where a white woman brought her two Chinese children. All the white women paid attention to the white with her Chinese children. My wife and our white children had to work hard to not be invisible.

    It would be simple to conduct a psychological study of this to prove it.
    I repeat, it is the same mechanism as Munchausen syndrome by proxy. White women are nice to you when your child is sick, retarded, or a foreign race.

    White people are very hard on white people. A lot of white women do not attend white events because they figure that no one will talk to them. You can attend a white Catholic church for 40 years and have zero friends who actually come round for coffee at your home. I know a lot of people who have had that experience. If they had showed up with a black child at the Catholic Church, people would have been nice to them immediately.

  14. The picture says it all, a Bernie tee shirt, a wild savage negro child and an attractive white couple that should be producing beautiful, intelligent white children. Multiculturalism will result in the genocide of the white race.

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