The Big Sexy and his little brown filly were invited to attend a movie premier for the new movie Sinners And Saints tonight in Dallas. AWD hasn’t attended a movie premier since I starred in “AWDude Does the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders” back in my single days. AWD won rave reviews for his stellar performance (natch!) but several Cowboy Cheerleaders were not able to walk the red carpet a few weeks later. And let’s just say that more than a few had to miss the next several games. It’s a gift.

Tonight’s premiere event, Sinners And Saints, is a movie that was shot in Dallas and New Orleans. Getting shot in New Orleans and Dallas is not as difficult as one might think! It starred an actor named Johnny Strong…who I thought I’d have to pry the filly off of at the after party….and Tom Berenger. I like Tom Beringer but hated his character in Platoon. You all remember Sgt. Barnes! AWD had his photo taken with Berenger and told him:

“You’re a no good sumbitch, Sergeant Barnes, and if I was in Platoon, I’d have killed your ass myself.”

I’m pretty sure he was impressed.

The movie was pretty good and I don’t know if it will be in theaters or go straight to video or Netflix but it was a good action movie. The bad guy in the movie would tie up his enemies, douse them with gasoline, light their ass up for a few seconds and then put out the flames with a fire extinguisher. Then he would lather, rinse and repeat until his enemy was a crispy ex-enemy. I shouldn’t give out that information because Hussein will probably be dousing my melon with gasoline in a few months at one of his FEMA camps! So the movie had a guy who liked to charbroil people, plus there were tons of firefights with bad guys, cool guns, melons being turned into pink mist, blood, guts, and tons of hand to hand fighting. Not a thinking movie…just fun for the whole family. Also, I think a few in the audience recognized the Big Sexy from his “AWDude Does The Dallas Cowboy” days. Made me feel good. It’s nice to be recognized for your work.

Here’s the trailer for Sinners And Saints:

Open post time. Been a while since we’ve had one. I know y’all are talking politics all day long but here’s your chance to talk about Iowa and New Hampshire in a 100% genuine, AWD approved Open Post. I’ll tell you one damn thing…I already know who’s going to be the GOP nominee. It will be Mitt Romney. Santorum is just the next in line but the media is about to crawl up his ass like they have every other non-Romney next in line. Ron Paul has his merry band of supporters but I predict he will start to fade. Newt had his moment but is also going downward and outward instead of onward and upward. The problem for these three is they are all splitting the same votes, more or less. Romney has his base and no one else is going after the Democrat wing of the Republican party votes. So Romney is sitting back reeling in delegates and RINO endorsements while Santorum, Paul and Newt each fight over the same votes. So that’s my prediction….Mitt Romney will be the GOP nominee and the next President of the United States. You can argue but you’ll be wasting your time. AWD is right on this one! I’m not a Romney fan but I’ll vote for that sumbitch like he was Ronald Reagan on Viagra! Or is that steroids?

Music That Doesn’t Suck tonight is the beautiful “A Song For You” by the late, great Gram Parsons. An artist ahead of his too short time. RIP Gram.


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