AWD has recently found himself single as his former girlfriend decided to pursue other opportunities. So I’ve recently started circulating in the world of middle age singles. Yeah, lots of fun! It’s a jungle out there. And so difficult to find a good woman when all the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders have restraining orders out on me.

Tonight, AWD met a new potential for a drank and to see if there was any chemistry between us after a quick phone call to ensure she wasn’t Caitlyn Jenner. Here’s the dialogue of our meeting:

AWD: Hello, sweet cheeks! Did you enjoy the beautiful day? I rode my Harley all over celebrating our new President.

Filly: Oh no! Don’t tell me you’re a Trump fan!

AWD: Well, yes I am.

Filly: Be a Republican but not a Trump fan!

AWD: Well, I’m a Libertarian more than a Republican. But what is it you don’t like about Trump?

Filly: He’s just awful!

AWD: What do you mean by “awful?”

Filly: Well he hates women and is such a racist!

AWD: What has he said or done to make you believe he hates women and what has he said or done to make you believe he is a racist?

Filly: This is not a great subject on a first date. But he’s a racist because he wants to build a wall.

AWD: Do you have locks on your door at your house? If so, why? And since you do have locks to keep unwanted out, do you believe anyone from anywhere should be able to walk into the United States and live here? Most times on welfare paid by the taxpayer?

Filly: My father was a Democrat precinct chair in Ohio (as she got up and walked out the door)

AWD: That’s his problem and you’re not in Ohio anymore, sugar boobs and you didn’t answer my question.

Now normally, AWD doesn’t have much to do with Yankees. But this was a quick set up so I didn’t have time to properly screen her geographical heritage. Plus, she had big boobs. But hopefully, this pinhead will move back to Ohio instead of polluting Texas with her stupid, leftist ideology.

Here’s the deal. And it’s always the same with liberals. They are long on name calling but short on facts. When challenged on her name calling, this Ohio filly didn’t have the first original thought. Just MSNBC talking points. Instead of answering questions based on her statements, she simply fled the scene when she could provide no answers.

I didn’t want to discuss politics with her but she began our conversation by disparaging Trump. I simply asked the evidence of her assertions. As with every liberal, she couldn’t defend her statements with fact so she up and ran away. No worries. I drank her wine after I finished mine.

AWD wouldn’t normally date a liberal unless they realized they accept and admit they believe in a failed ideology and kept their pie hole shut concerning politics. And had big boobs. Because I stand ever at the ready to layeth the smacketh down on any weak sh*t brought forth by some liberal babushka from Ohio!

Luckily, North Texas is full of hot, conservative babes. With big boobs. So hopefully I won’t run across another libtard from a Blue State as I search for my newest soul mate. Or my next ex-girlfriend.

AWD has long surmised that Liberals Depend On Stupid. Baseless criticisms coupled with name calling and temper tantrums are de riguer with leftists. Well, AWD is well-prepared to eject that leftist nonsense into the third row should some curvy liberal be foolish enough to throw their libtardist assertions my way.

Maybe AWD should have fillies fill out a political awareness test before meeting them in person. Anyone who calls a conservative politician a PC name will receive the wrath of AWD and will lose any and all AWD privileges! And what could be worse than that?

Liberals. Depend. On. Stupid!


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