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The 2014 Fabulous 50 Blog Awards have been announced and for the third year in a row, Angry White Dude is in the club.

This page would be nothing without all the Dudes, Dudettes, and unwashed mindless trolls who visit every day. Let me make this clear. This award is not about me, it’s about you. Aw hell, I’m not fooling y’all…yeah, this award is all about me! I am the Big Sexy! Nah, I’m joking! Mostly.

AWD was awarded, with Cold Fury, this award

The Andrew Dice Clay Award for Political Incorrectness:

Angry White Dude: The stuff you wish you could say
Cold Fury: The stuff you wish you could say if your Mom didn’t read your work

Another word for “political incorrectness” is “truth.” And my mama does read AWD and I get a load of sh*t from her every time I write about boobs or something.

A supa-sexy special thanks to the great writers Bigtimer and RedstaterNYC for all their untiring work bringing us thought-provoking post after post! Also a special thanks to all those who take the time to share their opinions and commentary with the world. Except Magnum…who harshes my mellow saying AWD takes bubble baths and carry man purses and what not. I could do without that sh*t.

I’m happy to see our good friends over at IOTWreport get credit for the great posts and graphics they come up with. Congrats to Big Fuzzy Hat and his crew!

Also, thanks to Doug Ross for taking time to put together this list. It’s nice to know someone is noticing our little AWD spot on Al Gore’s inter web net.

Here’s the complete list:

HERE THEY ARE: The 2014 Fabulous 50 Blog Award Winners #Fab50



  1. Txsecededave

    Outstanding! Wouldn’t expect anything less from a fellow Texan.

  2. Weren’t you in the top 50 last year? Shouldn’t you be up to 40 or at least 45 by now? I never could stand Dice Clay but I’m happy for your continued (albeit plateaued) success. And some of us/we?(see Rational for correct grammar) trolls take frequent showers (it helps with the wringing, (couldn’t resist Rational) in the ears and blocks the NSA ultra-sonic brain manipulation waves.

  3. AWD…

    I had no idea if you were going to post today or not. Since it looks like we posted about the same time and same topic, why don’t you go ahead and trash mine. I’m having nothing but trouble today with your site, so it would be appreciated if you got rid of mine…especially since I see no one has commented yet anyway.

    Hope this gets posted here.

  4. Angry White Dudette

    Congratulations, AWD. I know it takes a lot of time, energy and thinking to come up with something to write about almost everyday. I’m glad you have such great writers assisting with your Blog. Thank you, Big Timer, and Redstater for your hard work.
    It’s great to have AWD visiting his mama here in AZ. We’ve had a big ol time and it will continue for several more days. So happy.
    Happy New Year to all the great folks who visit this page.
    Angry White Dudette.

  5. ADD you so big and sexy, MI love yu brog. Yu want FOOK MI?

  6. Congrats AWD. Mr. Ross is very Astute at this award thingy. 😉

    • Diogenes you have a great site but I was just curios as to how Fritz the Cat ends up being a young ladies favorite movie. My sister and her friend took me to a drive in when I was young and that was the movie. They made me lay down in the back seat so I couldn’t watch it but I kept popping up every once in a while to check it out.

  7. Mr. Rational

    Except Magnum…who harshes my mellow saying AWD take bubble baths and carry man purses and what not. I could do without that sh*t.

    First belly-laugh of the day and it’s not even 8 AM yet.  Thanks, AWD!

  8. Congratulations AWD. Maybe a lavender scented bubble bath with some Kenny G playing in the background would un-harsh your mellow.

  9. AWD I read that Andrew Dice Clay moisturizes too.

  10. Jack Daniels

    I would expect no less AWD.

    Little late to the party, but….felicitations!….That’s French AWD…I thought it would go well with your celebratory champagne (brut of course) and baked brie…in candlelight…listening to BFH’s ‘tonight’s soothiness’.

    Now I guess I should go over and congratulate BFH too!!

  11. looking forward to checking out some of these fabulous 50 sites……….

    this much I’ve known all along since I first stumbled across this site…..I knew instantly from the very first time I read that great tag line about the most maligned being on the planet earth that this site was a different and the most unique site on the net….

    I knew I had found a home……

  12. AWD I still think you should check out I found a great plow there.

  13. AWD how much do I owe for damages?

  14. Congratulations! What kind of man-purse did you get for Christmas?

  15. Just like everyone before me, glad to know this blog, and thanks for making the list(with a link!). More so, congratulations on being similar as ADC in speaking the truth, with humor.

    HEY! Don’t miss his list under the creepy adds…

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