AWD’s sitting on my patio patiently waiting for my internet to come back on. You suck U-verse!! So I had to turn on ye olde cell hotspot to jot down a few thoughts (very few and none original!) that come to mind.

First, the weather has finally cooled off and it’s a nice 77 degrees at La Casa de Amor here in Texas. AWD is enjoying not sweating 24/7 for the first time in months. Picked up my old six-string tonight and made my way through some favorite tunes while staring up at the stars. It’s so beautiful here tonight. Wish you all could be here. Except Tucker.

The debate. Trump was a yuuuge disappointment as he let Hillary (and Lester) put him on the defensive over his taxes, whether he called women pigs, opposing Iraq, Obama’s @#&* birth certificate, etc. Who did his debate prep? You don’t have to take every piece of bait Hillary throws your way, Donnie!

And he let her slide by on topics that should have made her tremble from head to cankles! Her thoughts on cyber security? Oh boy, this is gonna be good! Nope, he talks about some Fraternal Order of Police endorsing him. I mean, BFD! Damn, son! Still, most polls show Trump won the debate. I disagree. If Hillary lost it was because of the tired old liberal sh*t they spew every four years. Tax the rich, more government, “investments” in every social program piece of garbage, etc. He should have had Hillary explain how socialism has worked out for Venezuela? Or America? I hope he comes out swinging the next debate and exposes the graveyard of skeletons in Hillary’s closet! Trump needs to hang out with AWD for a few days to prepare. I’ll shoot him straight. I think the greatest asset Trump has is that people just hate Hillary.

Charlotte – the rioters have made some great requests. You have to read what they are demanding. You’d think all that Soros money could buy some better savages than it has!


Defund the Charlotte Police. Yeah, that’s gonna happen.

United Nations – Some UN group is recommending America pay reparations to blacks for slavery. Yeah, that too is gonna happen. However, I agree with this. Anyone who was a slave should get some bucks and be returned to their homeland. I think the Charlotte rioters left this one out.

Anyway, I thought 60 years of welfare, food stamps, Section 8 housing, Affirmative Action, government set aside contracts, etc were reparations! A lot of good it’s done. Look for race relations to continue to worsen in America until this political correctness madness passes. Also, look for some white people to start eating their Wheaties when being attacked by rioting mobs from Black Lives Matter, Attack and Loot. When the crackas unleash some of the billions of rounds from the millions of AR’s they’ve been buying the last 8 years, look out.

Audi drivers – still assholes. Don’t know why I wrote that except it just popped into my mind and it’s true.

NFL – don’t care about it and haven’t for a decade or more. I hope the whole thing goes out of business.

Gary Johnson – amazing that some otherwise intelligent people would fall for that moonbat.

Something tells me Gary has smoked his share of the diggity dang to develop this level of asshattery.

And in case there’s any music lovers out there, here’s some of the tunes AWD has been playing out on the patio tonight. If you don’t like music, want to fight about it? So we’ll end the night with some Music That Doesn’t Suck.

Ryan Adams – Natural Ghost

Ryan Adams – I See Monsters (this is a strange song but it’s fun to pick)

Alejandro Fernandez – Te Voy A Perder (as some of y’all know, AWD hablars him some espanol and loves him some musica romantica. So does the Filly when I sing this one, if you know what I mean!)

Steve Earle – Fort Worth Blues (what a great tune! I wish I could write songs like this!)

John Prine – Hello In There (a gorgeous but sad song about getting old and being alone)

Goodnight, y’all.


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