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AWD’s sitting on my patio patiently waiting for my internet to come back on. You suck U-verse!! So I had to turn on ye olde cell hotspot to jot down a few thoughts (very few and none original!) that come to mind.

First, the weather has finally cooled off and it’s a nice 77 degrees at La Casa de Amor here in Texas. AWD is enjoying not sweating 24/7 for the first time in months. Picked up my old six-string tonight and made my way through some favorite tunes while staring up at the stars. It’s so beautiful here tonight. Wish you all could be here. Except Tucker.

The debate. Trump was a yuuuge disappointment as he let Hillary (and Lester) put him on the defensive over his taxes, whether he called women pigs, opposing Iraq, Obama’s @#&* birth certificate, etc. Who did his debate prep? You don’t have to take every piece of bait Hillary throws your way, Donnie!

And he let her slide by on topics that should have made her tremble from head to cankles! Her thoughts on cyber security? Oh boy, this is gonna be good! Nope, he talks about some Fraternal Order of Police endorsing him. I mean, BFD! Damn, son! Still, most polls show Trump won the debate. I disagree. If Hillary lost it was because of the tired old liberal sh*t they spew every four years. Tax the rich, more government, “investments” in every social program piece of garbage, etc. He should have had Hillary explain how socialism has worked out for Venezuela? Or America? I hope he comes out swinging the next debate and exposes the graveyard of skeletons in Hillary’s closet! Trump needs to hang out with AWD for a few days to prepare. I’ll shoot him straight. I think the greatest asset Trump has is that people just hate Hillary.

Charlotte – the rioters have made some great requests. You have to read what they are demanding. You’d think all that Soros money could buy some better savages than it has!


Defund the Charlotte Police. Yeah, that’s gonna happen.

United Nations – Some UN group is recommending America pay reparations to blacks for slavery. Yeah, that too is gonna happen. However, I agree with this. Anyone who was a slave should get some bucks and be returned to their homeland. I think the Charlotte rioters left this one out.

Anyway, I thought 60 years of welfare, food stamps, Section 8 housing, Affirmative Action, government set aside contracts, etc were reparations! A lot of good it’s done. Look for race relations to continue to worsen in America until this political correctness madness passes. Also, look for some white people to start eating their Wheaties when being attacked by rioting mobs from Black Lives Matter, Attack and Loot. When the crackas unleash some of the billions of rounds from the millions of AR’s they’ve been buying the last 8 years, look out.

Audi drivers – still assholes. Don’t know why I wrote that except it just popped into my mind and it’s true.

NFL – don’t care about it and haven’t for a decade or more. I hope the whole thing goes out of business.

Gary Johnson – amazing that some otherwise intelligent people would fall for that moonbat.

Something tells me Gary has smoked his share of the diggity dang to develop this level of asshattery.

And in case there’s any music lovers out there, here’s some of the tunes AWD has been playing out on the patio tonight. If you don’t like music, want to fight about it? So we’ll end the night with some Music That Doesn’t Suck.

Ryan Adams – Natural Ghost

Ryan Adams – I See Monsters (this is a strange song but it’s fun to pick)

Alejandro Fernandez – Te Voy A Perder (as some of y’all know, AWD hablars him some espanol and loves him some musica romantica. So does the Filly when I sing this one, if you know what I mean!)

Steve Earle – Fort Worth Blues (what a great tune! I wish I could write songs like this!)

John Prine – Hello In There (a gorgeous but sad song about getting old and being alone)

Goodnight, y’all.



  1. Reparations? Damn straight. Blacks owe America for the destruction of all the big cities. Everywhere Blacks went to from the Deep South has been turn to, uhh, Shinola. The South Side of Chicago used to have plenty Jews. People like Suze Orman, Sherry Lansing, Larry Ellison, Mandy Patinkin and Ruby Wax. Then the Blacks moved in enmasse and drove them off with their typical criminal activity. And now The Great and Powerful Obama wants to move them to every whitey area. Remember, nobody ever said: “Black people are coming, so property values will be skyrocketing!”

  2. mean while with all the bullsh*t going on with the debates…….a Virginia bar owner has the right idea……..

    he put a Colin Pimpleneck jersey on the floor at the entrance to his bar so his patrons can use if for a door mat to wipe the bottom of their boots off on him. as they enter the bar………

    that’s all this Pimpleneck jerk-wad’s jersey is good for………to wipe the scum off the bottom of our boots…….

    • He still paid the NFL for the privilege.

      What he should have done is had some toilet paper printed with the jersey image, and let his patrons wipe their asses with it.

  3. Trump’s knockout punch should’ve been when Shrillary said that stamina was sitting in front of a Congressional Committee for 11 hours…

    “One doesn’t need stamina to sit in front of a Congressional Committee for 11 hours unless they did something… Why were you there, again?”

  4. Blacks bitch because they have no jobs then vote for democraps that bring in immigrints that take jobs

  5. Disgusted Caucasian

    Trump missed a great opportunity when Shillery said, concerning the e-mail scandal, “it was a mistake and I take full responsibility.” Trump should have pounced at that moment.

  6. “Audi drivers – still assholes.”

    I resemble that remark.

    • Red, should’ve known! And you give me shit for owning a cat for a few weeks!


      • People who own cats, and people who drive Audis. Uhh guys, there is no difference between them.

        • JMV, AWD no longer owns a cat, fyi.

          And I’ll never own a GD Audi like those Yankee assholes!


          • Too late Dude, you had one in your house for a specific period of time, you, therefore, are ‘tainted forever’ due to your little transgression. Hell, you may as well become a registered Democrat and vote for Hillary. So there. 😉

          • JMV, all AWD wanted to do is keep the little kitty, Miss Mittens from being eaten by a coyote. And get me a mani/pedi.


          • AWD, you’re a Texican, you of all people should know that no good deed goes unpunished. Personally, I think you’re too far gone, you befriended not only Red, but also BFH, and they’re both (damn) yankees. Sorry, but you have to turn in your man card, trade in the F-150 for Geo Metro, and turn in all your guns at the nearest buy back and use the money to buy bubble bath and aromatherapy candles.

      • I can’t wait to move down to Texas with my Audi. I’ll keep the NY plates. That way when I drive 100 MPH on the highway, crossing 12 lanes at once while I zig-zag through traffic, people can hate me a little extra for being a goddam Yankee.

        Nah, just kidding. When I move down to Texas, I’m getting a tank.

  7. “Wish you all could be here. Except Tucker.”

    Hellfire, AWD. I was going to bring a case of cold beer.

    Guess I’ll have to donate it to a synagogue.

  8. just listened to Donald Trump in Wisconsin…….wow…….damn if I don’t believe him…..

    finally, we got someone who is for us……for those of us out here in the hinterlands……

    I believe him…….he is the only chance we have of taking back this country…..the only chance we have………

  9. dumb-ass liberal gets his ass electrocuted trying to steal a booby-trapped Donald Trump sign……..bwahahahahhahaha………

  10. United Nations in a panic……stop Trump………the UN is urging Americans to vote against Donald Trump……in a panic that Trump could win and the globalists will be defeated………..

    Trump/Pence……defeat the globalists


    Deplorable Bluto “the Irredeemable”……….

    • The UN is a waste TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT if the Hildabeast gets in America is done for! God help us I fear the election will be so corrupted . I read that Trump will have people at all the polling places. I emailed him about Philly. was so corrupt the last 2 elections

      • I’ve read that that corrupt son-of-a-bitch Jeh Johnson of Homeland Security wants to take over the election process and if he does the Hildabeast is insured the win……that’s why he wants to take it over… protect the vote…..

        yeah right…….I’ll believe that when pigs fly……….

  11. Audi drivers – still assholes –

    Agreed. How about Land Rover owners? They have to be up there. And Prius drivers annoy the living daylights out of me. The thing that drives people like me crazy about Prius drivers is that they drive either reaaaaally slow, or they drive like they’re in a Porsche. when you drive like that you defeat the purpose of your Prius you asshat!!! don’t act like you’re doing the world a favor by driving a Prius. and the fact that they’re f*@%g everywhere. once on the road i literally had Prius’ on all 4 sides of me. i thought i was gonna get jumped fast and furious style.

    BMW, Audi and Jeep (At least wrangler) drivers around here are all huge assholes. Toyota drivers are slow as f@#k and always pacing’s all about who the vehicle is advertised to. Audi’s ads are effective on assholes, and Toyota advertises to people who both don’t drive a lot and have a “Self righteousness” that makes them enforce their way onto other people.

    I can handle asshole drivers, because they don’t have the torque to be an asshole to me. It’s the Toyota drivers that piss me off. If you’re going to go exactly the speed limit, stay in the right lane, damn it.

    Good thing I live out in the country now. I deal with John Deere Tractors, Amish buggies, the occasional box truck loaded with local produce. A back up on our road is six cars at the red light on Saturday night. It’s still fun to take my car out and hit the free ways going 75, but now if’s fun, not a daily pain in the ass.

  12. Enjoy this site of course along with Ambrose Kane and Breitbart and a few others, but at this point it’s just the same people over and over being outraged, and it will not be enough in November.

    I have been a Trump guy from day one, thought he was a really bright guy who could assemble a team of top-notch people, run his campaign effectively, play the media to his advantage, and in the end put a body slam on Hillary and the establishment. But after this week, watching him tweet at 3 am about a useless nobody porn actress, I have come to the conclusion that he was just the “accidental candidate”.

    His rise to popularity early on in the primary was based on the Tea Party that came out in droves to hear him in Phoenix. That single rally in Arizona took him back, I don’t think he really understood until that day how many people in this country have had it with the border, economy etc. He embraced the populism, partly because he agrees with us, and also because it was a way to get the nomination. I am not saying that Trump is not genuine about our issues, but at the same time I do believe his ego and vanity are greater, and in the end that has been his undoing.

    I watched him at the debate, and he was unable to stand toe to toe with such a flawed candidate as Hillary and not really defend our issues, but rather he quickly shifted to defending his ego and business practices, and therefore lost the debate. If he can’t stand up to anyone in any setting and lay out a plan for our country and defend our issues and principles, then he can’t win in November and he can’t. I have read that he will do much better in a Town Hall setting next time, that the media is so bias against him that the moderators aren’t fair, who cares. Anybody on this site could beat her in a debate period. Using logic, facts, common sense and a real understanding of the issues, which everybody on this site have (except the trolls) could whip her at anytime at any venue. Donald Trump cannot.

    I have a Trump sign on my lawn, stickers on my F 250, and wear a Trump hat, but at this point do not see a path to a victory for him. His ego and vanity are just too much.

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