Well, when there’s nothing to write about, there’s everything to write about. Welcome to AWD’s new post where he reads the headlines from blogs that post new material more than something every week or so (ahem) and expresses his opinions on each. Very stimulating to say the least. Well, at least better than the Home Shopping Network on Ear Bob Monday.

Tonight, AWD will go over to our friends at and see what’s cooking:

60 Minutes: Mostly ‘Affluent and College Educated’ Liberals Fall for Fake News

Well, where’d you park your car, Dick Trickle? Some of the most stupid people I know have degrees. Here’s the deal, Che. If your major has “Studies” after the first word, better get used to counting the cinder blocks in mom and dad’s basement! No job for you unless you saddle up with Comrade Soros and his communist henchmen for $10 an hour. AWD has said this before and it is still true, public universities should only teach STEM classes (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, goat ropers) majors. If some leftist tuition belching institution of indoctrination wants to teach Kill Whitey 101, again, look to Comrade Soros at the Castro Institute of Communist Claptrap in Berkley, Mexifornia. But don’t look for any school loans you can later default on, you little Stalinist bastids. So yes, I believe college educated middle class socialist brats are the number uno consumers of fake news. Is anyone surprised at this?

No Change Expected for ESPN Political Agenda Despite Huge Subscriber Decline

Does anyone really watch sports anymore? It’s pretty despicable anymore with tattooed felons running up and down the court or field. And the crass announcers are worse. Years ago while in college, AWD ate dinner with Dick Vitale. I should have stabbed him in the throat that night. You’d be thanking me now.

ESPN has been shedding viewers faster than Bill Clinton and sexual trysts since Hillary is home all the time these days. Why? Well, because Hillary is at home and Bill can’t get out. Oh, you mean ESPN? Well, because it’s nothing more than a PC piece of garbage with leftist, thug embracing morons acting like they might have a molecule of sense. They don’t. Anyone who doesn’t toe the leftist line at ESPN soon finds themselves fired. ESPN is owned by Disney, the most PC company in los Estados Unidos.

I haven’t watched ESPN in years. Of course, I don’t have cable because I got tired of paying for sh*t I don’t watch. If I want to watch worthless morons, any DMV will fit the bill.

Sessions to Strip Billions from Sanctuary Cities

Yes! Yes! Sweet baby Jesus, yes! Finally, an Attorney General who will uphold the law! That’s how low America has fallen. AWD has to risk his eternal reward by using the Lord’s name in vain to celebrate an Attorney General doing their job! But, it’s soooo worth it. Jesus understands. I hope. Well, hell, it ain’t like I have much of a chance of scaling the Pearly Gates anyway.

I say not only keep billions of our tax dollars from reaching PC Democrat-run hellholes who protect liberal criminals, but also put the Mayors and Police Chiefs in jail, too for breaking the law! And if Maryland and California want to make their entire states sanctuary, well, Jeff Sessions has access to lots of jails for Governors too!

Hit it, Natch!


Immigrant Accused of Child Rape Disappears after Posting Bond

Where’s that @#&* wall? AWD has never understood granting bond to illegal alien criminals who are sure bets to take off and disappear! Or, even more stupid, is to deport them when they’ll be back in the country in a few days or so. If illegal aliens commit crimes, put their asses in jail and let them rot after breaking rocks all day. Don’t let them out on bail! They’ll only split, change their name to Elmo Rodrigues on the other side of the country until they commit another crime. It’s bullish*t!

Child rapist? The local constabulary should take him into the woods, tie him to a tree and let the pigs finish him off. This whole story makes me absolutely sick! When our politicians welcome the Third World, we become the Third World.

Pinkerton: Fulfilling President Trump’s Promise of ‘a Great Healthcare Plan for the People’

AWD didn’t even read this article because I posted this past week what Trump should do about ObamaCare. Nada. Not a damn thang! Let the whole thing collapse! Let premiums increase a thousand percent. Let stupid Americans learn the hard way that they are stupid. And let them learn that government is never the answer.

As for Trump, he needs to learn fast that he should vehemently oppose EVERYTHING supported by Ryan and McConnell. They are his enemies. And ours. Also, if McCain and his manservant Lindsey “Fredo” Graham oppose Trump, he is on the right track. The Republicans hate Trump worse than the Dims. Trump should disembowel every single one of the piece of dirt sellout RINOs in Congress and smear their blood and guts on his face. They are worthless traitors to the American taxpayer. Make them suffer and then go after their families! Make examples of those who are stabbing you in the back, Mr POTUS. Do as AWD says and you’ll be one of the greatest presidents in history. If you don’t, you will waste four years and we’ll be stuck with the next Democrat socialist corruptocrat in line.

I got so pissed off with those past two headlines I had to take a break! You know, if everyone would just listen to AWD, we’d all be so much better off. I’m pretty much always right. It’s a gift, I guess. Of course, it’s not too difficult to be better than a leftist.

For some Music That Doesn’t Suck tonight, AWD has been listening to Jethro Tull – The String Quartets while I wrote this post. Pretty nice stuff. Much better than listening to ESPN.

Here’s Living In The Past. Written in 5/4, a great piece.


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