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From time to time, AWD likes to go all Nostradamus and sh*t. Since this election could spell America’s doom, I thought I’d weigh in on my thoughts about the Banana Republic once known as America. Oh, and to make my predictions.

How can anyone who cherishes the rule of law have any faith remaining in what America has become? If they do, yesterday’s announcement by FBI Director Comey clearing Hillary Clinton of wrongdoing and ending the FBI’s investigation over Clinton’s mishandling of classified material should finish you off.

Hillary Clinton has perjured herself before Congress. She has deleted emails that were under subpoena from Congress. She had a server that was illegally operated during her term as SecState. Hell, she even had her maid printing up classified documents. Moreover, Peter Tweeter Anthony Weiner had over 650,000 emails from Hillary on his PC! And this guy was sending pics of his unit to teenage girls on Twitter! So forgive me that I find it outlandish to deny that EVERY ENEMY OF AMERICA HAS READ EVERY CLASSIFIED DOCUMENT SECRETARY OF STATE CLINTON SENT AND RECEIVED! And yet, the FBI doesn’t believe she should be prosecuted.

As quoted in Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm,’ “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

Hillary Clinton has put the lives of your children and mine at risk by her disregard of the law. Congress has allowed itself to become irrelevant after 8 years of constitutional overreach by the most anti-American US President in history and by allowing the most corrupt Secretary of State in history to do anything she damn well pleases in front of their worthless faces.

I recently read two amazingly frightening articles that were posted at Zero Hedge. I will link to them tonight and strongly suggest you read each word for word to see how America got to where it is and why all this will lead to great bloodshed in the next few years.

Civil War II – Fourth Turning Is Intensifying (Part 1)

Civil War II – Fourth Turning Is Intensifying (Part 2)

As we have discussed here for quite a while and what the articles reinforce in great detail, America has been bought and purchased by the .01%er globalists of the world. Billionaire bankers and globalists along with Middle East kingdoms own Congress, control the propaganda organ known as the Mainstream Media, and have wealth beyond belief by selling out America’s middle class. They have dumbed down the populace with sports idols, celebrity worship, and indoctrination centers known as public schools and universities, and have bought off the lazy and stupid with welfare paid for by the shrinking middle class.

Where individual states have tried to resist the individual rights and constitutional-munching machine known as the federal government, liberal federal judges quickly stamp out state referendums guaranteeing individual liberties, Voter ID laws, etc. The federal government and non-elected agencies control every aspect of American lives.

Where does this leave us poor, middle class producers? Well, we are at the bottom of the totem pole. When the middle class foots the bill for America but is hated equally by the mooching hordes at the bottom of the societal food chain and by the Establishment elite, you might say we are in deep Dukakis.

Or, perhaps, it is the Establishment and moochers are in deep Dukakis. You can only kick a large segment of the population that funds this charade yet owns over 300 million firearms for so long. Once producers begin asking themselves what they are getting from their labors and responsibility and realize the answer is “screwed,” look for a highly volatile situation. What happens when the law-abiding, tax-paying middle classes refuse to follow the laws like the DC Establishment elite?

It’s a dire situation as America crumbles after generations of Establishment greed, living beyond our means, fighting stupid, un-ending wars, trying to build democracies in savage lands, destroying traditional institutions that made America great, and outsourcing our middle class jobs to the world. As the old adage goes, “play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”

America is now $20 trillion in debt. Countries are moving away from the dollar which has been weakened by the Fed’s printing of $85 billion of paper per month during the reign of Imam Hussein. Middle class America is hurting and angry. They caught on to the Establishment routine of serving up sub-par RINO globalist Republican presidential candidates to lose to socialist Democrats. So the middle class chose the outsider Donald J Trump as their candidate to right decades of governmental wrong. Unfortunately, the Establishment (Republicans = Democrats) realize Trump is a great threat to their continued f***ing of America for their own gain. They have opposed Trump and his supporters at every turn.

Therefore, my predictions:

Hillary Clinton will be elected President. The fix has been in the entire time. Oh, they’ll make it look close but, at this point, can anyone really trust the government or the George Soros-owned voting machines to report votes accurately? Does anyone discount illegal aliens who, without Voter ID laws, will be bussed to precinct after precinct to vote as much as they can in swing states for Hillary Clinton? It will look like she squeaked by but the truth is, we will never know because the Establishment selected Hillary long ago. She’s one of them. That’s why she’s not in jail tonight.

I predict the Republicans will retain the House and Senate. But that means nothing as the Establishment GOP runs both joints and they are just rebranded Democrats. Just look at the past years under Republican control for proof.

America is completely divided. And nothing divided against itself can stand. At this point, I hope America doesn’t remain a united republic of states. I would much prefer Red States rid themselves of socialist, collapsing Blue States and form a government that follows the US Constitution. Only with term limits and strong prohibitions of lobbying added. Who cares when California or New York crumbles into the same pile of sh*t as does every socialist state in history? They deserve it.

AWD went John Galt in 2012 after the reelection of Obama. I stopped caring or worrying about the United States. My interests turned to my own state of Texas and ridding it of leftists in Austin who foul the legislature. In my opinion, the faster Red States can cut off the socialist leeches in Blue States, we can sooner return to doing what Americans used to do better than anyone else in history. Create wealth. And we will be able to create wealth without the heavy shackles of business-choking laws, taxes, and regulations of Washington, DC that have been place upon our backs over decades.

So congratulations to the liberal half of the country, you’ve just helped to elect the worst and most corrupt person ever born in America. Maybe it’s fitting America ends with Hillary as President.



  1. My suggestion is that everyone start by creating their own unpapered AR-15 lower receiver and have their friends join in in making them as well. Americans need to create a vast assemblage of ARs that have no history for the Cosmopolitans to make records of.

    Yes, mold your own lower receivers:

    Tell the anti-gunners to go to hell.

  2. Don brinkman

    Don’t give up yet, they haven’t counted the votes.

  3. I’ll be honest, I was fooled when Comey reopened up the email investigation. I thought there was a glimmer of hope for the future. When Comey again announced Hillary didn’t do anything to break the law, I realized how deep the corruption runs. This country is being run by a corrupt sinister regime that will never relinquish power. I wish everyone and their family best of luck come 2018, when car bombings are rampant across the country. Here is my big prediction, I bet sometime in the near future the USA flag gets a new design to be more “inclusive” for everyone. Probably going to be rainbow colored with a symbol of the Koran somewhere.

  4. Disgusted Caucasian

    I’m seeing a landslide for Trump. Anything less will be fraud.

    • Fraud for sure. The Hussein regime knows they can manipulate the votes and nobody’s going to crap about it. Just like Hillary blatantly broke the law with Lorreta Witch refusing to allow a real investigation and nobody does anything about it.

  5. The evil hag will steal election

  6. Deplorable Mike

    I think I’ll just drink a beer, and watch World Series highlights. Way to go Cubbies!! What else have I got to look forward to?

  7. Quartierleblanc

    The fix is in and always has been. All we have to do is survive. However, I will never, ever support a Democrat under any circumstances. I haven’t been to a movie in a year. Rock bottom is good solid ground and a great place to turn around.

  8. HOLY BLUE BALLS BATMAN! It’s 11:38 and I think we got this!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!

  9. David in SC

    President Trump! This is the end of the clintons and the 60s hippies in power! I’m glad I lived to see it!


  11. Don brinkman

    Dude you ain’t no Nostradamus .

  12. Thank you Jesus thank you Lord,

  13. How out of touch is everyone in the media?…

    Everyone’s jaw was on the floor. Even at FOX. I swear they live in a different world.

    Trump Train keeps a rollin’

  14. I woke up this morning and I have never been so glad to have been so wrong about something in my entire life.

    Yay Trump.

    Now I’m going to enjoy breakfast, spend a few minutes taking pleasure in the misfortune of the Clinton Royal Family, then I’m going to get busy holding Trump accountable for his decisions and choices over the next four years.

    Trump better hit the ground running because in four years if his constituency is not happy “He’s Fired”

  15. Trump defeated, all by himself, the united forces of all the media domestic and foreign, the White House, Big Academia, Hollywood, the entertainment industry and the Democrats best candidate.
    The fact that Hillary Clinton broke tradition and did not address the thousands of supporters gathered at New York’s Javits Center for a victory party is not surprising. There was no thanking them for their efforts. No acknowledging their discomfort, and no call for national unity after defeat.

    President Trump should call Comey and Lynch immediately and tell them, ‘I want no records disposed of until Rudy Guiliani and Trey Gowdy tell you which ones you will be allowed to touch.’

    I feel like a huge burden has been lifted off of our collective shoulders. We owe President Trump many, many thanks for standing up for us. We may need to offer him some Liquid Plumber X Strength because there is some very greasy slime heading down that drain into the swamp.

    • Trump should immediately release all the ATF documents that The Great and Powerful Obama has shielded from scrutiny to protect “My People” Eric Holder in his “Fast and Furious” gun running operation.

  16. Wow! Looks like that “basket of deplorables” was more like a Dump Truck Load. So, Hillbillary, how do you like me now???



  18. Pickled Liver

    To all the other Deplorables out there that stood with Trump ! Congratulations !

  19. Rebelpatriot

    Hey AWD, both you and I wrongly predicted the crook would win. I am glad to admit my prediction was wrong. Trump has a tough road ahead and I pray he succeeds. God bless America

  20. been celebrating a glorious victory over the Marxist/communists with vodka over ice with pineapple juice……….

    the left has been soundly defeated………..the d’himicrats will not be able to pound the last nail in the coffin…….we will live, our death is not happening…..and we will live to fight another day………the fight is by no means over……they are not going to go away……..the fight is not over……….

    now all those who said they were leaving the country if Trump won now need to get the hell out of the country and don’t ever come back…..get your assess the hell out now…….

  21. day of reckoning is right……”Loretta Lynch-Mob” your days are numbered……….

    and so are your’s Comey……..all you elitist muther-fu*kers…..your days are numbered……..

  22. When I woke this morning (after not sleeping well the last week) I was so happy that President elect Trump made it! Now all he need to do is exactly what he said he’d do, and also grab Hillary by her pu$$y and throw her ass in jail.

  23. master of sinanju

    Gad to see you were wrong.

  24. While much of what you said remains true, I for one am glad to say you were wrong. At least about Clinton. So don’t go flaccid on your country just yet. There is much work to be done, none of it easy and the future uncertain. America needs its strongest patriots. As a Texan, I hope to count you in that number.

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