I got a few positive comments on the inaugural (that means first, goat ropers) mishmash of trash. OK, it was one compliment from my angry white mama. But that’s still a positive comment, no? The mishmash of trash is AWD just sitting down and writing about things I’ve been thinking about, news items, and a whole lot of meaningless trash that comes to mind. Like I have said before, what do you want for nothing?

First, a sad note. Admin Girl from I Own The World has passed away long before her time. She was the founder of I Own The World and started the whole thing. She found Big Fur Hat and he put together a great team of writers who defend people like us (PLU) from leftists and other dangerous creatures.

While we pick at each other on our pages, Big Fur and I are very good friends. I also count many other writers at as close friends. I know he, Mary Jane Anklestraps, Mr Pinko and the others over there are hurting real bad. You might find time to offer a few words of condolences. Admin Girl had no idea what she was starting when she bought that url. And her work, the work of BFH and team and their commenters will live on to influence millions. Rest in peace, Admin Girl.

OK, this week was the 40th anniversary of the release of the first Boston album. That’s right! 40 years ago, you tired, worn-out old bastids! AWD was in the 7th grade when the Boston album came out. Man! Every damn song on it was awesome! Of course, we’ve now heard every damn one of them 2.5 million times but…ahhhh…back in the day. When musicians played instrument and wrote songs they themselves played!

AWD was listening to Dallas talk show 800 pound gorilla Mark Davis this week on the way to slay my weak, pathetic competition in the violent world of plumbing fixture sales. (As if they are my competition! You hear that, you cheap Kohler bastids!! Home Depot is mine! MINE!!)

Mark Davis played several Boston tunes as his bumper music while announcing the 40th anniversary of the album release. His words, “Boston, what a great band. Tom Scholz on guitar, the late great Brad Delp on vocals…” Hey! what the?!! What about Sib!?! Huh, Mark Davis? Why is it everyone only talks about the @#&* guitar player and singer? The man in the back keeping it all together pounding the lumber (wait, that don’t sound right) is the one that counts! So here you go, Mark Davis, I introduce you to the great Boston drummer (and most important man in Boston, the band AND the city), Sib Hashian:


You’ll want to admire Sib on all Boston recordings. You don’t want to sit behind him at the movies.

Here’s the entire first album. Turn it up, sit back and Sib away.

AWD has added a new member to his shooting iron family. I told y’all I wanted a pocket gun and I went out and bought myself one. Thanks to everyone who made sound recommendations. I looked at all of those guns and may end up with a few more pocket pistols before I’m done. You know, a different gun for every day to compliment my huge, supa-sexy clothing ensemble.

I bought the Smith M&P Bodyguard .380. There were two major reasons. This thing is tiny! And Cabelas has it on sale for $299. I loved the Kahr .380, the Bersa Thunder, and the Ruger LC9. I bought my Filly the Ruger for Navidad and my daughter carries a Bersa. I’ll probably trade out my Smith for my daughter’s Bersa. She’ll love it and I can never say no to my kids.

I must say, I love me some Springfield XD’s. What an awesome gun in numerous flavors and sizes. I’ll probably end up with one of those for formal occasions. Remember this pearl of wisdom from ye olde AWD. The only thing better than guns is…..more guns.

Here’s something that will surprise you. Black San Francisco Quarterback Colin Kaepernick says “I won’t stand to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people.” Yep, that $126 million contract doesn’t come close to the fulfilling career of digging ditches, you poor oppressed thing! Especially when you suck as a football player.

I’m not going to rag on Kaepernick because that’s what I expect from the brainwashed black community in America. And you better believe it is the vast majority of blacks who think exactly like Kaepernick. I’m going to rag on the NFL and the morons who support it. The NFL is a politically correct money making machine that will allow the false “Hands Up” BS from the Ferguson thug riots but won’t allow the Dallas Cowboys to apply a small sticker supporting the Dallas Police who were assassinated by a Black Lives Matter murderer. Say no more.

I know so many guys who can name every stat on every sport but can’t name their Congressman. It truly is pathetic. They worship pro athletes who, if not pro athletes, would probably end up in prison (many still do) but don’t care about the country crumbling around them. Ever read 1984? Meet the Proles of 2016.

Screw the NFL and their owners. For an owner to allow a player to insult those who have died in uniform and the country that allows an otherwise unskilled jerk to make hundreds of millions is disgraceful.

Just saw that former NBA player Isaiah Thomas is also weighing in on those evil ol’ white people who just can’t do enough to please black people:

Twelve-time NBA All-Star Isiah Thomas said Friday on ESPN’s “First Take” that white silence during times of social injustice involving an African-American is the same thing as violence itself.

“I look at white silence in these issues as violence,” Thomas said. “White silence is the equivalent to violence in these issues. When you’re not standing up and you’re not speaking out for your brother, right, you and I are brothers regardless of skin color, and this is where this whole race thing, this constructed race thing really separates us in this country, and that’s what we need to get underneath because any type of mistreatment of you or oppression of you I have to stand up and speak against that.”

I’m sorry, Isaiah, I’m all out of f#$*s to give about thugs shooting thugs. No matter what their race. I guess I’m too worn out from all that working for a living so the government can give welfare moochers my money to really care anymore.

Another topic – Breitbart has risen to become a powerful voice against the Mainstream Propaganda Media and it is fun to watch! It would be interesting to see what Breitbart would be if Andrew was still alive. His goal was to destroy the Propaganda Media. He may just well do it with the able team he put together before his death.

You may not know it but Andrew helped Matt Drudge create Drudge Report. He also helped Arianna Huffington create HuffPo. She was once a conservative. She is still an idiot.

Andrew enjoyed being the point of the spear. He was fearless and took great personal and financial risk to stand for what he believed. Donald Trump is wise to bring Breitbart commander Steve Bannon on as CEO of his campaign. I’ve met Steve on a few occasions and he’s extremely bright, dedicated, and motivated.

Irony, meet Black Lives Matter. Saw this over at A black rapper (lol) was trying to record a rap video with a BLM theme in Barackistan when a drive-by shooting happened. This isn’t a surprise to anyone, I’m sure. The rapper’s name is King Yella. I crap you negative. I’m sure he a goot boy who ain’t never done nuffin’ wrong. Here’s King Yella.


He has a cross tattoo on his forehead. I’m so glad he’s a Christian.

Here’s the video:

Mr Yella wrote on his Instagram account:

“Video shoot gone wrong me gettin shot caught on camera while shootin my stop the violence blacklivesmatter video. And I was trying to not get shot this week, too! Damn crackas always holdin’ us brothas down.” (Note: Mr Yella may or may not have said all of this quote. You be the judge.)

And on that high note, I’ll wrap it up for now. I’m not even going to proof read so forgive any grammatical errors. The Filly just arrived at the casa and I have one thing on my mind. Besides that. Torchy’s Tacos. I don’t know where all of them are located but Torchy’s Tacos could be the best restaurant in the world. They have a few in Dallas and I’ve been camping out eating their tacos. Two words…Trailer Trash taco. Hillbilly style. Would make Jesus cuss. It’s that good.

Y’all can open post away if you so choose. Or record a rap video.


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