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So O’Reilly is out. Not surprising, O’really. I have no doubt the ego-maniac O’Reilly is guilty of most of the sexual harassment armadillo accusations from the news babe accusers. This isn’t his first rodeo with crossing the PC boundaries set by feminists and lawyers decades ago as to what defines sexual harassment these days.

But the boundaries are, like they say, what they are. I haven’t watched Fox News for at least three years and I don’t care what happens to O’Reilly, Fox News, or the Murdoch family billionaires. But you will notice that ALL of the accusers are former Fox employees. No current employee has jumped in on the O’Reilly lawsuits. So are we to believe that no sexual harassment occurs with current Fox news babes? Or do they just tolerate it to stay in front of the camera? Or are the accusers merely looking for a final big payout?

I’ve known more than one guy who was lured into some sexual freaky deaky at work only to see her twist and turn the truth to get a few bucks down the road. Costs a lot of men their careers.

Here’s the deal. TV news babes are piranhas. They are not the nice sweet thangs they appear on camera. They would do just about anything, and I mean anything, to get fame, fortune and glory. Ever notice how every single Fox female employee and most regular female contributors are good looking and wear short skirts on air? Every single day! Think it’s coincidence?

Are there not ugly women with well-thought opinions out there? Those who have cogent thoughts on today’s propaganda spewed out by Fox? Let’s face it, journalism cannot be found on TV anymore than uglies on Fox. It’s all wag the dog propaganda and Fox falls right in line with whatever the left wing Mainstream Media wants delivered to America’s proles. I guess a pretty face better sells propaganda to the masses.

Fox isn’t selling news. Fox sells sex. And there’s no shortage of willing blonde bimbos waiting to land that big job on national TV. All they have to do is play along and show their boo-tays on camera. You better believe that 99% of the faces you see in tight skirts on Fox would slit throats of their rivals to move further up the ladder. It’s no different with those on the MSM or BeckTV/LevinTV/etc. Once they get tossed aside, all the BS sexual harassment lawsuits start flying. Yes, your honor, I was so offended by his advances that I waited 7 years until I wasn’t employed by Fox to sue.

I never understood what attracts so many to O’Reilly. He was a jerk to conservatives and threw softball questions to the Obamas and Sharptons (but I repeat myself) he’d have on. Yesterday, one of the local conservative radio shows took a call from a woman who said something along the lines of “I don’t know why Fox fired O’Reilly! You can just tell he’s a good Christian man who’d never do the things those women said he did.” Yep, those are the Stupid Republican Voters who continually elect ‘good ol’ _______’ to Congress for 40 years. I personally believe O’Reilly would screw a muffler if he could catch the car.

I never watched O’Reilly because he just oozed arrogance and assholery. He used the words “I” or “Me” more than Obama on a bad night. He made the show about him and I don’t care about him. O’Reilly consistently interrupted guests to bring everything back to being about O’Reilly. He had the same boring regular guests appear night after night and their canned answers became predictable. But the main reason I didn’t ever watch O’Reilly is he just looks like a huge douchebag. The arrogant, asshole in the bar with the huge mouth and punchable face. And AWD’s Douchebag-dar is pretty damn strong so I know I’m right.

Fox lost a lot of viewers with their 24/7 pimping of El Jeb Booosh in the last GOP primary. Fox News is to the RINO Wussypants Republicans what the MSM are to the Democrat Party. Propagandists.

Side note: I gave up my satellite tv last June once my indentured servitude contract expired. I’m saving $1400 per year and haven’t missed TV news one little bit. I have a rabbit ear antenna to watch local weather when the Texas Spring hailstorm du jour comes blowing through. Other than that, my house has music playing unless watching Netflix with the filly.

My surprise is not that people watched O’Reilly. I’m shocked people waste their time watching Fox! Or any other “news” network or program. Fox should have seen this O’Reilly train wreck coming. But I guaran-damn-tee you O’Reilly would still be there if the advertisers hadn’t pulled out.



  1. TV news babes are piranhas. They are not the nice sweet thangs they appear.

    Fixed it for you.

    • Red, how did I miss that one? lol


      • I’ve got a tip for AWD that will help him get rid of those rabbit ears:

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        Keep in mind the issue with metal vs wood mini blinds, though.

  2. PS, I am pushing the little filly hard to cut the [cable] cord. I don’t watch a minute of TV if I can help it, and yet I pay hundreds of bucks a month for that sh*t.

    Goddam women.

  3. BAHAHAHAHA! Suckers! I was fortunate to be born with the ability to learn from other people’s mistakes. I graduated HS in ’79, and every one of my HS buddies have been married and divorced, some of them more than twice! I retired at 50, don’t need or want a woman in my life, and thusly, I have money to do whatever the hell I want, whenever I want to. Whatever problems I may have, a bitch ain’t one!

    If that arrogant ass O’Reilly has any brains left, he will take the millions he made while at Fox, and find a nice, quiet hole to crawl into, and then pull the hole inside with him and spend the rest of his life spending his money.

  4. Nick Digger

    Fox News not only “saw this coming”, they deliberately orchestrated it.

  5. I keep Fox just to watch Tucker Carlson. Love that guy!

  6. Rebelpatriot

    I’m not defending O’Reilly, but I think it is best not to say anything to women if possible. No complements on how they look, etc. Exceptions being your wife, girlfriend or female family members. I think this is what it has come to in America.
    Hey JMV, that is pretty smart and bravo to you sir.

  7. Multiple sources are reporting O’Reilly is getting a $25 million severance package. This dwarfs what fired football and basketball coaches get when they are fired. Nice work if you can get it.


  9. Women loved him because he was the alpha male. He was so confident and self-assured but largely appeared the gentleman on TV.

    Little doubt he got lots of poontang but women are fickle, jealous, and lying creatures. I doubt he had to do anything to get in his colleagues pants.

    Doesn’t matter. Fox is moving on and I like Carlson much better.

  10. I won’t pretend to know what really went down, but Mr. Loofa should have realized that these antics would eventually catch up with him. The don’t S where you E applies even more the more the more visible your public your profile. I knew enough to avoid this drama by my early 20’s working in F & B, in an atmosphere where everybody doing each other was the norm.

    The apparent lack of impulse control from so many high level people FOX News makes me wonder how they were able to be so successful in their chosen fields. They remind me of guys who can’t stay away from strip clubs during the afternoons instead of working.

    This is chance for FOX to move further away from Conservativism, INC and a move toward the nationalist conservativism becoming the norm in the post-Bush era. I hope they hire commentators reflecting these viewpoints instead of just another Establishment mouthpiece.

  11. Quartierleblanc

    Personally, I’m pulling the plug on Fox. What’s clear is that this is a clear cut strategy on the left to cripple conservative news. All you have to do is find a bimbo to say she was sexually her assed. “Her ass meant” can mean just about anything, even years down the line especially if there is a payday involved. Payback will be a bitch.

  12. Thank you AWD for your article about Fox News. Yes, I think the same thing. However, I am fond of Tucker.

  13. He reminds me of the guy on the old Mary Tyler Moore show..Ted Baxter…A pompus windbag who is always wrong. good by Jackass.

  14. Wow, guys… Thanks for all the compliments. We’re not all like that.

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