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As I did in the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman production, AWD has largely reserved comment on the shooting of Mike Brown in Ferguson until more facts arise. I had a suspicion (probably based on my racism and white privilege) that the facts would not shine a kind light on the deceased Mr Brown once they emerged. Call it racism, call it white privilege, or call it just plain ol’ experience and reality! It’s no surprise to anyone who pays attention that Mr Brown was a violent thug whose violent actions most likely led to his demise. Just like, as the evidence presented at trial proved, the violent actions of Trayvon Martin cost him his thuggish life. Live like a thug, die like a thug.

I believe that this whole Michael Brown fiasco is just another ruse from white liberals who control the ghetto black population to rile them up so they’ll turn out to the polls in November and cast their votes once again for Democrats. Black people never learn, do they? Democrats, while loving the automatic black vote, have turned their attention to the brown horde invading America’s southern borders. AWD even predicted a few months ago there would be another Trayvon-like incident before November.

A few random thoughts here. A woman rumored to be the wife of the Ferguson police chief was soundly criticized for tweeting this:

feral blacks ferguson 1

This was discovered to be a hoax. But the tweet was soundly criticized as (you guessed it) “racist” by the usual politically correct white liberals, professional (make their living being black) blacks, and ghetto black people. Question. Can the violent actions of the majority gathered in the streets of St Louis be classified as civilized in any manner? Is anything in the tweet untrue? No, daily thuggery from ghetto blacks with flash mobs, knockout games, and other violent crimes across America prove the words in that tweet, no matter who wrote it. In the Ferguson lootings and violence, feral is a more than generous label.

The ghetto black community is a tremendous weight around the neck of responsible America. The Return On Investment (ROI) of 50+ years of welfare, Affirmative Action, social programs, etc is in the red, big time! The ghetto black is the community where 3% of the US population (black males between 18-49) commit over half of the country’s violent crimes and murders. A community that ranks at the bottom of every single measurement of achievement. Why is this? Racism and oppression from whitey? Hardly! It’s because ghetto blacks WANT to live like they do. No one holds a gun to their heads (except other ghetto blacks) to make ghetto blacks drop out of school, have illegitimate children at a 70+% rate, commit crimes at multiples greater than other races, join gangs, have the highest percentage on welfare and social services (39% while making up 12% of the US population), etc. No other race in America riots and loots, burning down their community when something doesn’t go the way they like. White people are attacked daily in horrible incidents of violence at the hands of blacks but no one burns down their local Quik Trip. Doesn’t even enter the realm of possibilities. Here’s a story where a 74 year old woman was attacked and robbed by four feral blacks in Florida in a grocery store! Just another elderly cracka beaten senseless by ghetto blacks for no reason other than being white. No comment from Obama, no marches by Sharpton, and no riots and looting by white people.

Ghetto black America is made possible by the poison of welfare. You can rest assured that none of the protesters in Ferguson missed work over the last week. Welfare breeds laziness, government dependency, ignorance, and hatred. Pay a man not to work and he won’t work. Feed a man with earnings taken from another and he’ll never learn the principles of responsibility and ambition. And that is what has happened in ghetto black America. Instead of giving them a head start with handouts, welfare and social programs have created a legacy of dependence, violence, failure, hatred, and problems for America. Political correctness has taught violent blacks that they cannot be criticized for anything they do. Dependency on social programs is so prevalent in ghetto black America that tremendous rioting and violence will take place when the government is no longer capable of paying it out.

Another interesting occurrence in Ferguson is where law-abiding store owners had to guard their stores from looting with guns because the feckless police has been shamed into letting looters do what they please! Just like we saw in the Rodney King riots, the police are more afraid of being called racists than enforcing the law. Thank God for the Second Amendment! In a riot, you’re on your own. Better to have weapons, ammunition, and know how to use them or you’ll likely be dead. As we have seen, ghetto black thugs have no respect for life, property, the law, or anything else.

Shame on the propaganda media for stirring the fires of ignorance with their “innocent black teen killed by racist cop” narrative. They show angelic photos of the dead taken years before the incident while ignoring more recent photos that might cast the teen in a thuggish, bad light. We saw this in the Trayvon debacle where they showed a young Trayvon as sperm. There’s a huge difference between a smiling 13 year old schoolboy and a hulking 6’4″ 300 pound violent monster! But the propaganda media has an agenda. And that is to do the bidding of the White House and Democrats. Hence, lie and stir up the ignorant ghetto black class against whitey or the 5-0 so they’ll show up to vote in November.

Another thought watching the Ferguson riots is the true racism of white liberals. They really believe blacks can be no better than the molotov-throwing, rioting, street terrorists they are They will never call for responsibility and restraint. They blame the uncivilized behavior on the responsible in America and tell the ghetto thugs they are being “held down” by white racists. Much like they don’t criticize Muslims for decapitating children. White liberals believe ghetto blacks are incapable of civilized behavior. And they really don’t care if they are or not. They only want their vote. Blacks and liberal whites will remain silent while blacks mow down other blacks every weekend in Chicago and other black communities. Nothing to gain by criticizing blacks. Move along.

How embarrassing it must be to be a responsible black American and watch Ferguson. Most blacks are Democrats and liberals but many are responsible and don’t condone the violent behavior we are witnessing in St Louis. But it’s also interesting how many responsible blacks will say they “understand” what’s going on in Ferguson. As AWD has said for years, nearly every black person in America is black first and American somewhere down the line. The color blind society dreamed of by Martin Luther King? You can forget about that in the greater black community. They’re still stuck in slavery and Jim Crow. It’s their culture and most blacks will NEVER criticize the violent actions of another black person, no matter how repulsive. It’s a sad commentary on the black culture and part of the reason why blacks do not rise above their position in America. The status of shame no longer exists in black America. Of course, it hardly exists in liberal white America neither. Ask the Clintoons!

I spoke with a black friend last week. We were discussing politics as he is a liberal and knows I’m conservative. We discussed Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price who was just indicted by the FBI for multiple corruption charges going back years. John Wiley Price has a reputation as a racist, white-hating bully. I told my friend that I already knew he wanted Price to be acquitted for nothing more than because Price is black and hates whites. He said “well, it was the white men like Ross Perot that forced John Wiley to take all that money.” Keep in mind that Ross Perot has not been mentioned in the news or indictment. I told him that if white businessmen were involved that they too should go to prison.

We then discussed Obama. He told me he was a Hillary supporter but when he got into the voting booth he voted for Obama only because he is black. I told him he is a racist. He voted for someone merely because of their skin pigment. He laughed and said “you white people.” I said, “yeah, and you racist black people.” I don’t care about the skin color of the person. I care about the character. As such, I believe in MLK’s color blind society where nearly every black person in America does not!

Those are some of my thoughts on the Ferguson situation. Just another case of ghetto blacks being riled up about a non-existent racist problem and others looking for their “free at last” HDTV or Schlitz Malt Liquor. My best guess is that the shooting will be ruled justifiable and the ghetto black community in Ferguson will once again go looking for HDTV’s.



  1. Thank you for doing such a marvelous job of articulating your thoughts in a way that should make perfect sense to anyone who reads them. Unfortunately, people tend to see ONLY what they WANT to see. Still, I’m grateful for the effort you make to express what so many people are thinking and the anecdotal evidence you present is both sad and enlightening. And, yes, it IS both sickening and infuriating to watch another scandalous “Trayvon” farce being played out by the racist MSM and all the stupid members and supporters, black and white, of the Grievance Industry.

  2. With Obama’s legalization of 20 million illegals and the tens of thousands pouring in every month, eventually the Democrats will have the votes to turn the whole country into a New York/Chicago like “gun free zone”. At some point , the monster welfare underclass and the Islamist in the country are going to “act out” (- whoops, they already are)! I don’t want to have to rely on these militarized police for my safety. It’s always after the fact anyway.
    These are just the rumblings of things to come.
    Note the benefit of the doubt went to the violent thug, not the police officer.

    I wonder if the The Mozambique was used, I know there was a head shot.

    The Mozambique Drill [1] is a close-quarter shooting technique in which the shooter fires twice into the torso of a target (known as a double tap to the center of mass), momentarily assesses the hits, then follows them up with a carefully aimed shot to the head of the target. The third shot should be aimed to destroy the brain or brain stem, killing the target and preventing the target from retaliating.

  3. Spurwing Plover

    No one in the Tea Party ever acted like these wild savages have done and if they did the media vultures would be cirling overhead and the media sharks would have their usial feeding freinzie and lowlife scumballs like Tom Toles and Rex Babin would be printing their usial crappy cartoons about it all The news media is partiauly to blame for this along with the NBPP,AL SHARPTON,JESSIE JACKASON and others as well

  4. Dead center bullseye AWD, there’s nothing I can add.

  5. Everyone kept crying over ‘that poor innocent black boy’, gunned down for walking in the middle of the road. Well, if he and his bro’ had went to the sidewalk, guess what, no dead spook. There is also the matter of the altercation in the police car. Po’ Mikey had just ripped off some cigars and when the cop stopped him, HE probably thought it was about that. Turns out the cop had no clue. So, not wanting to get nailed for cigar theft, he tussles with said policeman, tries to get his gun, and reaps the appropriate reward. In the words of Forrest Gump, stupid is as stupid does.

  6. AWD great thoughts and you nailed it right on the head. I wonder how much longer white America is going to put up with this lawless $hit?

  7. Big flaw I see here, AWD.

    Whatever “orderly blacks” may be observing the monkeyshines in Ferguson, and being “embarrassed,” when push comes to shove they will stand and cover up for the perps, and say to hell with whites, Asians, Jews, and Latinos. They will, in other words, protect, demonstrate for, vote for, and enable their own. And they will join the chorus of anti-white hatred and blame.

    This is Human Nature 101. It is also Democratic Party politics 101.

  8. I am at the point in life that I don’t care if blacks call me a racist or if CNN, NBC, ABC, or CBS calls me a racist…..who gives a good god damn what CNN thinks or MSNBC, or any of them bastards……who gives a rat’s ass what any of them dumb-ass dipshits think….they are the one’s that are causing the trouble…..the blacks are the one’s causing the trouble between whites and blacks…….white people bend over backwards to get along with the blacks….everywhere, all over the country whites bend over backwards to get along with blacks……I’m good and god damn tired of being told I’m suppose to kiss black ass simply because it’s black…….I for one refuse to kiss black ass…….

    if the truth be told, black ass sucks the god dam root……I’m sick and tired of black ass……the blacks can go to freak’n hell for all I care……this is what I think of blacks…..they’re nothing but god damn trouble….anywhere you find blacks you find trouble…….blacks = trouble………….plain and simple…….everywhere there are blacks there is nothing but trouble………

    get it through your thick head…….I don’t try to get along with blacks…..I won’t befriend blacks….do everything to avoid coming in contact with blacks…..don’t want any blacks……don’t talk to blacks…..stay the hell away from blacks as much as I can………when a black face come on the tube I change the station……refuse to watch any black shows, black programs, or any blacks what-so-ever…….refuse to watch blacks in sports………when I white man fights a black in MMA or in the boxing ring I root for the white man, always…..never for the black……..and I look for a ring fatality when a white man fights a black man………

    not interested in the “”black experience””……..don’t want anything to do with the blacks………can’t stand to listen to the black voice…….the black inflection in the voice is so god damn irritating it isn’t funny… soon as I hear that black inflection in the voice I immediately turn off the sound so I don’t have to listen to it………can’t stand black lingo. or their god damn ebonics…..freak’n learn how to speak English you god damn animals……….and stick your fist bump up your black ass…….your black mannerism as well….you can stick all your black mannerisms right up your damn asses……..can’t stand any of your black mannerisms….your walking with a mean pimp……screw you……pull up your god damn pants asshole……

    when blacks start acting like they are civilized then maybe we can get along but not until……blacks will never act appropriately in society…..and we all know it…….you know god damn well that blacks are going to “”be black”” and the means they are going to do what they do, act like they are still in the jungle……….

    blacks should go back to Africa…..if it were up to me I’d deport every god damn last one of them and dump them off the ship when we reached the Congo so they can be in deepest, darkest Africa where they belong swinging from the trees Tarzan style…………


    Bluto…….a creepy-ass cracker…….bringing it to you form my loins……….

    “””a white man that is sick and tired of the blacks”””……..

    • Uncontainable Spirit

      lol! Your impotent rage is comical. smh. it’s OK though, you’re still white right?

    • Brother Bluto,

      I have NO reservations about publically stating that I prefer the culture of my Anglo Saxo heritage.
      I also am willing to publicly state that I think Anglo Saxon culture is superior to other cultures. Do these heartfelt opinions make me racist? If so, tough shit to whoever is offended.

      • tutu……..

        I’m in agreement 110%……….I prefer White Anglo-Saxon culture to every other culture on the face of the earth……….we need to save western civilization………..those who come after us will thank us…..

    • Rebelpatriot

      Amen brother Bluto!

  9. ConservativeInCA

    Spot on as usual, Dude.

  10. Just my thoughts…I don’t think it has so much to do with getting Democratic voters (no real difference between D and R, at least on the national level) but with agitation–get a white backlash going.

    If a race war gets ignited, that gives The Powers That Be an excuse to crack down, declare martial law (though not necessarily using that term), and shred what’s left of the Constitution. I think Obama’s perfect in that capacity, which I believe is why he was installed in the (formerly) White House.

    Just be aware, but don’t be a pawn.

  11. You’ve knocked it out of the park with this one, Dude. This article, PARTICULARLY Paragraph 4 (“The ghetto black community is a tremendous weight…”), should be mandatory reading for every literate American .

  12. Uncontainable Spirit

    Oh, I almost forgot…

    Dear Black People who may stumble across this site. Please heed the advice of your brother.

    1. In your city/county, apply for your permit to legally carry a firearm. Period. It’s your constitutional right to do so. Make it happen. Do it today if you can.

    2. Once you are legally allowed to carry a firearm, go purchase a firearm. If you’re an average sized woman I suggest a .38. It’s small with a smallish barrel and can be easily carried in a purse. This is my suggestion ladies: “Smith & Wesson Model 642 Airweight Revolver” If you’re an average sized man I suggest the “Smith & Wesson M&P360 Revolver” (I suggest a revolver because they are typically easier to maintain, they don’t jam as easily and you can keep your shells.)

    3. Once you are LEGALLY permitted to carry your firearm and you have LEGALLY obtained your firearm proceed to the nearest firearms safety class and learn EVERYTHING about your firearm. How to clean it, how to load it, how to fire it, how to carry it, how to take it apart, how to store it in your home and in your automobile… EVERYTHING!

    4. Go to the Gun Range Regularly. Let me repeat that… GO TO THE GUN RANGE REGULARLY! Take a friend. Form a meetup group. Join a group of others if you feel uncomfortable but GO! Become friends with your firearm.

    5. Carry your legally permitted and purchased firearm everywhere you are legally permitted to carry it.”

    I know… you don’t like guns and they are dangerous and you don’t think you’ll ever need one… however its’ better by far to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

    If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. I’d be more than willing to assist any of you with whatever knowledge that I have.

    Your brother
    Uncontainable Spirit

  13. Spurwing Plover

    Twist the truth to get what you want just what our main-sttream media scum dose

  14. good article awd ..

  15. I believe this is the BEST synopsis ever written about the Negro riots!
    It should be published in every newspaper in the USA.
    And read over the radio and TV.
    It’s that good!

  16. The problem is that ghetto blacks are incapable of civilized behavior. It’s genetic and nothing can be done about it except enact the Jim Crow laws we had in the old South. As we can see now they were there for a reason

    • From what I’ve seen and run into, I’ve concluded that they follow a completely different set of rules and have NO intention whatsoever of following anything but!

      There philosophy is is White Mans laws are for only white men. Any fellow brother or sister who yields to white mans law is either a lowly dog or a snitch.

      They also view violating, so called, “White Mans” law as a proving ground to earn respect. No man can call himself a man unless he did some time and or has a record. Working for any business or employer who is not a fellow brother or sister connected is willful enslavement.

      Women are seen as property and it source of income or on call pleasure. Women also need to be dominated both mentally and psychically else she will not respect her man. That means psychically assault, public humiliation or even rape/sexual assault.

      The rapper Curtis Jackson the 3rd, aka 50cents, made public the hood philosophy of “Get Rich or Die trying!” He white washed this to save face in saying that it’s a universal ideal for all men and women, that we are all just looking to get paid one way or another and make it big! He is correct, however when he highlighted “one way or another” that is an innuendo suggestion that illegal activity is within the picture. In his autobiography he unashamedly admitted his criminal past as a dope dealer, crack cook and even joked “I learned all the math and chemistry I needed on the streets instead of in public school!”

      Even today he stands as the role model of what ever street born thug wants in life, being on top, rich and surrounded by a harem of women.

      There is so much more I can point out but no reason too…for we already know what it is and then some.

      • Uncontainable Spirit

        Wait a minute…. you’re serious aren’t you? *facepalm*

        • INDEED I AM!

          You may have faith in these worthless hoodlum street rats but for one DO BLOODY NOT!

          I would NOT go so far as to give one of them $2.00 to buy a bottle of water to save their life in fear that my charity be rewarded with their ‘homies’ hiding around the corner waiting to ambush a good samaritan, for as their logic goes; “Homie ching to spare bro, might as well take all he’s got!”

          That being said, I will now say if your intentions are to change any of our views, then you are WASTING your time for to us you are nothing but an annoyance! A common cyber troll looking to get off on argument for the sake of argument!

          From here on out I will NOT be acknowledging any of your replies or postings, so don’t even bother!

  17. Ask yourself just one question. Knowing what you know and especially if you’re about my age 53. Decade after decade…. After hundreds if not thousands of programs to help Negroes out of the hole….after excuse times excuse times excuse with the results always the same….absolutely zero progress DO YOU REALLY THINK NEGROES ARE YOUR EQUAL? DO YOU?

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