The Awesome Power of Ridicule


By: Chris Volkay

I wanted to follow-up on my last article, “ways of resisting the left.” My writing always takes on a fair amount of vitriol and venom hopefully mixed in with a little humor. People have asked me, “Gee willikers homes, why are you always blasting the sainted liberals? It shuts down any common ground, any chance of an open and honest dialogue between…(blah, blah, blah). Shouldn’t we strive for reasoned debate with our adversaries. Shouldn’t we strive to be better men and women than our opponents?”

Well in a word “NO.” As in “N” “O” spells No. Get owdahere, forgedaboutit. What is ya, nuts? Do me a favor, please go down to the ocean, find a 100 foot long pier and then take a 101 foot walk.

Let me explain it to you. How are you going to talk to people who view you as farmers view locusts? Drunken locusts. The left views us as hillbillies stoned on crank and white lightning. We’re the banjo players that are sitting over rivers smiling. They think we’ve just escaped from a carnival side-show (perhaps some of us have). They can’t hear you, you are written off, disregarded, deplorables, walking scum. And according to their rhetoric, what would you expect them to do?

So is all lost? (Probably, but that never stops me.) I remember many years ago, back in the days I was actually a liberal, I read somebody that was talking about his strategy on how to destroy the other side (us). He said simply that I (the leftist) never try to reason with them, it’s a lost cause. But what I have found to be very effective is good old-fashioned ridicule, shaming, the making fun of. If you go back to the 70’s ridicule of all things non-leftist was the monolith. Think Saturday Night Live. With most of the nation’s young people watching it they tore apart all the enemies of the leftist delusion. What about movies? Comedies especially, with all the liberal so-called comedians. Think of all the TV programming, a solid monolith of leftist vomitus. All written by liberals, always ridiculing, lampooning the uncool right. I would posit that liberalism never won anything on its arguments or merits (how could it?) but they captured a whole generation essentially with this non-stop wall of propaganda. There is no reasonable way to explain liberalism so you don’t explain it, just rip the other side and take on the image of being cool for yourself.

In fact that’s the whole purpose of liberalism to begin with. At heart they are a bunch of juvenile weenies who need constant back-patting to keep from sticking their heads in an oven. There’s really nothing about politics going on here. It’s a system designed to make themselves feel better about themselves. It’s the “Narcissist’s Delight” (patent pending-Democratic party).

You see, they get to feel both intellectually and morally superior to you, the great unwashed, backwater hillbillies. They can sneer at their fellows and “know” that they are better. That’s the pull, that’s the rush, the buzz of liberalism. It’s more a pop psychology, or a religion, perhaps mass hysteria is even more accurate. I think one way to wean them off these nutty views is to develop a portable automatic back-patter that would fit on their shoulders do they could have their backs patted all day long. Orgasmic. If they slept on their sides, they could have their backs patted all night long too. I think it’s worth looking into. And, as all of their nursery-school type ideas continue to fail almost on cue, as long as they had that back-patter in place they would feel just marvy. Oh, and the people they fail? They just include them again in the next doomed to failure pipe-dream of theirs. So it’s a ready-made army you can keep using again and again. Nirvana. The constant failure merry-go-round.

With people this deeply hypnotized, delusional and most importantly self-righteous, what’s a body to do? Well the only thing that I can see is exactly what I’m telling you. Ridicule and embarrassment. This hits them at their basest level which is great because that’s the only level they operate on. Today, all of the media, all of our culture openly ridicules the right. I say again, their principal weapon is not reason but endless ridicule. It’s powerful stuff. Think of it as state sponsored propaganda. It’s powerful and it works or they wouldn’t keep do it, would they? But it works both ways of course. The more you rip, ridicule and shame the monstrous monstrosities of the left, the more you embolden your own interests. Reason smeason.There really is no other way, and maybe there never has been. People being what they are, (lets not go into that, I just ate) it’s the only thing that can penetrate their thick skulls. (You could tie them to long steel cables and use their heads as wrecking balls-I don’t know that it would work, but I’m willing to have them try). The other side has what is laughably referred to as Social Justice Warriors, let us have the Ridicule Warriors. Get ta rippin’.


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