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Conservative designer and blogger extroidinaire (or however the hell you spell it) Big Fur Hat of I Own The World has done it again with his Creepy Ass Cracka t shirt design! The new design promises to be a hit in gated communities and other creepy ass cracka enclaves throughout the country!

George Zimmerman, the original creepy ass cracka could hardly contain his excitement over the Creepy Ass Cracka t shirt design. He said:

“This new design boldly proclaims to thieves and thugs that I am a cracka! Moreover, a creepy ass cracka who won’t take any sh*t! When I am exonerated, I will wear my Creepy Ass Cracka t shirt every night while patrolling my neighborhood! I can’t wait to see if Big Fur Hat will release a Creepy Ass Hispanic Cracka shirt next!”

You can own your very own, limited edition Creepy Ass Cracka shirt and be the envy of your gated community and country club! They are available at Anthem Studios and are 100% cotton to keep you cool while you’re out on patrol. Colors include black and, of course, white. Cracka white.

Here is the link to the Creepy Ass Cracka t shirt

While at Anthem Studios, you can pick up shirts from many of your favorite bloggers like Angry White Dude and Angry White Dude, dammit! I’m serious! Cheap-ass bastids!



  1. Help spread the word folks, make this go viral anyway possible.

    Btw…if you tweet, you can use #CAC hashtag or #Crackergate, if anyone knows any others, please suggest them below.

    And buy a danged T-Shirt! 😉

  2. The WABC radio web site is reporting just the opposite news about the trial. Saying Zimmerman was seen on top of Trayvon. BULL CRAP!

  3. As much as I love the shirt I’m enjoying the headline even more. lmao

  4. rightwingterrorist

    Does it have a pocket for my smokes?
    Ain’t much worse than a pocketless t-shirt.

  5. Harrison Bergeron

    Okay, that is awesome!

  6. Michael T

    Go ahead and promote the racial epithets. Make it ok to be racist against white people. Ever notice how when white people go see some black comic and he makes fun of white people, they all sit there and laugh?

    Sorry, I call bullshit. I don’t think it’s funny and I think it sends the wrong message. Now go ahead and tell me what an asshole I am for sticking up for the WHITE RACE.

    • Michael T, it’s already OK to be racist against white people. The shirt makes fun of black racists. Like I said last night, it’s not the words I’m worried about.


      • Michael T

        Why encourage it? I know it’s supposed to be a joke, and I get it. They had some twit on one of the MSM networks saying to call someone from Florida a cracker was actually a compliment. If it was another white Floridian I wouldn’t have a problem with it. But if you are a negro, and you call me a cracker, you had better bring your A game, or you will end up in the swamp as gator bait.

        In the old days they didn’t tolerate negros getting uppity. They knew they’re effing place, and so did whites. But because of multiculturalism and diversity, everything is all messed up now. Blacks and whites actually got along, because everyone knew what was expected of them.

        Yeah I know, racist. I’m a dinosaur.

        • Michael T, I understand. It ain’t going back to the days when black people showed respect without drastic changes. Really drastic changes.

          This video is a disgusting example of what you’re talking about.


          • All the cowards on that bus, nobody stepped up. The black guy was no young punk, he was older too. There was a time when those two would have sat there on the bus and had a nice conversation. But everyone is so wired up now you can’t take anything for granted anymore. Blacks are on the cusp, or so they think, of controlling everything in this country. That is what they have always wanted, and they are pulling out all the stops.

            Good news, Nelson Mandela is dead. Boo hoo. South African white farmers are being murdered every day by the Godless black hordes. America is next.

  7. AWD…..Great shirt!…I love it when a new product is brought to market in a timely fashion…Capitalism at its best.

    I think it would be cool for a variation of the shirt with a more “urban” and distressed look……I’ve got the idea in my head. I’ll fire up Photoshop and Illustrator!


  8. Now there’s a shirt I’ll be picking up!
    I love it!

  9. This is EXACTLY what is needed. It’s a word. Cracka is hardly a serious insult. Best they can come up with?

    • They’re not very bright in the first place. Secondly, I find it amazing blacks can (sometimes) use sounds that almost resemble English. It’s the best they can do and we have to grade them on a curve. After all, they ARE inferior.

  10. C.A.C. would work too.

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