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AWD happened upon a brilliant and accurate article written by Robert Gore. YOU NEED TO READ THIS! I didn’t ask Gore’s permission to post this but it the original is found at Straightline Logic. I will certainly put this website on my must-read site list!

Corrupt and Deranged, by Robert Gore

Contemporary governance embodies corruption within deranged systems resting on foundations of theft and fraud. Corruption makes reform impossible; derangement assures eventual collapse.

“Defense” spending is a misnomer. The US could defend itself at a small fraction of what it spends on its military and intelligence. The US government’s foreign intervention and maintenance of a confederated empire are actually a welfare and transfer payment program. Spending has become the point: maximizing the payoff to military and intelligence contractors, their think tanks and lobbying arms, captured politicians, and the vast bureaucracies. Winning wars doesn’t serve the interests of those beneficiaries, lengthy and inconclusive engagements do.

The war on terrorism is a mother lode. The enemy is whomever the government deems it to be, wherever the government chooses to fight it. The war itself creates more terrorism. Victory cannot be defined; the war will go on as long as the current ideology remains in place. It enriches the military-intelligence-industrial complex, but a war-without-end welfare program is clearly deranged, a fitting target of satire. It will continue indefinitely because its beneficiaries have far more incentive and resources to promote their interests than the rest of us have in promoting peace.

Politicians use other people’s money to line their own pockets and buy votes; recipients accept the largess and become dependent on it. There is no limit to demands that the government fund “needs,” and no limit on the political willingness to meet those demands. It is testament to this lack of limits that the world’s richest countries cannot fund the demand for redistributive largess from their countries’ own resources. Aggregated, they have accumulated the largest debt load in history, far beyond their ability to repay it.

Mounting debt generates its own limit: insolvency. Demographics shaped by the transfer state compound the problem. Stealing the fruits of labor penalizes honest productivity and constricts opportunity. Faced with bleak prospects, many of the young opt out of the financial obligations of starting families, rearing children, or even supporting themselves. Birthrates have dropped far below replacement in most developed countries: fewer people to fund taxes and debt just as the number of putative beneficiaries skyrocket. Pension shortfalls around the world are the canary in this coal mine. The mathematics are inescapable. Present arrangements are unsustainable, but will continue until debt markets and taxpayers rebel.

They will face a counter-rebellion by dependency-warped recipients deprived of that which was never really theirs. Those who can but don’t honestly produce are both dishonest and unproductive. Faced with a cut-off, expect chaos and violence.

Debt and taxes fund governments and enslaves their constituents. They’re the foundation for the second most insidious racket: the banking complex. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 began the shift from real money (gold) to debt, enshrined the banking cartel, and was, through the establishment of the lender of last resort function, the first major step towards making taxpayers the guarantors of bank liabilities. Later, deposit insurance and Too Big To Fail (TBTF) sealed that guaranty.

Bankers have found heaven on earth, but their paradise has destroyed the economy. TBTF has removed capitalism’s most potent corrective: failure. Government debt issuance, central bank monetization, interest rate suppression, and random, whimsical, and absurd policies provide banks with middleman’s profits, inside information, access to cheap funding for speculation, and, as a particularly vicious policy—the war on cash—gathers steam, captive deposits. They destroy honest saving and investment and burden the economy with an increasingly onerous load of debt and taxes. Even governments and central banks, entities that can conjure their own debt and mandate its acceptance, will for all intents and purposes go broke if spending outruns revenues long enough.

The most insidious racket? While the banking camarilla is nothing to sneeze at, lawyers writing laws and regulations must be reckoned the Mt. Everest of rackets. They write, implement, interpret, and enforce the laws, augmenting their wealth and power every step of the way. Even the bankers ostensibly kowtow to the government (what happens behind the scenes is another matter). The repository of lawful coercive force, government inevitable becomes organized crime and the law nothing more than the means to corrupt ends. Write the law and write your own ticket.

Standards of honesty and integrity crumble in societies based on theft and fraud, replaced by a new standard. Coercive, redistributive “altruism” excuses all manner of corruption among the powerful and the servitude of those who either choose or are forced to produce. Bread, circuses, and moral degeneracy entertain and placate the masses. The bizarre becomes commonplace, but the populace grows sated with each new manifestation, always more “transgressive” (of standards that no longer exist) than the previous one, in progressively shorter spans of time.

Anything and everything goes. Only one standard remains that rouses virtually everyone—rich and poor, powerful and powerless—to righteous indignation: the more pervasive the corrupt derangement, the less acceptable it is to talk about it. In our own time, the obvious conclusion that the warfare and welfare states are morally and fiscally bankrupt, doomed to collapse, remains confined to the fringe.

Here’s a rewrite of the “Emperor’s New Clothes” in light of modern realities. The child points out the Emperor’s nudity. The Emperor’s beholden courtiers and the impoverished but thoroughly cowed townspeople immediately threaten and intimidate the child. Naively stubborn, he repeats himself until someone claps a hand over his mouth. The headline next day: “Child who Questioned Emperor’s Attire Found Dead in Field Outside of Town.”

Hillary Clinton wins support not despite her corruption and derangement, but because of it, especially among the establishment. Their rackets need a participant and patron. Donald Trump is hardly a naively honest child, but he has had the temerity to question a few rackets, notably immigration, trade, and the warfare state’s global empire. Questioning that last one—because it’s the largest and most lucrative—has provoked copious quantities of vehement vitriol.

Truth can awaken minds and rouse people to action, posing an obvious threat to the corrupt and deranged. Should Trump win the election, he will assuredly be presented with the same choice as the child in the story: get with the program or die. Odds are he folds, in which case those of us rooting for meaningful change will be left with the hope that the inevitable collapse occurs before we die.



  1. Tip jar for the post.

  2. Should Hillary win this coming election it will be time to refresh the “Tree of Liberty” and do so with no quarter. If “We The People” do nothing it will be at our own peril as the United States of America will be destroyed from within. Trump 2016!

  3. What the elites don’t realize is that the social forces behind Trump (which were formerly behind the TEA Party) are not going away.  If Trump is either removed or forced to cave, the prospect of relief from the current oppression vanishes.  Anger will be multiplied and lots of people will lash out because they no longer see that they have anything to lose.

    This government has lots of very, very soft targets.  Local offices of federal agencies can be shut down with ease.  State and local agencies, like welfare offices staffed entirely with minorities and Child Abductive Services full of man-hating lesbians, will tempt those who’ve been abused and victimized by them.  Those offices have contact info for employees, so those who stay away from the office will be doxxed and likely forced underground.

    Bad times are coming for the tyrants of our anarcho-tyranny.

    Edit:  I see I’ve already been anticipated by minuteman26.

    • On the other hand, look at how the recent Turkish attempted military coup (Some speculate this was an event orchestrated by Erdogan.), where the government in power had a list of THOUSANDS of enemies ready to go within days of the event. This means that virtually every government undoubtedly maintains “enemies” lists to be used at a moments notice. Obama has a “kill list.”

      This is why you need to build lists of your own; when the government brings the Stalinist Terror home, the populace needs to respond in same.

  4. excellent post

  5. Hey AWD, your link to the original post doesn’t work! And I don’t think you’re allowed to just wholly post someone else’s material, that’s not how the internet works.

  6. AWD,

    Thanks for posting my article and feel free to post any future articles with attribution.

    Robert Gore

  7. Barack Obama promised to be the great healer. He said he was a middle of the road candidate. He never once said he planned to fundamentally change America – not until after he was elected, that is.

    Nothing Hillary says can be taken at face value. She cannot be trusted to tell the truth. The future of America cannot be entrusted to this lying psychopath.

    At stake for the Dems is not just control of trillion-dollar purse strings. At stake is the truth about their lies and thefts – which no doubt account for billions of dollars. They will fight tooth and nail to win this election. They will lie about anything and everything, and if they have to they’ll put someone in the ground. This one is for all the marbles.

    They’re old pros at this stuff. Their livelihood and their reputations are on the line. Some could well be facing a prison sentence if Trump wins. Protect our candidates, protect our Supreme Court Justices – and pray we can rid America of this evil that has permeated every inch of our democracy.

  8. the collapse is inevitable……it is simply a matter of time……….when, I dont know. but it is going to happen…….

    the corruption in our country is too deep……too embedded……..every branch of government…….the corporatists own congress……..the whole shebang……..and no one if going to clean this up……no one………..

    the truth of the matter is……..”it’s over”………..

    I desperately want Trump to win but I have no illusions that the mother-fu_kers who have sold us down the river will be brought to justice………….they’re part of the woodwork now and no one is going to get them……..they have won……….

    it’s all over but the crying………..

  9. I want to scream out…NO SH!T! Why do we keep repeating the obvious instead of offering solutions? I know it looks like this can’t possibly end well, but does it really have to? Let’s start with term limits, tort reform, cut the congressional, military, industrial complex budget, return to the gold standard, eliminate the Federal reserve, allow fully automatic weapons (I just threw that one in for the deplorable 50%), go back to picking our own representatives (as opposed to the current method where they pick us by gerrymandering the beJesus out of the states). Anyhow, I can’t read one more doom and gloom diatribe that is simply a litany of the excesses, degradations, and deprivations of the past 50 years of progressive overreach. I know that by nature we Jeffersonians, or conservatives, or bitter clinging bastids don’t join or organize very well, if at all. Heck yes, we don’t play well with others, we try to ignore them, but unfortunately we are going to have to organize and advocate or just shut the f-up!

    • The issue as I see it would be that any other country where leftist commies push violent rhetoric and agendas, right wing death squads rise up and respond in kind.

      The long train of abuses and usurpations over the last 8 years are absolute and manifest, and yet the abusers are still feeding at the trough of government largess transfering wealth as fast as their modems will let them. And not one of these amoral criminals nor their enablers, who have side stepped justice, have found their way to an unmarked grave.

      But this doesn’t happen in The U.S.A. because we are a Democratic Republic… But for how much longer?

      Wes, you left out abolish welfare, and Social Security in your reorganisation speech 🙂

      • I think welfare for the truly needy and some kind of protection for elders is appropriate from the richest nation in the world. My hope is that we can organize our thoughts and efforts (I if I was smart enough I’d start today, I’m not…but I know darn well we have people that are). My entire adult livelihood since 21 years of age, and now my pension comes from the defense budget and the largesse of the American people but I know darn well we can defend this country on a far smaller budget.

        Corruption is human nature, we have to make it harder to play the game. We need real money not pieces of paper supposedly guaranteed by the likes of a corrupt Federal Reserve and the latest politician that thinks a nice suit and strong jaw makes you smart. We have to be willing to risk a lot to take on the fascists, and that is very hard to do in reality. One supposedly inappropriate comment can cost a person a career. We need to change that. I’ll be honest; I think Trump acts like a narcissistic A’hole quite often, but I think his kids are terrific, and they didn’t get that way by happenstance. I’m voting for Trump and hope he has actually started something positive.

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