The problem with making a living as a political media pundit is you generally end up compromising your principles to earn a buck. You sell out. Then you become a professional scammer saying whatever your “bosses” tell you to say.

The curtain was raised on Fox News with nearly every “conservative” talking head fell lock-step behind El Jeb during his pathetic run in the primary. And every one of those Fox talking heads has come out consistently against Donald Trump during his run to the nomination. Coincidence? Hardly! They’re keeping their jobs.

Fox honcho Roger Ailes gets his marching orders from the Republican Establishment and passes them along to his on-air propagandists. And Fox has lost a good many conservative viewers once this sham was obvious for all to see.

Glenn Beck has been standing on the accelerator as he nears the cliff of ridiculousness. He has made an utter fool of himself with his prophecies concerning Ted Cruz these past few months. Beck has alienated most every conservative viewer and fan starting with handing out teddy bears on the border to 18 year old illegal aliens, calling the Tea Party racist because it opposes Obama, and ending with this past week’s Kiss Ass Summit with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg.

It’s reported as well as common knowledge that Facebook spikes stories that hurt the liberal, illegal immigration, or Muslim agendas. They also keep pro-conservative stories off Facebook. That’s their right as it is a publicly held company. But when Glenn Beck and a gaggle of “conservatives” took Zuckerberg’s bait and met with him to discuss the oh-so-snow white practices of Facebook, these ‘conservatives’ showed they care more about their careers over convictions. Beck has done nothing since the summit but sing Facebook’s praises. Of course, with Beck’s crumbling empire at hand, he’s looking for any port to dock the sinking ship Mercury Broadcasting, Beck TV, and The Blaze. Maybe Zuck threw him a few bones and is allowing Beck a port visit over at Facebook-landia to prolong the total destruction of what was once Beck’s powerhouse media empire.

It’s difficult for rich people to become poor. They long ago realized living like the hoi polloi in the middle class is vastly overrated!

Another “conservative” circling the drain of relevancy and selling his soul lately is Erick Erickson. Admission. AWD has never paid much attention to Erickson. I always had a feeling he was an actor playing whatever part would put cash American in his pockets. It appears AWD was right.

Erickson is now saying it’s time for Mitt Romney to lead the Republican Party to the promised land with a third party run. Yes, THAT Mitt Romney! The one that laid down and got his ass handed to him by a communist, racist, community organizer from Chicago! And you know the promise land where the wussypants Mitt is supposed to lead us? It’s the land where Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Juan McPain and his manservant Lindsey ‘Fredo’ Graham, etc live. It’s called Establishmentville!

Erick Erickson is joining Beck and Fox News as laughable buffoons. No one takes them seriously. Read the comments on any conservative page when their names come up.

I’m telling you, it must just suck to start making the big bucks in media and have to begin selling off your principles and yourself like a cheap $5 hooker from Bill Clinton’s past. And present. And future.

In the movie Wall Street, one of my favorite quotes comes from Lou Mannheim (Hal Holbrook) to Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen). He tells Bud, “the main thing about money is it makes you do things you really don’t want to do.”

How can any true conservative try to sell Mitt Romney to us? It’s ridiculous! It’s insulting! It’s…well, I think bowler extroidinaire Jesus Quintana says it best:

So beware all the Glenn Becks, Erick Ericksons, Newt Gingrichs, every damn body on Fox News, The National Review, Wall Street Journal, etc. They are not conservatives. They are con men. Actors. And they are bought and paid for by the Establishment.

I suggest Erick and Glenn rent Wall Street and watch it. Several times.


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