AWD doesn’t like California. Hell, nobody does. Maybe sprout-eating, moisturizing, ‘sensitive men’ in San Francisco but that’s about it. Oh, and illegal aliens (undocumented, pre-Democrats). Other than that California pretty much sucks El Grande Uno!

California cornered the market on political correctness generations ago. AWD used to work for a company headquartered in beautiful, tropical Oakland. In meetings out there (if you made it to the office alive), when time for a bathroom break, they’d say “let’s take a biological” or some other douche baggerous, PC statement. A biological? Are you serious? Are we going to dissect the cadaver of the latest homey…err..”urban yoot” killed in a gangland war overnight or something? Where AWD comes from, men would say I’m going to “drain the main vein” or “see a man about a horse” or “unleash the monster.” Leave it to those prissified half-a-sissy PC boys to take biologicals! That’s probably when they changed their tampons.

So it’s no surprise to see the Big Brothers Big Sisters running a commercial that insults the very men it is asking for help! Who writes this sh*t, anyway? Probably somebody just back from taking a “biological!”

Now there’s a winning concept. Show a bunch of tards who can’t make a layup, figure out anything to cook, start a lawnmower, hammer a nail without banging his fingers or is too lazy to put down the video game controller and ask them to help mold a young boy into a man! This is the sh*t that comes out of the feminized mind in modern-day America. And there are women of both sexes! This is also why there are Guidos! I guaran-damn-tee you the writer of this POS commercial is some poofter thinking he’s being clever!

Doesn’t any PC idjit ever consider that it was men who invented basketball, the refrigerator, lawnmowers and yes, video games and the televisions on which they are played? Men who have created technology, scientific advances, built civilizations and won wars that they portray as unable to make a sandwich for themselves? What kid would want to be Big Brothered by a moron who can’t make a damn layup?

Here’s what AWD sees a lot when I get outside of Texas in PC places like DC or New York. I had this conversation with RedStater when he visited Dallas a month ago. Political correctness has killed manhood in large urban settings. Males are no longer real American men…they only pretend to be. You can see this in any number of male-targeted “mens” magazines. They are written by PC poofters trying to play the part of what they think will make them look like a man. Because they don’t realize a real man doesn’t play the part of a man. He either is a man or is not. Metrosexuals, Guidos and other dressed up or undressed clowns are poor examples of manhood. They will never understand the quiet confidence that is built from doing manly things like being responsible, not bedding ever hoo-ah that comes along, taking care of the family, respect, hard work and standing for something good. Those puffed-up peacocks are an insult to the men who built America and keep it running!

What woman worth a damn would want to associate with idiots like these:

And ‘sensitive guy’ magazines like the embarrassing Esquire write articles that cover “Women We Love” when it should be entitled “Women We Want To Be.” If you have to read a magazine to know how to be a man, you’re doing it wrong, junior.

This Big Brothers commercial plays into the worst of political correctness. If libtards would stop ridiculing men and start appreciating the good they do, they might find some of the problem males in society might strive to be better than low-life douche bags with orange faces and spikey hair. What kid wants to strive to be a responsible moron who can’t stop a grounder or make a layup? The PC idiots who write worthless, male-bashing commercials confuse young boys by worshiping the moronic Guidos as the type of man that women really want!

I honored my dad when he was alive and I honor him now. He wasn’t brash or loud. He was a very quiet, good man who took excellent care of and loved his family. Just like his father did. There are millions of these men across America..even in California..who really matter and make a difference to children. It’s easy to see them. They’re being ridiculed every day on male-bashing commercials and television shows.

Has anyone considered the young children who require Big Brothers Big Sisters are without good fathers because of the female, PC dominated society and court system? Naaaaah!


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