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What the hell is wrong with Fox news? I’ve been getting more than a little ticked off with their reporting for awhile now and I am slowly realizing that blogs are about the only way to get any accurate news. Their ‘fair and balanced’ seems to be tipping on the side of socialism lately. I expect people like Bloomberg, Rahm Emanuel and Rosie O’Donnell to talk like idiots; it’s who they are. But now, we have people who have been on the side of the Constitution, joining their ranks.

Earlier this week, Mr. Bill ‘Big Ego’ O’Reilly starts out his show by suggesting that,

“Bill Moyers has no clue, no clue at all. He apparently believes that federal and state governments can actually control gun crimes. That’s so dumb it hurts.”

O’Reilly then followed it with,

“Anyone who sells a heavy weapon or ammo should be compelled to report the sale to the FBI. It’s a felony if you don’t. That’s what we should have in the U.S.A. and it just makes sense in this age of terrorism. Right now some gun dealers do background checks but nobody reports the sale of heavy weapons like AK-47′s to the feds. That’s insane.”

Oh really? Has O’Reilly even purchased a gun? When you purchase an AK-47, you fill out Federal Form 4473 in which you are asked a multitude of questions, including those about your criminal history. How about his comment

“Terrorists could just move in here, buy bazookas and the FBI doesn’t know about it. Here is how crazy this is. If you take a flight lesson, the feds get a heads up. But you can buy a machine gun and they don’t know.”

Can anyone list for me the number of crimes that have been committed by a legally owned machine gun? I have to laugh that Mr. O’Reilly calls an AK-47 a heavy weapon. News flash Mr. O’Reilly – heavy weapons are not carried in a duffle bag. It seems that Bill is starting more spin than stopping it these days. His new slogan should be, ‘The spin STARTS here’! Enough with the drama, Mr. O’Reilly. The Colorado shooting was done by a madman and more laws would not have prevented it. It is more probable that had the movie theater allowed concealed carry, a law abiding citizen with a gun could have slowed down the shooter thereby cutting the death and injury rate.

Now, lets move on to self-proclaimed “squish on gun control,” Bill Kristol. He argues that there is plenty of evidence to show that we need more gun control. He thinks it is unreasonable to control handguns or hunting rifles, but he thinks there should be moderate control on quasi-machine guns. Again, Fox is showing their ignorance. There is more fire power in big game rifles than some of the firearms he wants controlled! And what exactly is a quasi-machine gun? Is it a rifle that looks evil, would the Ruger 10/22, .22 caliber tin can plinker with a 25 round magazine qualify? How about the semi-automatic, Remington 750 Woodsmaster .30-06 hunting rifle with a 10 round magazine? This slippery slope is sliding deeper into a hole.

Based on their comments, I’m pretty sure both of these guys base their perception on how ‘mean’ the gun looks. I doubt that either of them have been to the range recently, but I’m pretty sure they both moisturize.

Looks like political correctness has infiltrated Fox News. Thank goodness we still have AWD bringing us the latest!



  1. BOR is a stupid idiot period! – Nothing but a blowhard, saw the start of this segment and clicked it, glad I did.

    • NewImprovedTied

      Yep he’s really inconsistent. More like a liberal halfway through rehab. The way he rants reminds me of Olbermann. I expect total ignorance about firearms from lefties, but not from a supposedly conservative journalist.
      And you’re right about FOX, KSGUNGIRL. They seem to have become politically bipolar over the last six months or so.

  2. Major Allen

    I personaly favor Switzerlands gun control laws. Gee wouldn’t work here anymore …different demographics have developed.

  3. Fox has been infected with political correctness for years. I quit watching it a long time ago. Couldn’t take it anymore.

    You can make an “evil machine gun” out of a 10/22 with just a knob kit. It’s not full auto, but it’ll sling rounds as fast as you can turn the crank.

    I’m to the point now when I hear someone who knows absolutely nothing about guns, scream gun control, I unleash verbal hell on them. If you don’t know shit about a subject, yet voice your opinions like they’re fact, your opinions mean jack shit to me.

  4. Most people on this site gave up on Fox a long time ago,

  5. “Terrorists could just move in here, buy bazookas and the FBI doesn’t know about it. Here is how crazy this is. If you take a flight lesson, the feds get a heads up. But you can buy a machine gun and they don’t know.”

    Wow–he’s so close to the actual issue it hurts. Yes–terrorists can just “move in here”…thanks to the libtards’ 1965 immigration reform act. How about we impose an immigration moratorium, kick out all the illegals, ship the feral negros back to Africa, and then see how bad our “gun violence problem” is?

    Liberalism: The more it fails, the more it succeeds.

  6. Bill O’Reilly is a pompous asshole…..someone needs to rap a baseball bat across his mouth…..

    There can “”no encroachment”” what-so-ever on the 2’nd amendment…..we may need those 100 round magazines for our AR-15s and AK-47s some day….

    And that day may be here sooner than we think……

  7. PS, on topic: Yes, Bill O’s a pompous jacktard.

    And yes, Fox has gone decidedly left. They made no secret of it–there were articles written up in the weeklies awhile back announcing the whole thing. (I think maybe Time or Fortune or some other Time Warner/Time Life rag.)

  8. I guess O’Reilly never listens to his own broadcasts…if he did he might change his rhetoric just a bit…he definetly shows signs of moving to the left.

    I used to have more respect for the guy some years ago but he shows altogether too much respect for Obama who shows little or no respect for America. O’reilly says he respects the ‘office’ of the president. What a crock! If he shows any respect towards Obama he’s disrespecting the ‘office’ and all of what America once stood for…in other words, he’s taking the side of Obama.
    Yeah, I heard his remarks about the gun issue…repeat the crock line here!

  9. O’Reilly is a sellout. He needs to just quit Fox and go join MsNBC and get it over with. Smh…an AK-47 a “heavy weapon.” Get real Bill.

  10. Hey Bill I got a heavy weapon for ya,its a 50lb dumbell upside your dumb head.

  11. quartierleblanc

    Bill must be talking dirty to his secretary again. He should look up exactly what a heavy weapon is. When he sticks his head up his ass I wonder if it’s the view or the smell he finds appealing.

  12. TiminKuwait

    To these idiots, you say 7.62 x 51mm and they go apesh1t. But you say .308 hunting rifle and they go “Oh, well thats okay”. They haven’t a clue!!! And they try to compare an AK with an AR. Simply amazing how idiots that have no clue about weaponry seem to be controlling the national debate on it.

  13. David in SC

    Bor is a film flam man, a shyster, selling his “no spin” crap. He is no different than Chris Matthews. Nor has never been a journalist, he is a self absorbed petty man.

  14. BOR is a Bill Mahar less the “comedy”.

  15. He talks the talk as being tuff, but when he has the chance to be tuff one on one, he reminds me of dog shying away with his tail down and between his legs.

  16. Swamp Music

    I quit watching Fox a long time ago. BOR is a poser. He tries to come off as some kind of tough guy but he is really just someone from a made up town on Long Island.

  17. Death to Libtards

    I own a Ruger Mini 14 rifle in .223 calibre with a telescopic sight. It LOOKS like any hunting rifle owned legally by tens of thousands of Americans. It is functionally indistinguishable from the rifles Ovomit mentions in his renewed call for bans on “assault weapons”

    How long must we suffer these deliberate lies and distortions from gun grabbing politicians?

  18. He “went” after Barney. I would pay good money to see Barney bitch slap BOR and beat him a scorned woman. And Im no Barney fan.

  19. FOX news long ago went to hell right along with the other alphabet channels. With leftys like Beckel, Williams and Powers their reporting continues to move further left and biased every day. The Net is the only place to get truth in news any longer. And I doubt O’Really or any other libtard could identify an AK47 if it were in their hands. If you wish to speak of something then at least do a little research on the subject at hand.

  20. I can’t believe that none of the staff involved with the show knew that the ATF is already informed of gun purchases.

    Or maybe the problem is that no one was brave enough to say “You’re wrong boss.” So they let him make a fool out of himself.

    The problem with BOR is that he’s turning into Olbermann. His fame, money and power has gone to his head.

    I’ve taken to calling him “Big Billy.” Big Billy is lookin’ out for us (wee folk). Big Billy is gonna save the kids. Big Billy is gonna right all wrongs.

    He’s turned into an overbearing loudmouth. Why so many people still hang on his every word is a mystery. His ratings must be starting to decline as more people suffer Big Billy burnout.

    • Death to Libtards

      My understanding of the law is that records of gun sales are submitted to the ATF for purposes of a background check and allegedly destroyed. I believe however that those records are retained illegaly as a form of de facto gun registration. If this is the case, I hope it means more prison time for the evil and corrupt Eric Holder and “his people” at BATF.

      • @Death to Libtards, the 4473 form (revised in 2005) that you fill out to buy the gun is kept by the FFL01 dealer in his records and also the BATFE for an unspecified amount of time. I’m thinking that amount of time is probably forever.

        Now back to O’Really and other dipshits and their opinions of guns. 99% of the anti-gunners have not one clue about guns, high caps mags or anything else to do with guns. Everything they hear has been doled out by the Brady Bunch Campaign or the assholes at the U.N. I believe most of these anti-gunners are brainwashed morons who like being led by a ring in their collective noses. If these folks could read they’d be aware of the Supreme Court decision in June of 2005 that says Police do not have a Constitutional duty to protect citizens. I wonder if O’Really knows about this decision?????

        Remember when seconds count the police (who don’t have to protect you) are only minutes away!

  21. My favorite is……


    Would someone please set these idiots down and explain the difference between an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, an AK-47 semi-automatic rifle, a M-1A semi-automatic rifle versus M-16 FULLY AUTOMATIC ASSAULT RIFLES, AK-47 FULLY AUTOMATIC ASSAULT RIFLES, AND M-14 FULLY AUTOMATIC ASSAULT RIFLES??????????




    • Death to Libtards

      Please see my comments above about my Mini-14. It would look at home on any gun rack in Southern America. They’re not wrong, they’re LYING!

      • Yeah…..

        Some idiots believe that if a semi-auto looks like the top of the line military fully auto assault rifle……..that they’re both the same……

        Kinda like a natural blonde and a bleached blonde……

        You can’t tell the difference until you……..

        errrrr………….talk to them.


        • Swamp Music

          They know the difference between full auto and semi auto. They can’t sell what their selling if they let it out that they know.

          They know that full auto is not really legal to own by the general public. And most other people know this too. It’s no different than equating Republicans with racism or extremism or domestic terrorism. They need to gin up fear amongst the ignorant.

    • @ed357, yep all these morons know about guns is blah, blah, blah, blah, blah! 😉 They see the word semi-automatic and think automatically it is a machine gun. Dumbasses!

  22. *Everything* on FOX is scripted – watch the most rabid opponents giggle like schoolgirls and congratulate each other for getting their talking points out when they’re occasionally caught on camera while not creating a spectacle for ratings.

    Beck was the only one there who actually believed what he said.

    KGG, shoot your TV and don’t look back!

  23. general quarters

    I am getting tired of his know it all attitude. When I saw that segment, I switched channels to an old movie.

  24. Fox has degenerated to the level of MSNBC. They allow liberal idiots like No-Neck Beckel, Shamu Greene, Moron Colmes, Marc Lamont Hill and Kirsten Powers as well as others to say anything and get away with it. Talk about political correctness, Fox is becoming the definition of it. Everytime that racist pig Shamu Greene appears on Fox I send them an email reminding them of her rant at Tucker Carlson a couple of months ago.

    BOR is quickly going in that direction. There are few anchors on Fox that I can tolerate any more, Kelly, McCallum and others are really annoying. Probably one of the best is John Scott who seems to be middle of the road and calm in his delivery of the news. There are some others that seem ok, Rick Folbaum, Alysn Camerotta etc. but by and large Fox has really gone downhill with the political correctness where they used to be pretty hard core but times have changed.

  25. I will repeat it because it needs repeating:
    Bill O is a self important, bloviating, gasbag
    with little knowledge or smarts.
    He fed the President softballs in his interview
    He is totally ignorant about drugs, Pot = Heroin,
    Taught high school 1 year in a Christian school in
    the 70’s and purports to know about the “classroom”,
    Knows nothing about weapons, “Heavy” weapons being
    an ak or ar – the 7.62 or .223 is not exactly a heavy
    round though can still do damage.
    Wife and I no longer listen to that gasbag except
    when Krauthammer or Malkin is on.

  26. Article 15 of the UN Arms Trade Treaty, if ratified, provides for foreign “assistance to implement the Treaty,” and mandates that nations who can provide requested support must do so if requested by member nations.


    LENNIN,STALIN,HITLER,MAO,CASTRO,OBAMA, have more then one thing in common and thats DISARM the CITIZENS then round them all up and send them to CONCENTRATION CAMPS/GULAGS its always been what all tyrants,despots,dictators do

  28. david7134

    I don’t know where people get the idea that O’Reilly is a conservative. He believes in big government and want the politicians in our lives 24/7. Besides that, he is stupid. He clearly goes on about topics for which he has only partial or no knowledge at all. Plus, about 50% of his show is him talking about how great he is.

  29. BOR is a sanctimonious overrated bloviating asshole and I’ve been sick of him for a long time.
    I did see that segment where he blathered about heavy weapons,…he wouldn’t know one if it was stuck up his ass!

    I’m sick of FOX news too, it’s soooo clear that they have gone far left with all those leftist gassbag commentators on every day and I, for one don’t want to see or hear their BS!

    ‘O gassbag forgot to mention that the govt had overlooked the fact that “camel humpers” were running a flight school for “camel humpers”.

    I still believe O’Reilly was jealous of Beck and was part of the reason he got run off from FOX,….the dirty bastards were afraid that Beck was getting too close to the truth and it was upsetting their commie friends.

    Murdock is a chickenshit sleazy bastard too,…and a coward “goose stepping” to the tune of the “pied piper”.

  30. Cinnamon Girl

    O’Reilly is nothing but a plant that Fox News put in place to make it appear that a conservative is spewing that stuff. His opinions waver so much he’s like Charlie Brown on a bad day–wishy-washy. He’s a fake.

    I mean, wasn’t he once the host of some show called A Current Affair or something? One of those early TV tabloid programs that was as nasty as the National Enquirer?

    I take anything he has ever said with the proverbial grain of salt.


    A few years ago some no good punk wearing a ski mask tried to rob a BUGER KING restruant a ARMED CITIZEN was there a shoot out insued and when it was over the armed citizen was wounde and in critical condition and the ski masked punk was DEAD and the punks mother was whinning that that citizen mudred her baby and she was calling for GUN CONTROL Typical rediculous liberal Ding-Bat Her Son was NO BABY he was a CRINIMAL and the worlds a better place without no good punks like him

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