Vester Flanagan

Vester Flanagan

Vester Flanagan murdered two local television news employees today and posted a homemade video of the crime. He was a black man. The reason he chose to kill the two white people? Racism. I know you’re shocked.

Reading statements made by WDBJ station management tells of a volatile man who sought out things in which to find offense.

Station Manager Jeff Marks said of Flanagan:

“Vester was an unhappy man. We employed him as a reporter and he had some talent in that respect and some experience, though he had been out of the business for a while when he was hired here. He quickly became, gathered a reputation as someone who was difficult to work with.”

He was sort of looking out for people to say things that he could take offense to, and eventually after many incidents of his anger coming to the fore, we dismissed him and he did not take that well. We had to call the police to escort him from the building.”

Perhaps the weatherman said to “watch for black clouds tomorrow” or the station did a news report on “black holes.” For someone constantly looking for offense, it is easily found. Especially for certain blacks in America who have been trained to believe that EVERY failure in their life is due to racism of white people. Flanagan was no different.

Many years ago, AWD took a job managing a business services company where the line employees were paid in the $10/hr range. It was my first experience managing hourly workers. In my first three weeks on the job, I had three different black female workers who were being terminated say “you are a white racist motherf***er and am firing me just because I’m black” or words to that effect. I was shocked. One had stolen a client computer and was caught on video. Another crashed one of our company vehicles while (admittedly) falling asleep, and the other called one of customers “a white racist bitch.” Hardly Employee of the Month performance.

The first time I heard this, I was speechless. The woman had been caught stealing a computer! Yet she accused me of firing her because I was “a white racist mother***er.” By the third time I heard this charge a few weeks later, I responded “You’re right. I’m firing you because you’re black because you sure were white when I hired you!” Even instances of terminations because of theft were met with charges of racism and name-calling by many black employees. This theme would continue until I wisely left that company.

The murderer Flanagan says he planned to kill because of the killings of madman Dylann Roof in Charleston, SC. So he singlehandedly decided to kill two former white co-workers because HE decided they are racist. What about the woman being interviewed that he shot in the back? Well, they were all white, no?

AWD penned a post many years ago after speaking with a few black friends who acknowledged the theme of the article:


This post has made it through the internet community several times. I encourage the reader to study the comments. Nearly every comment made by a black person will acknowledge hatred for whites. They also have a victim mentality that blames white people for their failures.

Eric Holder says America is a “nation of cowards” because we don’t want to have an honest discussion of race. Obama defends black teen thugs involved in crimes when they were killed. He sends White House officials to their funerals while ignoring our servicemen killed in action. If he comments on the murders of the reporter and camera man in Virginia, it will only be to push gun control.

The propaganda mainstream media hides or quickly sweeps away the legions of black on white murders in America yet runs continuously stories on the rare occasion a white kills a black person. I will welcome an honest discussion on race when Barack Obama will explain to America why 3% of the American population (black males 18-49) are responsible for committing 50% of the murders and violent crimes in this country! Oh, and that came from Holder’s Department of Justice data. Do Obama and Holder expect no better of black males than prison or death? But, then again, no Democrat politician has ever lost while preaching victimhood to American blacks (who vote 93+ percent for Democrats).

Perhaps we should start a Twitter hashtag #BlackMalesMurder. It would be much more accurate than the ludicrous #blacklivesmatter BS blaming police for the deaths of black criminals.

I greatly admire the families of the black people murdered in Charleston, SC. They forgave the murderer Roof because of their Christian beliefs. They are heroes and an example to all who profess the Christian faith. But I have nothing but animosity for white hating racists like Obama, Holder and the mainstream propaganda media that has created a race war in America.

Our government and its ilk is evil. Pure evil.


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